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19 Years experience but no degree

By jw ·
I have 19 years experience in IT but I have no degrees. I am the sole IT person for a company w/4 locations and 60 users. I have no formal education but have kept systems up for 6 years at my current employer with only 1 day of down time. I am trying to find a new job but no one wants someone with no formal education or degree. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to better improve my odds? I do not have time for classes as I work 12-14 hrs a day in various locations.

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A+ Certification

by holingpoon In reply to 19 Years experience but n ...

Have you think about A+ Certification?

You have to beef up for the exam, but you can do this at your own pace without going to classes. I have seen hiring ads emphasizing A+ Certs rather than degrees.

Check out the link posted above. Give it some thought :-)

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Go for a Degree

by AndyW360 In reply to A+ Certification

I'm half way through my degree, luckily I have a good college near me to study in the evening but if you havn't them why not consider a degree through the Open University.

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A proven career path

by JennDavisMCSE In reply to 19 Years experience but n ...

MAKE the time to get a certification!

I got my MCSE 2003 through an online boot camp.

Within in a year, I doubled my salary.
Within in 2 years, I was promoted to a IT lead - and got another 25% pay increase.

Certifications + experience means that you're able to create, lead and implement an IT project - not just do the technical work.

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Same Boat Too

by Michael.Ramirez In reply to 19 Years experience but n ...

Large companies are famous for this. Back in the ?80s, when it was a buyers market, I was without a degree and when I interviewed with both Ford and GM, they always made this clear to me. Had I had my degree, I would have been hired after my contract was over. However, being as I didn?t, I had to train my replacement!

But that was then and now we are in a sellers market?competition is stiff.

I don?t think the answer is necessarily a degree or certification?rather I think it is both.

I?ve since earned my associates ( I?m an IT professional with over twenty years of experience and I have an Associates in Science?this was the quickest route for me) I receiving more offers to submit my resume and almost always an invitation to interview.

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Try on-line education

by Aldanatech In reply to 19 Years experience but n ...

If you need a degree ASAP and have no time to attend classes then you should try distance learning. Now because you got so much experience, you should try a school that will value it. My suggestion would be Capella University ( They got Bachelors and Masters in deferent fields of IT.

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Get the Degree Anyway

by Observant In reply to 19 Years experience but n ...

Try 15 years experience, several certs (MCSE,CWNA,CVE, and PMP to name a few) and a BA. I went for my masters even while traveling 3 weeks out of a month and running my own network and server installation business while my wife had her job and ran a B&B (I think I remember what she looks like!)... OH, and while you're at it, relocate your entire household to the east cost on your own dime!

Worth it? I suspect so. We'll see at the next job interview in a couple of days (2nd one with this company and it's with the president).

Get the degree any way you can. ... And explore a different career path while you're at it.

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Don't let it hold you back

by AV . In reply to 19 Years experience but n ...

Experience trumps a degree if you have successfully done the job and have good references to prove it. Network with people that know your value. They may know of other people that need someone like you.

Small companies (under 100 people) are less likely to care about your lack of degree. They have less stringent HR policies.

I've been in IT for over 20 years. I don't have a degree either and don't intend to get one. I do take courses to keep my education up though. That is key.

I don't think a lack of degree is an issue if you know your stuff.

PS: A Fortune 500 company hired me because of my enthusiasm for the job even though I didn't have a degree.

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You do have time if you want it badly enough

by tom.bunko In reply to 19 Years experience but n ...

I was in the same boat too! In the past 4 years, I have been studying as a remote student, completing my degree in accounting and IT. (last semester now) I only wish I knew about remote studies earlier. You do not attend classes, however you have to keep up. You may not be able to do a full load, seeing that you are working 12-14 hours, but be good to yourself, and steal a couple of those hours each day to fix up your credentials!

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Are you open

by d_g_l_s In reply to 19 Years experience but n ...

to other ways to make money? I too have minimual training, lots of experience, but not enough traning to attract big opportunities. Though there are many possibilities, one must ask one'self if one is willing to trade one job for another, problems and all. If you are willing to have another look just say so...

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Experience weighs but...

by local support In reply to 19 Years experience but n ...


I have about the same situation.

I guess yo've got some technical advice alredy.

I have this suggestion:

You spend 14 days, 20 minutes a day.

Every day take blank paper.

Note down quickly what you are good at, what tasks you can do, what technical areas you know.

put the paper in a sealed envelope and keep it safely.

After 14 weeks you have 14 envelopes. Wait a week before you open them.

From thees list you can easily see what formal education you need, and where you can get it.

You shouldn't work more than 10 hours a day, and not weekends. Otherwise you be to tired to think of anything. Regards
\Local support

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