3 PCs. "New" PC won't see shared PC/folder

By skris88 ·

I have a home network with 3 PCs - a desktop with printer, LaptopA and LaptopB.

Laptop B was infected with 20000 files affected so it was reformated with the original Windows CD (all partitions deleted and new ones created). The original CD was was pre-SP1 so SP2 was installed. The manufacturer's WiFi driver failed to work (probably only works with pre-SP1) so a USB WiFI adaptor was connected up - LaptopB surfs the Internet perfectly.

However while LaptopA accesses the shared folder and shared printer of the desktop machine and can even see the device name of LaptopB on Network Neighbourhood (and PINGS work three-ways), LaptopB fails to see or connect to the desktop with "\\servername\foldername".

What do I need to MAD (modify, add or delete) on LaptopB?? All are on the same MSHOME workgroup.



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Straight away - speaking from sad experience ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to 3 PCs. "New" PC won't se ...

Drop the workgroup name of MSHOME.

This workgroup name has been nothing but a thorn in my side on almost every occasion I have encountered it in use. Give all three machines another workgroup name.

Shut down all machines Do Not Restart.

Boot from cold and in order of

#1 Desktop - wait until it has finished booting.
#2 LaptopA - ditto
#3 LaptopB

Once they have all 'met' each other the startup sequence is not as important, but always wiser than having a laptop looking for the mothership which hasn't arrived yet.

Microsoft should have, from the outset of Windows for Workgroups 3.11, emphasised that the default 'MSHOME' was only there as an illustration of what to do - not de facto.


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Change workgroup name and restart in a sequence...

by skris88 In reply to Straight away - speaking ...

Thanks re the workgroup name and suggested sequence. I'll try that and post my update.


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File/Print Sharing

by bens In reply to 3 PCs. "New" PC won't se ...

Just the mention of SP2 makes me think you might want to make sure File/Print Sharing is checked as an exception in the XP SP2 Firewall. Just an idea - but I do agree that MSHOME needs to be renamed as a starter.

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Have you 'informed' the Desktop PC of the 'new' laptop...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to 3 PCs. "New" PC won't se ...

Assuming that the network is configured with the desktop PC being the HOST, have you told the host about the 'new guest'.

Having reinstalled the operating system on LaptopB, it will now look like a stranger to the desktop PC. They'll have to be re-introduced to each other. Your HOST PC should have a listing of accepted connections and the one for LaptopB is now wrong - delete it and re-enter it.

Erratum: You'll probably have done this anyway, once you changed the Workgroup name!

<Silly SOD afterthought!!>

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