6-7GB data

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Hi all

my friend has a data CD of 6-7GB with him. he lives in a different country and internet is slow there (Hardly 1-2mb). how do i get the data 6-7gb faster and what is the procedure.

I cannot buy any software.

Thanks in advance.

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you aren't going to...

by NexS In reply to 6-7 gb

get 7 GB of data across the internet if his connection is as slow as you say it is.
I still suggest getting your friend burn all the class material to another cd and mail it to you

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Ok what is on the data disk?

by IC-IT In reply to 6-7 gb

And since it is suppose top be a CD how did it get 6-7GB of data on there?
Since you are classmates, where is your corresponding CD?

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no way to get it faster, other than

by .Martin. In reply to 6-7GB data

mailing it


meeting your friend in person, and him give it to you.

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