25GB 'unknown' on my laptop c:drive

By cyuno ·
I am using windows xp on the vpn. I ran a scan on spacemonger and windirstat and discovered there is 25GB 'unknown' sitting on my c: drive taking up space. windows tells me the c drive is healthy, and shows no extra partition. i ran a diagnostic from seagate and the c drive passed. I ran sophos anti rootkit and avg anti rootkit and no rootkit. I also ran rootkit revealer and nothing out of the ordinary.

windows says i have a 48GB c drive. I ran a defrag report and the report says I am using 23GB and have 25GB free! Defragging has not helped. Disabling the restore points has only released 4.5GB of space.


Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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re: unknown on laptop

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to 25GB 'unknown' on my lapt ...

So, what exaclty is your question? Help with what?

Don't you think it's strange that the so called "scans" report there is 25GB of "unknown" and yet Windows says there's 25GB of free space (exactly the same amount) and that only 23GB is used? How can there be 25GB of "unknown" if only 23GB is used? If there was 23GB used plus 25GB unknown, your hard drive would be completely full and Windows wouldn't be able to start.

Don't place all of your faith in those so called "scans". Do you understand that when files on your hard drive are "deleted", they're not really deleted? The space used by the file is simply marked as free to use again? Defrag doesn't change that. It just moves the files around. So, your so called "scans" may simply be seeing the fact that there is something IN that space and it can't tell you what it is because it's not really accessable. The bits are on, that's all.

But, if you're concerned about space being used on your hard drive that you don't want to be used without your knowledge, I suggest you delete your temporary internet files. Visiting sites such as the ones you mentioned, which are riddled with pop-up ads, cookie dropers and who knows what else, means you've probably got a LOT of temporary files stored.

Also, I find it odd that you seem to know all about VPN, hard drive scans, healthy drives, partitions, hard drive diagnostics, rootkits, defrag and restore points. Yet you don't know how to run Windows Explorer to take a look at things for yourself? And, you don't know about NOT opening up your entire hard drive, registry included, to web sites such as the ones you mentioned? How many of your passwords and bank accounts have now been compromised? Think about it.

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thanks for nothing

by cyuno In reply to re: unknown on laptop

no, the 25gb was taking up that space BEFORE I did the scanning. I have checked the hard drive after I have downloaded the scanning tools.

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Oi , whoa there! You're changing your story . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to thanks for nothing

I quote:

"I ran a scan on spacemonger and windirstat and discovered there is 25GB 'unknown' sitting on my c: drive taking up space"

So you didn't know before you did the scan, did you?

By the way, what IS the total size of your harddrive - you never said?

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This may be hidden files

by nentech In reply to 25GB 'unknown' on my lapt ...

But is most likely a corrupt directory or file tables

Best thing to do
Back up all your data
Format the drive
Then restore your data


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Hibernation files?

by pc21geek In reply to This may be hidden files

Disable hibernation and reboot. See if the 25 gigs is gone. Also how much page file space have you allocated?
If hibernation is enabled, the file called hiberfil.sys will continue to grow. Check that and seee what you find. By default this is a protected windows file, so you willhave to unhide protected system files to see it. Just diable hibernation and see what happens.



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25 gigabyte hibernation file ?

by nentech In reply to Hibernation files?

That is a very funny thought
Please tell me where I can get a motherboard that needs that much HDD space
I will start saving for it now
Lets see 4 8gig ram modules will give me 32 gigs
That should be just enough for the next version of windows
May need to add more for the first service pack maybe 64 gig

Yes it is possible but very unlikely
Yes I do know some servers can handle that amount of memory

But the size of the paging file should be looked at


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thanks for the advice

by cyuno In reply to 25 gigabyte hibernation f ...

Thanks to you both. I disabled hibernate and edited the registry to 0 0 on the page file but that 25GB is still sitting there...

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I will assume

by nentech In reply to thanks for the advice

You have unhidden all files and folders including system files and folders

Look at the C drive
Set the folder view to details
See if you can find any large files
Use Ctrl A to select all files and folders
Click to see their properties and size
This will tell you if you have any large files

You may want to check for compressed folders, which can make the size of the files look larger than the total space on the drive

Also some files will not be included because of folder and/or security settings
They take space but are not able to be accessed


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YES! 25 gig hibernation file

by pc21geek In reply to 25 gigabyte hibernation f ...

I have seen hibernation files grow very large. It has nothing to do with a motherboard either. Clearly you do not work with alot of laptop users. What does ram have to do with hibernation files any way?
I think you need to go back and learn about laptops.

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Laptop user stepping forward . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to YES! 25 gig hibernation f ...

Unto the breach, etc etc.

Dear pc21geek,

I don't know what you are in the habit of taking for purposes of relaxation/enjoyment but it is affecting your squash.

My laptop has no hibernation file, mainly because there are a lot more things I could be doing with the harddrive space. However I never managed to regain 25GB in the process.

You asked "What does ram have to do with hibernation files any way?".

For your information, the hibernation file is only designed to accommodate whatever data is in memory at time of activation. Therefore a 512MB laptop has a hibernation file of 511MB; a 1GB laptop has a hibernation file of 1023MB; etc etc ad nauseum.

By it's very nature it is a snapshot of the memory immediately prior to shutdown, but it is not an entry in a photographic album! The file size does not grow with each snapshot.

If it helps you, think of it as more of a disposable Polaroid photograph.

<Edited for clarity>

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