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1st Amendment

By say2joe ·
I think Tech Republic should abandon the "1st amendment" (insert own paradigm for those outside US) for its site and use their editors as censorship for threads and comments. Stupid people with biased, ignorant, or poorly articulated thoughts should not be allowed to post comments. I should probably be included in that category.

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ok, what is your plan?

by jkaras In reply to Re: ?

How many moderators are going to police the grammer and content? What should be the penalties? I'll look into your idea, if you actually produce a thought out plan rather than a snooty complaint.

Look at the amount of threads, categories, and discussion participation posts. They would spend more time policing minor issues for your enlightened perfection than actually running the site. It's a forum, get over it. I want real people acting real, not a faux professionalism so they can participate. Would I like some better written material? Yes and no, it's just not a big deal. If I dont like what the person is writting or how they are writting, I move on.

What greater good are you referring to? World peace?

My grammer is just fine. You understood my post, like anyone else's. If I want to be published, then I'll polish my writings, but not for discussions.

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Now now

by Oz_Media In reply to ok, what is your pl ...

That's grammAr and content!!

I think they should pull your post; or perhaps, say2joe can go a pull his own post and leave TR alone.

If yUo can't reed bad speling qwik enuf perhapz yu ned to lern to reed betar.

Try one of them fancy lernin' books y'all heard about in the skewlhouse, stuck up, Yankee prat.

Oh well, It's getting late, time to go 'pull my post' and call it a night I guess.

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Oz has a poynt

by The Admiral In reply to Now now

I peed meself when I raed it. Lahuging so haerd.

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He has a point alright

by jdclyde In reply to Oz has a poynt

right at the top of his pointie little head! :^0

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Originality is preferred

by Oz_Media In reply to He has a point alright

Even I dhaven't used that one here for several years I don' tthink.

"You have a point, now you just need a hat t fit it." Yuk Yuk , knee slapper, guffaw!

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Ah, but the classics

by jdclyde In reply to He has a point alright

never go out of style! ;\

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A fine line

by Oz_Media In reply to He has a point alright

Between being considered classic and just plain old.

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A pause here for a moment of silence

by oneamazingwriter In reply to He has a point alright

while I pray that I don't cross that line just yet!! Classic Chic sounds ever so much nicer than old hen!

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Greater Good?

by jc williams In reply to Re: ?

Who is it that determines that something is for the "greater good"? I am certain that there have been many a despot that thought that exact thing ? "I am doing this for the Greater Good of my people." As soon as the imperial "good" is asserted, everyone loses. I, personally, like the free exchange of ideas ? good, bad, or totally indifferent ? bad grammar and spelling included!

When I teach a class, I use the Socratic Method. I feel that that serves the students (myself included) well. Now, if you are wanting to promote using the discussions in that way, then I am also all for it. My students (undergrad and graduate), drop letters, misspell, use incorrect grammar, incomplete and run-on sentences, etc., in the newsgroups. That is tolerated. When it comes to a submitted paper, that is a different subject. Then I fully expect that the paper not only be grammatically correct, but spelling, citations, formatting, etc. are all required to be dead-on. I read each paper, and if the arguments are weak, then they lose points, if documented third party works does not support the concepts, they lose points. This is how a classroom situation works, but not a discussion forum.

How do you feel about using the Socratic Method to open and further engage the discussion?

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TR is composed of

by oneamazingwriter In reply to 1st Amendment

people, most of whom are working and don't have time or the inclination to write and proofread everything they post as if it were an article for publication or a draft for a text book.
TR is a site for people to share information, and to rant, if they so choose, in that sharing.
TR is also a learning tool for many who might not be as articulate as you, but who are open to new ideas.
Without that 1st Amendment, your post could have been easily deleted because it was critical.
Criticism helps all of us to grow who are open to it.
The best suggestion I can make is to take what you need/want and leave the rest here. I may be one of the stupid people on one day and a brilliant person the next.
Some of the finest technicians may grasp concepts and be able to apply them in their work, yet may have difficulty in verbal expression or writing skills. Their input is entirely necessary to maintain this site.
As for the posts that may seem out of place...those same posts help me to "lighten up". I find that I do my best work when in a relaxed state.

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