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1? 2? 3? There Goes Another

By Peter Warren ·
In the world today, on each and every day of each and every year, a child starves to death or dies from hunger related diseases every three seconds. 1... 2? 3? there goes one. 1? 2? 3? and another 1? 2? 3? and another 1... .2? 3? one more???.

And what is the response of our government, the ?Christian values? people in power in America? The silence is deafening isn?t it.

1?2?3? another child 1?2?3? and another. While the ?Christian family values? Republicans plough hundreds of billions to the wealthiest Americans, while they pour hundreds of billions into Iraq, and hundreds more into our war machine, remember - 1? 2 ? 3? there goes another.

While the ?Christian? right fights against birth control, reproductive choice and AIDS vaccines; while it wastes our time and money on futile attempts to outlaw all things sexual outside of marriage between one man and one woman; while it rails against homosexuality and vilifies its opponents, remember - 1? 2? 3? another child gone.

While Republican supporters twist all logic in a vain attempt to be both Christian and free-market capitalists, remember - 1 ? 2 ? 3, another child dies

The farcical tragedy of America?s ?Christian family values? Republicans and ?Christian? right is that they are even less Christian than I am. 1? 2? 3? 1? 2? 3??................... ?????????????????????????????????????.

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You think . . .

by Peter Warren In reply to You only use government a ...

you know me. You don't. So stop pretending. Now let?s get down to brass tacks. I applaud and admire anything you have or will do in the future to stop children from unnecessarily starving to death. I applaud and admire this type of work, whether it is done under the auspices of religion, private charity, governments, economic development agencies, private corporations, etc. Unfortunately, even with all the efforts of every person, every organization and every government trying to help, one child dies from starvation or hunger related disease every THREE seconds.

As the leader of the most ?Christian? nation on earth, the wealthiest nation, the most powerful nation, is it too much to ask our born again President to use his office and position to promote a massive effort to prevent the unnecessary starvation of an innocent child every three seconds. Remember, 1, 2, 3? another child is gone -- 1,2, 3?and another?. 1, 2, 3 one more . . .

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Have you been paying attention to the world at all?

by jdclyde In reply to 1? 2? 3? There Goes Anoth ...

William Jefferson Clinton, the "first Black president", ruled this great country for eight years. How is it there are any poor people left? Oh yeah, Democrats don't give a squat about this either?

First thing, it is time stupid people stop breeding. If you can not feed a child but you plunge ahead popping them out anyways, THAT is the person responsible for the starving. Simple. Can't pay for your family, you don't have a family. If you choose to have that family anyways, then you should be prosecuted for child neglect, endangerment, and manslaughter for every child that dies.

There ARE many Christian charities that do a lot for the poor and the starving in the world. I would venture more Christian organizations than otherwise too.

They are also taking care of OUR homeless, our poor, our abused or neglected.

Showing your dual hate for Christians and Republicans just shows you to be a sad individual. Glad hate does not rule my life like it does your. I pity you.

What are YOU doing to help the "another child blah blah blah". How many have YOU saved. How much money do YOU give. How much time do YOU donate? How about the Democratic party? What are THEY doing that the Republicans are not?

That is ok. The cause isn't what is important to you. One more thing you can HATE people over is all your looking for. How sad.

do something positive, and get people to follow your lead. Or sit around and hate.

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They could do more....

by TonytheTiger In reply to Have you been paying atte ...

"There ARE many Christian charities that do a lot for the poor and the starving in the world. I would venture more Christian organizations than otherwise too."

... if their members weren't taxed as much.

You know, don't you, that the welfare system wasn't created for the poor. It was created for the deadbeats!

You see, it used to be that anyone who genuinely needed help got it through the good people of their community. The deadbeats saw this as an opportunity to do less work, and they devised ways to get on the gravy train, as they saw it. The good people of the community soon caught on, and, cut the scammers scammers off. Well, not wanting to work for a living, these scammers cried to the government "Nobody will help us". and the government, taken in by the scammers, started taxing the good people. Of course, this led to the good people not having enough money to help all of the genuinely needy people, so some of them had to be turned away, and the government raised the taxes to help these people too, and, as you know, the snowball turned into an avalanche. But it was the lazy who got the ball rolling.

This needs to be put back under the control of the commmunity. Some bug-eyed bureaucrat a thousand miles away has no idea how to tell the scammer from the truly needy, but those in the person's community do! Not only that, we can provide $100 worth of real help with $100, not provide $29 worth of half-vast help for $100 the way the government does!

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Absolutely correct

by maxwell edison In reply to They could do more....

The community level is where it should start and stop.

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another major point

by jdclyde In reply to They could do more....

Our dear poster would surely be one of the first to start spouting the MYTH of absolute separation of church and state if the government and the Republicans were to start helping to fund the religious groups that DO lots of charity work.

You have more kids than you can feed and the kids die of starvation, the father and mother should be executed because of the extreme child abuse and neglect they have inflicted on that child.

Having kids and a large family is not a right anyone has if they can't fully support that family.

Give funding only to the families that agree to get sterilized so they will stop destroying their own country.

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I'm in the middle

by TonytheTiger In reply to another major point

of a situation like that right now. Woman with seven children under age 8, drugs, domestic violence, neglect. My wife and I are pulling our hair out trying to get the government to do their damned jobs.

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best of luck on that

by jdclyde In reply to I'm in the middle

for the sake of the kids.

Call the goveneror, call the mayor, call your state reps.

Call the local press.

Be careful how you say what you say, because you don't want to get in trouble yourself while trying to help someone else.

My sister-in-law used to work for protective services. I will ask her for ideas on how to help and get back to you.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to best of luck on that

WE've been in this mess for three years, and I've spent thousands out of my own pocket trying to get them to do their job. I even tried to sue them, but they did some back-room thing with the judge and I never got to tell my side of what was going on! They got a new director, and she seems a little more understanding. I just hope we haven't worn out our welcome. Any advice you can give would be appreciated VERY much!!!

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Too true

by jmgarvin In reply to They could do more....

When I was in college, I hit a low spot when my scholarship ran out. I was close to graduation, working 40 hours/week, and PAYING TAXES.

When I asked for government assistance, I was denied. Why?

A) I was a student and obviously didn't need it...students aren't poor!
B) I was working

My cash flow was negative! My rent, tution, books, food, gas, utilties, etc all added up very quickly.

I was lucky, I was saved at the last minute by an EXTRA student loan so I could get by.

Thanks for nothing...

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sillly boy

by jdclyde In reply to Too true

Government assistance isn't for people trying to better themselves, it is for people that don't try.

Was in the same boat. Went back to school and found out I made too much for the government to spend any of MY tax dollars on me. Some welfare rat is much more deserving. That and I think the Dung/Jesus exibit needed some more funding so the "artist" could express himself. Yeah, two kids in school and both me and the EXwife attending college. (her not working) what did we need help for? Wasn't quite a negative cash flow, but it was tight.

Thanks for nothing government.

Oh yeah, first starting out, making $6 an hour supporting a family of four, I couldn't even get any assistance then either. If I would have quit the job I could have had everything paid. darn that integrity of needing to earn my keep.

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