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$5000 reward for help with busting mean spirited cracker.

By deepsand ·
This is sheer maliciousness, deliberately inflicted on countless undeserving victims.

The vandals should be drawn & quartered alive.


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Bulletin Board Service Hit by Hacker Attack

Hackers erased historical postings stored on several bulletin boards.

Cara Garretson, Network World
Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ezboard, which hosts service to hundreds of thousands of online bulletin boards, suffered a hacker attack on Memorial Day that permanently erased countless postings.

Unlike a typical attack that aims to bring down a service for boasting rights or steal sensitive information to be used in identity theft, the goal of the Ezboard breach appears to have solely been to erase historical postings stored on the company's servers.

"Someone decided to erase data from our users' boards and unfortunately really hurt a lot of innocent people," says Robert Labatt, CEO of Ezboard, which hosts a wide variety of sites including common-interest and support groups. "I have received e-mails from mothers, cancer patients, people upset with the impact this is having on their lives. With the loss of the posts, a lot of emotions went with them."


Ezboard has some ideas about who might be behind the attack, Labatt says, and is pursuing all possibilities with the help of the FBI. The company is also offering a $5000 reward to anyone with information that leads to the direct arrest and conviction of the hacker.

The company is not ruling out the possibility of the hacker being an insider. "There's a big different between script kiddies and malicious intent. It's more likely whoever came in here was not a script kiddie," Labatt says.

As part of its hosting service, Ezboard employs over 200 servers that store production and back-up data, and would not specify how many of them had postings erased in the attack. Labatt won't specify what security measures the company had in place. "Things you would imagine an organization like ours should have in place we have in place," he says. The company will undergo a security and back-up audit over the next few weeks, Labatt told Ezboard users in an e-mail.

Upon discovering the attack, Ezboard immediately began data restoration processes, although the company warns that it will be impossible to restore all data to all boards. As of yesterday, no one server that lost data in the attack had been completely restored.

The company does not believe financial or other sensitive information was taken in the breach, since Ezboard stores that data separately.

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Sh*t rolls down hill, to where the little guys live.

by deepsand In reply to EZ Board has never been f ...

Since you seem to have more than a passing familiarity with both EZ & SOE, you might consider making a plea to SOE on EZ's behalf.

While it most likely will come to naught, other than a small amount of time it costs nothing to try.

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Sh*t rolls down hill, to where the little guys live....

by beads In reply to Sh*t rolls down hill, to ...

Done! Actually, I created a bit of a 'stir' on EZ Board itself. Oddly, I haven't logged on EZ Board in probably 18+ months.

EZ Board is a good little company with too simple a plan to make money for too complex a task. Good idea but its probably a bit too free.

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Agreed. The word "free" oft times results in a feeding frenzy.

by deepsand In reply to Sh*t rolls down hill, to ...

As an example, witness the dearth of restaurants offering "all you can eat" specials, relative to 20-30 years ago.

Of the few that still do, the choice of foods is either much more limited and/or the prices have increased substantialy above that born of inflation.

Anytime one offers to fulfill an unlimited demand, for a finite supply of goods or services, at a price below the market's equilibrium point, a buying frenzy will surely ensue.

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