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12 days of Christmas...

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The game:
Using TR as a backdrop, create a Christmas Eve narrative.

The rules:

1. Christmas Eve in the village of TR is the subject.
2. Minimally, your portion of the narrative should involve you, and the member to whom you respond.
3. Other characters should be limited to TR members, and tidbits of information we know about you, and them, via TR posts.
4. The disappearing ?traditional spirit of the season? message should come through to some degree.
5. The entirety of the posts should be somewhere near coherent as one story when viewed in Print/View All.
6. It could be a good idea to leave room to expand in order to carry on for awhile. B-)
7. Should be a third-person narrative, please.
8. Only entries to the ongoing narrative will be awarded thumbs, and only those entries that meet the above listed requirements.

Commentary is welcome, as are emoticons, Christmas music, pictures, references to posts made by members; all within the context of the storyline.

It was Christmas Eve in the frequently fussy but magical village of Tech Republic. A hard, cold winter had set in. The kind that brings things to a grinding halt with lots and lots of snow. By mid-December major thoroughfares were closed to travelers. Villagers were restless.

The sky glowered, periodically sputtering snowflakes big as a fist. After an hour or two during which not much more than conversation and coffee with a few of the townsfolk took place, the local boxfiddler closed shop early and headed home. No sooner had she locked the door than snow began to fall slowly and steadily.

As she walked, she grinned broadly at the beauty the snow brought. When she thought no one was looking, she danced about a bit with her tongue out to catch the snowflakes, dim memories of childhood broadening her grin.

She stopped at NickNielsen?s shop for groceries, having invited some folk for dinner Christmas Day. Then, on to ScummyCands for TheScummyOne?s world famous homemade toffee. Plenty to do this afternoon, including some baking of her own. She still hadn?t finished with Christmas cookies, and had promised the local welder some homemade raisin bread.

Afternoon settled into evening. As dusk came on the snow began to fall in blizzard like fashion. Having completed her baking, as well as prep for Christmas dinner, boxy settled in for a peaceful Christmas Eve. The fire glowed warmly. She added a log to the fire, poured a snifter of blackberry brandy, and shut off the lights. Basking in the fire to her back, awed by the raging blizzard to her front, she quickly fell into deep reverie.

edit: fix NickNielsen, and a couple redundancies while I was at it.

edit again: it might be worth noting that TR members are residents of Tech Republic village. B-)

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boxy just shook her head and smiled at Michael Jay

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to A knock at the door and

assuring him that presents aren't the big thing. He, however, was insistent, so she bade him hurry back to cozy up in front of the fire with the rest of the group.


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Glancing at the emptying snifters of her guests

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to 12 days of Christmas...

boxy rose to go to the kitchen for another bottle of brandy, and some snacks she had on hand.

The snow was still falling heavily, what clouds could be seen backlit by a full moon. After refilling snifters, she added a log to the fire (good lord, can't have cold guests on a night like this), then settled back into the conversation wondering who would turn up next.

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Meanwhile, on the outskirts of TR village ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Glancing at the emptying ...

Old Mycroft was stuck in a snowdrift. He wasn't used to driving on the WRONG side of the road and his Hire Car, which he'd only just collected from the airport, seemed to have a mind of its own.

"Why can't Americans build decent cars with steering wheels on the right side of the car?" he thought to himself. Prodding and jabbing at the SatNav screen, he set about entering the digits to Boxie's house on Republic Blvd. He hoped he wouldn't miss the party...

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OnTheRopes is driving into the village in his GMC Sierra 4WD

by OnTheRopes In reply to Meanwhile, on the outskir ...

and sees OldMycroft stuck in the drift. After asking if he'd like a tow out, to which OM grumbles "**** yes, Sherlock," OnTheRopes laughs and hooks up a snatch strap to both vehicles and easily pulls OM out of the snowdrift. <br><br>
While unhooking the snatch strap OnTheRopes asks OM where he's going on such a night.

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by santeewelding In reply to OnTheRopes is driving int ...

Utterly perfect.

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OM tells Ropes that he's heading for Boxie's party ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to OnTheRopes is driving int ...

Ropes replies that it might be the same party that he was heading towards.

OM has developed an intense dislike of the SatNav in the Hire Car, so he agrees to Ropes' suggestion to "Just take it slow and follow me to Boxfiddler's address!" The two vehicles trundle off into the snow-laden night.

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While boxy ponders...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Glancing at the emptying ...

..lost in her thoughts... who should appear but the Grinch (aka Tammy) coming to remove all the good cheer - it breaks TOS after all didn't you hear?

Out goes the tree with all its pretty lights, presents oh no, replace with coal to delight..

Just as Tammy removed everything in sight.. you could hear her mumble (heck with TOS tonight).. Tammy puts it all back leaving more in its place - and as Tammy heads out the door she hollers - Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

-Tammy :-)

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As Tammy hit the road,

by NickNielsen In reply to While boxy ponders...

She was ushered on her way with a loud chorus of "Merry Christmas, Tammy! Thank you!" from all assembled.

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Too, as she headed out the door,

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to As Tammy hit the road,

boxy slipped an envelope into her coat pocket; a donation to the local constabulary for purpose of equipment upgrade. Whispering in Tammy's ear, boxy said, "Don't forget to stop by for dinner tomorrow."

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Donation appreciated...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Too, as she headed out th ...

.. upgrades were done - but afraid it appears the upgrades broke the pages... now poor Hal is locked out :-(

Tammy comes back for dinner but sits in the "Green" corner, as it matches the shade of her skin tonight - "no hugs" she states I might be catchy as she dashes for the bathroom to give homage to that porcelain God.

Boxy notices as Tammy dashes by - a big ole blue bag sitting close by. Boxy peeks in to see what it could be and gleefully shouts - TR swag for all! TR mugs to be filled with Hot cocoa, TR frisbees to hang on the TR tech tree, TR computer squeezies to keep Scummy entertained, TR Bouncey balls with their red flashing lights, TR cameras to remember this night.

Picking up one of the cameras with a devilish gleem in her eye, Boxy creeps up to the bathroom door and stands just to the side...

-Tammy :-)

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