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2005's hottest certs

By house ·
Here is a list of the potential "hottest certs" for 2005, ripped off of my favourite certification information/review website with my opinions on each.

1) CCIE - If you can get this one, Cisco might hire you themselves. An extremely valuable cert, but only for major players. It shouldn't be number one in my book, as it is too narrow, and doesn't really apply to everyone.

2) MCSE: Security - Although MCSEs are everywhere, getting your MCSE in 2003 with a Security focus, may just put you on top of that pile of crap. I will be going for my 2003 this year.

3) RHCE - Personally, I'd rather have the vendor neutral LPI-1 or 2, but it seems that this one is still more widely recognized in the IT world.

4) CCSP - Another Cisco cert... holds value, but it is not something that I am pursuing right now.

5) CCNP - Here's one that I will be putting up on my wall this year. Very widely recognized. The learning process involved in obtaining this cert holds serious value in my world.

6) LPIC-2 - I don't remember the letter "c" in there before... I will be looking for the LPIC-1 myself as I am not too comfortable with Linux.

7) CLP (Novell/Linux) - Here is something that really tweaks my interest, however my work in 2005 regarding Novell will be lab based... I will not write this cert.

MySQL Core Certification - No comment. This really has nothing to do with me. A general knowledge of the subject is good enough for me.

9) Security+ - Crap. I thought that I made myself clear before regarding this exam. LOL. I will write it, and then I will shut up.

10) PMP - Should've been #1 in my book. This is the most valuable certification that anyone could ever obtain. Project management is something that I will always be into. I cannot get this cert yet, but it is definitely within my 5 year plan.

It appears that this year's lineup is only for the serious professional.


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I find it curious....

by dafe2 In reply to 2005's hottest certs

It's curious that you will be pursuing the priviledge to be on top of one 'pile of crap' and then certified in one 'crap cert'.( Your words here )

Considering your pursuing 2 of them yourself I thought you'd use a better description for two of the '2005 hottest certs'.

I think your going to find those (MS) CERTS are extremely dificult to achieve today - MS Exams and the methodology behind them changed significantly, simply because that pile has become so large. As far as I know COMPTIA has made significant changes as well, at least for Network & Security+. (They're considered as credit for MS 'electives' now)

As the saying goes: "Don't kick a fresh turd on a warm day" or "Shouldn't crap where your gonna eat"

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I am aware

by house In reply to I find it curious....

Of the difficulties involved in achieving the 2003 MCSE. Aside from targetting training, I have years of experience with the stuff, regarding workforce, lab based, and unfortunately, mostly freelance. I will probably take advantage of the new elective options regarding the Comptia certifications for the sake of keeping money in my pocket. My comment about Sec+ is an inside joke from the last week or so, where I insisted that it'll be an easy grab. I will however take it upon myself to do a bit of research in order to fill in the holes and identify any issues that I may have.

PS - I usually crap in my own house. :) Also, you will be getting more insight from me through my posts... the original thread is to instigate conversation.

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On freelance

by dafe2 In reply to I am aware

Usually I hesitate to kick at 'crap' - It generally splatters.

Sounds like you have your s.hit together, but I still had the plunger in my hand, in case.:-)

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ITIL Foundation

by JimMcNeill In reply to 2005's hottest certs

Judging by the job adds in the UK press, the ITIL foundation cert is no bad thing to have in 2005.

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Same in Canada - Prime Cert

by dafe2 In reply to ITIL Foundation

It's one of the first things I look for when looking for new talent (or) the first Cert I ask them to pursue.

Funny though, not many seem to realize that's where things are headed.

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agree with you on that one

by secure_lockdown In reply to Same in Canada - Prime Ce ...

yup - have been noticing the ITIL more and more. might even go for it myself if i have some time this year.

hey, you are a fellow canadian? what do you think of CIPS?


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One of my goals...

by house In reply to agree with you on that on ... posting this elected list, is to extract other labels that are deemed highly valuable among our TR peers. Any insight, regarding certification paths that are not present in the list, is much appreciated.

I read more into the CIPS organization, as they appear authentic at first glance.

PS - I often wonder why there are so many fellow Canadians here at TR.

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Canadians on TR

by Oz_Media In reply to One of my goals...

THis is actually something fairily new to TR.

I see a political trend falling into place too.

There used to be myself, sort of Canadian, and a couple of other peers here that had been around quite a while. Now there seems to a whole bunch of Canadians popping up.

There was a HEAVY US peer base that was VERY active for a while, political discussions were the mainstay of TR and every American peer wanted to throw in his 2 Cents.

It was almost impossible to voice ANY opnion as a Canadian without being flamed as Anti-American, Anti-Bush etc. I was even tagged as a traitor to Canada, for not giving a crap about Canadian politics (LOL), and just about any other name you could dream up, including some you probably couldn't.

After the erection, silence and still water.

At least all the political rhetoric has been passed over for more interesting or FUN off topic posts. Our UK, Australian and Canadian friends have returned to be active again and it is now shaping up as a globally supported and accepting forum, whereas it was "IF YOU DON'T LIVE HERE SUT THE **** UP!!" before the erection. Yeah, like I listened to THAT! LOL! GWB was in our face every day too, we get to voice our displeasure until US politics is kept out of our faces.

It is nice to see a little more variety in peers and discussions now though.

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by house In reply to Canadians on TR

I've been coming to TR for years, but only for information and whitepapers. I've never been much for conversation on the net. In fact, up until a couple of months ago, I didn't even use any chat programs. They are only valuable to me now because I don't feel like screaming down the hallway at work.

As far as TR goes, the community is more active than I had previously thought, so I've jumped in to spit my info.

PS - There you go with your choice of words again. That's 3 within the past couple of weeks, and you know very well that you are getting chuckles on the other end. I think you do it on purpose. LOL :)

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Doesn't take much

by Oz_Media In reply to OZ

I am not sure exactly which comment you were referring to but all I can conclude is that you still giggle everytime someone says "bum" (I know I do). :)

(sarcasm alert)I know you have been around a bit but I was referring more to discussion activity, thinking that was the topic for some absurd reason.

I hate chat myself, I never use Irc or MSN or Yahoot etc. I hate stuff in my tray anyhow.

I hang out on a few band boards formtime to time just to get a feel for how well info is received from people but that's about it, other than this Cracklike TR!

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