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1st Amendment

By say2joe ·
I think Tech Republic should abandon the "1st amendment" (insert own paradigm for those outside US) for its site and use their editors as censorship for threads and comments. Stupid people with biased, ignorant, or poorly articulated thoughts should not be allowed to post comments. I should probably be included in that category.

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Oooh - Ooooh

by The Admiral In reply to A perfect example

You mean like:

"I actually voted for the 86 Billion dollar spending plan before I voted against it..." - John Kerry, at the time lead retard of the Democratic party.

Now that was a winner!

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Oooh - Oooh

by jdclyde In reply to Oooh - Ooooh

or like "I invented the internet"!

You got it! ;\

But you had a typo. It should have read "Now that was a weener!" :^0

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Do your homework

by Oz_Media In reply to Oooh - Ooooh

The spending plan was changed drastically between the time he initially supported it and then voted against it.

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to How does the 1st ammendme ...

'Way to go, OZ!! Keep that up and my mind will not only open more it will be blown away completely!! My apologies for even mentioning the 1st Amendment! That excludes every government but the one I live under...DUH?
I LOVE the Internet.

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by jc williams In reply to How does the 1st ammendme ...

When a bloke from "down under" understands the language of Law that the poster comes from, better then the poster themselves (even when they come from the "seat of power" of the U.S.), it nearly caused me to pi$$ myself! How rich!!!!!

It really does my heart good to know that others understand what most of Americans take for granted.

Seeing that this is a private site, not government owned or operated, the owner can censor it however they please, and I, for one, am glad they don't.

Now, if the government wanted to censor this site ? then the 1st Amendment would apply (unless of course the site was actually located externally to the U.S.).

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actually, no

by jdclyde In reply to I LOVE IT!!!

Oz isn't one of "THOSE" people!

Just a crazy Brit that got transplanted to become a part time canuk!

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"up above"?!?!?!?

by jc williams In reply to actually, no

So, is the opposite of "down under", "up above"? Why, oh why, would Oz not be Oz, unless of course he is the man we are supposed to be ignoring behind the curtain?

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Can't speak for if he hides behind curtains

by jdclyde In reply to "up above"?!?!?!?

but I suppose some here do just ignore him... ;\ or at least they try!

Heck of a bark, not much of a byte!

As for the whys and hows, you would have to ask HIM.

We had a similar misunderstanding not long ago sith Stargazer. Her original id was US_geeks_rule and people thought it was U.S. geeks instead of "us" geeks. She is over in the UK as well, and a transplant as well.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Can't speak for if he hid ...

I worked as a branch of a music production company with a similar name, I work with two UK bands where the 'Oz' Media fits my position, it was originally part of an old company name though.

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Cheers mate

by Oz_Media In reply to I LOVE IT!!!

But I'm not from daaan under at awl.

I'm British, but your comments works either way I guess.

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