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100,000 deaths, the reality

By Oz_Media ·
"On the O'Reilly Factor, retired Army Col. David Hunt said it is "confirmed," evidently from his sources, that coalition forces have killed over 100,000 Iraqi military."

"As reported in Friday?s newspapers, the estimate is being treated with considerable skepticism. The motives of the editors of The Lancet were questioned in The New York Times story (tucked away in a single column on page A8), because the study was released in a special Web version before The Lancet?s usual publication date. It is as if the Times were implying that such major news should have been held until after the election. Over at the Washington Post, a researcher for Human Rights Watch criticized the study's method by alleging that the sample was too small. HRW and some other groups have tried to count casualties by using documents, such as press reports. Those estimates have been around 17,000 Iraqi deaths."

"In the study, teams of researchers led by Dr. Les Roberts fanned out across Iraq in mid-September to interview nearly 1,000 families in 33 locations. Families were interviewed about births and deaths in the household before and after the invasion."

So in actuyality what has happened is these pople HAVE conducted an survey based on a reasonable sample when compared to sample sizes used for polls in the USA.

These deaths are NOT ALL DUE TO US ATTACKS THOUGH. These deaths include ALL deaths, the VIOLENT deaths are said to be 2.5 times higher than before the invasion and that's ALL it proves.

"Before the invasion, the most common causes of death in Iraq were heart attacks, strokes and chronic diseases. Afterward, violent death was far ahead of all other causes."

IN the USA rough stats:

14.1 to 1,000 child injury death index
2.2 to 1,000 die from maltreatment

152,921 due to other accidents including; MV (non-traffic), Drowning, Fire/burn, suffocation, falls, natural/environmental each year.

So I suppose including all the other hundreds of ways that children die each year, drugs, abuse, illness and natural/violent deaths, America could also dig up a similar if not far greater number on thier own child population deaths. AND THAT'S JUST CHILDREN!

The issue is that the 100,000 total taken from Iraq is NOT attributable to the Iraqi invasion, they may well have had 100,000 deaths, but this is only said to be a 2.5% increase in violent deaths due to the nature of the fight in Iraq.

Take your stats and look into them next time instead of wasting everyone's time for days on end and then proving that you had a knee jerk reaction and did not qualify your statements.

This stats includes ALL deaths Buicky, not just those directly attributable to war in Iraq. The increase has only been a small percentage over regular deaths. One also must take into consideration the mental state of families interviewed and how they will attribute almost any death to the hostilities in Iraq.

These are FAR from any relevant or accurate numbers, maybe you can get your record to stop skipping now and get back to reality.

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Easy G....

by Packet Spoofer In reply to You sick f***

The point protius was trying to make is NOT that the lives don't matter, but that they were unqualified numbers....The people matter.....but qualify the amount, don't just take what someone on one side of the political spectrum drums up....and then chastise anyone who challenges the number you they up with as calloused insensative people who don't give a rip about the dying going on in Iraq. The truth is, if the people in Iraq would have risen up against this tyrant a long time ago, we would not be cleaning this mess up. They have themselves to blame for tolerating years of abusive dictatorial leadership. I blame the U.N. , The iraqi people, and the inability of the international community to deal with this problem. I fault them for the fact that American and coalition men and women are fighting and dying in iraq.

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Iraqi Lives Don't Count?

by Bucky Kaufman (MCSD) In reply to Easy G....

The people matter.....but qualify the amount, don't just take what someone on one side of the political spectrum drums up
---- ---- ---- ---- ----

I agree. Unfortunately, the Bush Regime does not. They don't track the number of Iraqi deaths. They simply kill them and leave them.

Since the ones you trust doesn't think it's important enough to track - and you don't trust the people who do track the deaths - you effectively dismiss the value of their lives.

This doctors group counted 100,000 dead because of the war. I trust the doctors.

The Bush Regime does not dispute that number because, for them, the lives of innocent Iraqis don't count.

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by G.Brown In reply to Easy G....

OK, so you blame invading Iraq, which was not an imminent threat, on Iraq.

I blame the "coalition" for believing something that wasn't there aka WMD, or intentionally misleading people.

So I belive they are either stupid, or liars.

And you are just falling for it hook, line and sinker!!

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Another Form of WMD

by olprof67 In reply to 100,000 deaths, the reali ...

And while we're on the subject of "Iraqi" casualties, let's not forget the imported fanatics from outside who specifically came to Iraq to offer themselves to the cause of radical Islam.

These individuals cheered the loudest on 9-11-01; their enemy is not simply the United States -- it is an emerging global economy that has no use for them whatsoever.

if the Iraqi incursion served to lure these criminals into enclaves like Falluja where they can be most easily dealt with, then Mr. Bush and our military deserve yet another round of thanks.

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by Bucky Kaufman (MCSD) In reply to Another Form of WMD

if the Iraqi incursion served to lure these criminals into enclaves like Falluja where they can be most easily dealt
---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Why do you NeoCons support the expansion of al Quaeda?

This is a fine example of how Bush's followers have such a casual disregard for the lives of Iraqi civillians.

But the Iraqi people didn't deserve to have al Quaeda lured into their country. It's why so many of them, who have *nothing* to do with al Quaeda are killing US soldiers every, single day - week after week, month after month, year after year.

Perhaps you think the best way to keep your computer virus-free is to infect all the machines around you?

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Same Reason....

by olprof67 In reply to Simple-Mindedness

We enjoy hearing liberals run off at the mouth.

It enables the vast majority in the moderate center to identify them and tune them out.

Just like militant Islamists give themselves away.

Your self-righteousnes is your own undoing .... please foam away!

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No reason

by G.Brown In reply to Same Reason....

So you don't think things like:

Invading a country (in many people's view illegaly)

Abu Gareb

To name but two things ...

If someone invaded your country ... would you put up with this?? I doubt it.

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If My president was Saddam hussein

by Packet Spoofer In reply to No reason

I would beg to be invaded by the armies of the united states....that maniac gassed 5000 of his own citizens and was researching new and improved methods of killing people. He is responsible for hundreds of thousands of innocent iraqi deaths and should have been dealt with by the international community..;... They however, have no problem with dictators who exterminate hundreds of thousand or even millions of their own people, because they are busy double dealing and trying to line their pockets with money from programs that should have helped the iraqi people, but instead empowered Hussein

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Bush Loyalist Defends Terrorists

I would beg to be invaded by the armies of the united states....that maniac gassed 5000 of his own citizens
----- ----- ----- ----- -----

With the advice and consent of King George I.

You're probably not aware that Bush gave Saddam permission to slaughter the Kurds because they're terrorists.

It's wild how, out of sheer ignorance, you would defend terrorists - as a way of supporting Bush.

This is probably why y'all have been such a spectacular failure at preventing terrorism, and so successful at spreading it.

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Dipstick.......we have not had a

by Packet Spoofer In reply to Bush Loyalist Defends Ter ...

terrorist attack in our country in 3 does that equate to a failure.....?
The extra terrestrials are coming bucky.....look out!

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