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12 days of Christmas...

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The game:
Using TR as a backdrop, create a Christmas Eve narrative.

The rules:

1. Christmas Eve in the village of TR is the subject.
2. Minimally, your portion of the narrative should involve you, and the member to whom you respond.
3. Other characters should be limited to TR members, and tidbits of information we know about you, and them, via TR posts.
4. The disappearing ?traditional spirit of the season? message should come through to some degree.
5. The entirety of the posts should be somewhere near coherent as one story when viewed in Print/View All.
6. It could be a good idea to leave room to expand in order to carry on for awhile. B-)
7. Should be a third-person narrative, please.
8. Only entries to the ongoing narrative will be awarded thumbs, and only those entries that meet the above listed requirements.

Commentary is welcome, as are emoticons, Christmas music, pictures, references to posts made by members; all within the context of the storyline.

It was Christmas Eve in the frequently fussy but magical village of Tech Republic. A hard, cold winter had set in. The kind that brings things to a grinding halt with lots and lots of snow. By mid-December major thoroughfares were closed to travelers. Villagers were restless.

The sky glowered, periodically sputtering snowflakes big as a fist. After an hour or two during which not much more than conversation and coffee with a few of the townsfolk took place, the local boxfiddler closed shop early and headed home. No sooner had she locked the door than snow began to fall slowly and steadily.

As she walked, she grinned broadly at the beauty the snow brought. When she thought no one was looking, she danced about a bit with her tongue out to catch the snowflakes, dim memories of childhood broadening her grin.

She stopped at NickNielsen?s shop for groceries, having invited some folk for dinner Christmas Day. Then, on to ScummyCands for TheScummyOne?s world famous homemade toffee. Plenty to do this afternoon, including some baking of her own. She still hadn?t finished with Christmas cookies, and had promised the local welder some homemade raisin bread.

Afternoon settled into evening. As dusk came on the snow began to fall in blizzard like fashion. Having completed her baking, as well as prep for Christmas dinner, boxy settled in for a peaceful Christmas Eve. The fire glowed warmly. She added a log to the fire, poured a snifter of blackberry brandy, and shut off the lights. Basking in the fire to her back, awed by the raging blizzard to her front, she quickly fell into deep reverie.

edit: fix NickNielsen, and a couple redundancies while I was at it.

edit again: it might be worth noting that TR members are residents of Tech Republic village. B-)

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but it then must seem

by .Martin. In reply to It was an impromptu gathe ...

that you don't know .Martin. too well, as he is not an impromptu kind of guy...

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Coulda fooled me! <nt>

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to but it then must seem
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by .Martin. In reply to :D Coulda fooled me! :D ...
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by Jacky Howe In reply to Snow continued

was feeling a bit tired after the long flight and as he had plenty of time to spare he decided to relax and have a catnap on the bed. A short time later Jacky woke and looked around him, he was dressed in thongs, singlet and stubbies. He was in his recliner at home. Bummer I was only dreaming, thought Jacky what a wonderful dream.

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The reverie ended.

by santeewelding In reply to 12 days of Christmas...

She was alone.

A knock-knock knocking on her door stirred our puzzled Boxy all the more.

"Who," she thought. "Who in the village? Who afoot this magical hour?"

The snifter of brandy at her hand was near untouched; the one sip was all. "Good stuff," she grinned, this home brew from her apparatus out back. The snow, and the one before, had stilled the yard nazis next-door, in more ways than one. Best customers, now, they were, reveried all day and into the night, holiday libation and all. They fussed not about the puffing, clanking, hissing of Boxy's cantankerous still, the one out back in their plain view.

Another knock and she was up.

It was Santee.

"Merry Christmas -- and here: I brought it. Fixed better than new, with RFID, to broadcast how much remains in the still!"

At which he turned, hearking. Another presence made known.

1) tinkering, still
2), or is it 3): tempted to fashion it more with wild-*** metaphor into why Jennifer is so very rare.

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santee attached the broadcast thingy (?! )

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to The reverie ended.

to the still, at which point boxy begged him come in to warm himself. santee did just that, handing boxy his hat and coat on the way to the hearth. She stopped him midway for a humongous hug, then pointed him toward a prime spot by the fire and poured him a brandy. They chatted a bit, watching the fire and the snowfall. As the evening wore on they grew quiet, sitting comfortably together in sweet silence.

edit: minor rewrite, less objectification hopefully.

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Meanwhile on Mount TR

by .Martin. In reply to 12 days of Christmas...

.Martin. was plotting (mwahahaha), "I shall get them all for not inviting me to their Christmas festivities, me, and THE BOOGIEMAN!" laughed .Martin.

and with that the plotting started, for the biggest dose of revenge EVER.

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So he decided

by .Martin. In reply to Meanwhile on Mount TR

upon a plan. what is Christmas without any lights?

So .Martin. figured, the easiest way to do this, would be to go to the power plant, so off .Martin. snuck, to destroy the towns night.

at arriving at the TR Solarplant (we are now environmentally friendly :) ) .Martin. crawled to the back entrance, but oh no bighair1204 was guarding the way!

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Oh dear Grinch

by santeewelding In reply to So he decided

Befuddled he is, not fluent in Chinese, and all.

..fixed by one equally befuddled, for fear of losing his "One".

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So quick as a flash

by .Martin. In reply to Oh dear Grinch

.Martin. pulled out his Chinese for idiots book (he knew it would come in handy one day) and said to bighair1204 晚安 (good evening), 我在这里修复发电机 (I am here to fix the generator)

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