1500 foot LAN gap

By jjcanaday ·
I have a remote location that needs broadband internet access. Unfortunately, it is in a controlled access building. (Well, it's a State Penitentiary.) After dismal performance with a DSL line, we signed a contract for a T1 line.

Unfortunately, the Pen told the installer to terminate our line at their demarc - which is somewhere between 1500 and 1800 feet from where I need service.

I know I can't just run a CATx line that far, and I'm pretty sure fiber-optic is my only choice but, I have no experience at all with fiber. The PEN IT guy I'm working with will be responsible for running the line and, assures me that they have the experience to do so (they make some use fiber themselves). But I have to supply the equipment (including the fiber).

Can someone please help me plan out some (specific) hardware to bridge this gap from a Cisco 1941 router with T1 interface to my existing switch? If you could go so far as to include CDW numbers, that would be great. (Apparently their LAN/WAN expert is too busy to work with me on this any time this week.)

I'm looking on the CDW website now and I'm mostly seeing brands I've never heard of: Canary, Black Box, Omnitron, etc. I want quality equipment I can count on.

Thanks in advance,


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How about

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to 1500 foot LAN gap

as they have the experience, you ask them what they need and then you go and get it?

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Sorry, ask who?

by jjcanaday In reply to How about

Telco says "this is where the demarc is but, we'll put in a new one where you want it for 13K+, and you provide the buried conduit"

Prison says "I ran you 1500' of ethernet from the demarc to your area. Now it's your problem"

CDW rep says "I've handed it off to my LAN/WAN expert. I'll get back to you."

Company President says "We're paying for the line but not using it? Why?"

So, now I'm here.

I hope that doesn't sound like I'm putting you down. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my query. That's just the "Readers Digest" version why I'm asking here. According to everyone - this is my problem to solve. I have no one to ask "what do you need?".

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Just to clarify: will this be aerial or underground? WLAN bridge?

by robo_dev In reply to Sorry, ask who?

The cheapest and simplest solution would be aerial fiber.

Obviously, your site requirements may dictate otherwise.

Direct-burial single-mode fiber (six strand) is around $1 a foot, and a ditch-witch digger costs $50 a day to rent. Aerial fiber costs about the same, and you could go building-to-building if you need to.

Conduit would be ideal, but much more costly.

You could do a short point-to-point wireless connection, like a pair of Cisco WLAN bridges. It would cost around $10K for the hardware altogether, but the install would take about two hours and require no digging. You can get a solid 20-30Mbps throughput.

I installed Cisco WLAN bridges for a link between two buildings on opposite sides of the road (in Hawaii). Worked fine. At that time it was 802.11b, and the link could do a solid 5Mbs.

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Ordinarily, I would have tried...

by jjcanaday In reply to Just to clarify: will thi ... do something like that. But about 4 months ago, they instituted a "no wireless networking equipment" policy. We had been using wireless to all our computers and, suddenly I was give 24 hours notice that I had to go to wired and they were going to confiscate the wireless router and all the wireless NICs. <sigh>

Apparently, in some other area, an offender used a smuggled in wireless device and got access to the internet. Didn't matter that they didn't get on with my network, or that mine was as secure as I could make it. (WPA2, MAC whitelist, no DHCP)

So, thanks for the suggestion but, in this case, it is not a possible solution.


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Well you said

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Sorry, ask who?

"assures me that they have the experience to do so (they make some use fiber themselves). But I have to supply the equipment (including the fiber)."

As ask them what they need to do the job.

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Thanks to all...

by jjcanaday In reply to 1500 foot LAN gap

...for their suggestions.

Since the PEN had already graciously laid an ethernet line for me, tips I received here let me to find (and order) a Black Box (brand) T1 Extender for Copper 2-Pack (CDW# 1378622). It claims to be able to extend a T1 up to 3.5 miles (about 1/10 the length I need to go) across CAT5. They seem to reputable (in business over 30 years)

Again, thanks to all. You really helped me get on the right track and find (what I hope is) a solution to my problem.


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Good luck, hope to never get to see your installed solution :)

by robo_dev In reply to Thanks to all...

..from the inside, that is.

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Best of luck here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks to all...

Lets know how you get on with this.


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