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a beginers roll

By john.mackett ·
i was wondering if this country realy needs IT profesionals or if it was just a big farse by the goverment to make the bulding trades more atractive.

ive been out of the building game for three years looking after my sick partner know shes on themend ive been trying to get into IT ive done sevral courses and im most of the way through my CCNA but cant get a junior position for love nor money. I mean when do you stop being a junior anyway i mean if i had two or three years experiance i know iwouldnt be looking a jobs for juniors or traineee's.

i keep looking but aint getting any further than that can somone tell me what a bloke is surposed to do. im not asking for much just achance to start a new career.

thanks john.

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Changing times

by TheChas In reply to a beginers roll

As the global economy recovers, so will IT jobs.

3 years ago, IT people commanded top money as there were not enough to go around with the DOT-COM industry sucking up everyone with any skill at all.

Since the DOT_COM bust, the market has been flooded with talent.

As things improve, companies will need to hire more IT staff as they increase other staff.


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keep the faith

by coucherdusoleil In reply to a beginers roll

i think if you really love what you're doing, people will see it. and maybe the companies you are applying for don't see it in you. maybe you should ask yourself if this is the right career path for you to take. i have a friend who has been trying to get into IT for more than half a decade. but he's still trying up to now! while here i am in IT for more than five years now. i started out reluctantly but i guess experienced IT people who hired me knew better. ;-)

if you really want something BAD enough no one can stop you from getting it. =)

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