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60 Gig Hard Drive

By dlbfiero ·
People told me that Win98SE will not support a 60G Hard Drive and it will keep locking up on you, is this true? I have not known of this. any comments?

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by wlbowers In reply to 60 Gig Hard Drive
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by tofccn2003 In reply to 60 Gig Hard Drive

is first essential to refer to the manufacturer's!
site for information on the system board itself! A
look into the latest version of FDISK.exe found at
MICORSOFT indicates that this version breaks a 65g
barrier, allowing up to 137gb. YET! There is truth
in also reseaching the information at a hard drive
manufacturer's site itself! IF, for instance, you?
may want a large capacity Western Digital drive in
your home pc. But, the bios may not detect a drive
over a certain size. WHAT DO YOU DO? With a WD 120
has to do with their LIFEGUARD utilities. One of a
number found there is DLGEZ.EXE! This utility will
bypass the aforementioned bios limitations, enable
and utilize that drive's full capacity! The source
here has a 120gb WD drive with only ONE partition!
running WIN98SE! The predecessot to DLGEZ was that
utility known EZDRIVE.EXE! At that point, H.Drives
were not available with over 30gb of capacity. The
manufacturers of other brands also have their own!
utilities for this same purpose. First, you figure
out how much space you want on the system. Then, a
QUICK TRIP to the manufacturer's site of the brand
you intend on installing will have downloads there
for formatting and partitioning the drive(s). That
LIFEGUARD set of utilities ALSO has differnt types
of applications such as it's own DRDOS files which
replace MSDos files found on a WIN98SE start disk.
GEE? Now that I have a 120 that works, I should ??
well maybe try out the 250gb drive available?! The
solutions are out there. But, a little research is
the basic formula for getting at CORRECT ANSWERS!!

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by tofccn2003 In reply to

large capacity drive, especially one over 80gig in
size, BE ADVISED that most require that the board!
supports Ultra ATA100! In the case of large drives
that exceed 80 gigabytes, you WILL NEED to use the
newer 40pin/80wire ide ribbon cable! They are more
commonly marketed as 40pin/80conductor flat cables
with some sources now offering round ones. There's
one other thing to mention here about Western Dig.
drives being "backward compatable" to a lesser ATA
like ATA33 and ATA66! So, you may not have to take
out the current motherboard for an upgrade. Yet, a
cable with the additional 40 wires is essential on
the newer large capacity drives! There is one good
advantage to attaining an 40pin/80conductor over a
40pin/40wire in that it strongly reduces "chatter"
between data streams! Compare this to the old "cb"
radio where bleed over from one channel to another
was very common. "SPLASH" was the well known term!
The additional 40 wires are themselves 40 "GROUND"
wires added to the cable to prevent any "SPLASH"!!

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