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10GB drive problem

By jim_rau ·
I just bought a new 10GB Maxtor drive for an older Compaq Deskpro 2000 PC. I upgraded the BIOS on the PC and installed the drive. At this point during an NT4 Workstation install I only see a bit less than 8000MB.

So I try to use the MaxBlast software to resolve this and when I do I get prompted for either a DOS boot disk or a Win9.x Startup Disk!?

I want to install NT4 Workstation. It seems like a Win9.x disk will put FAT32 on the drive? I can't use either the NT4 CD (which the computer will boot from and start an NT4 install) or the NT4 install disks. All I get is a prompt for the DOS or Win9.x disks.

Any clues as to how I can get all 10GB of this drive in NT4 Workstation???

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10GB drive problem

by ec364 In reply to 10GB drive problem

Windows NT's system (boot) partition is limited to 4GB (8GB with SP4). Set your C: drive (the system/boot partition) to max of 4GB. You can allocate the rest of the space as drive . You just can't use the whole 10GB as one partition.

Do not useMaxBlast overlay driver if your system can recognize large partition (which your system does). Just boot from the NT install disks and start from there. I don't recommend running Windows NT Workstation on top of hard drive overlay. You'll invite trouble.

When you used MaxBlast to partition your disk, it asked for Window 95 startup disk or DOS boot disk simply to format the partition and make it bootable. If you told it to use large partition, larger than 2GB, it needed Windows 95B/98. It's just that.

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10GB drive problem

by jim_rau In reply to 10GB drive problem

This was helpful information as well ... I only wish it (and the first response) had brought me success. I have officially given up, thanks for the useful info though!

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10GB drive problem

by m42 In reply to 10GB drive problem

You won't get 10 Gb in one partition, nor is advisable to do so.

Also, trash MaxBlaster and the sort. If your BIOS sees 10 Gb then you won't need that kind of software.

Split the disk in two (or more) partitions, like a 4Gb (for WinNT and Applications) one and a 6Gb one for your files. That will allow you to reformat C: drive (if needed) with minor trouble to your data, plus you have a somewhat faster filesystem in use.

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