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A Christmas present for you all from me

By neilb@uk ·
The main symptoms of your hangover are caused the toxic by-products of alcohol breakdown - mainly a substance called acetaldehyde. The poisoning by acetaldehyde is combined with dehydration and Vitamin A, B and C depletion caused by the metabolism of alcohol in your system.

This makes you feel BAD.

In addition, impurities called congeners poison you. I'll use the common names. Ethyl alcohol gets you pissed, amyl, butyl, methyl, propyl and isopropyl alcohols - which are also found in most drinks to varying degrees - don't get you pissed and also make you feel bad. The concentration of congeners will go a long way to determining the severity of the hangover. The "darker the drink - the worse the hangover" is an old wives tale and, believe me, it is true.

Now, you are feeling WORSE!

Less well known is that, since the natural oxidation product of ethanol is acetaldehyde, finishing off a three-day old already open bottle of red wine will provide you with acetaldehyde so you don't have to wait for your liver to make it in order to have a hangover. Pour it away! (This is worth knowing if entertaining people you don't like - but make sure you drink out of another bottle).

But what can I DO?

For the cure - as many of these as you can cope with. Most of them are good to do before, as well.

What you're trying to do is put back stuff that you took out and get rid of stuff that you put in. The liver took most of the hit as it alone can metabolise alcohol and so it will do most of the work getting rid so it would like some fructose (fruit sugar) please. That's honey or buy some Fructose tablets from the chemist or drugstore.

Vitamin B6. you haven't got any? Tough. Send someone out but get some! Buy some now! In the UK there is a vitamin supplement called Berocca (made by Bayer and sold at Boots) which puts the vitamin B back in. It's drunk in a big glass of water which is also good for the dehydration. It is brilliant!

Coca Cola - but NOT diet or decaff. Fizzy so it will settle the nausea, water for the dehydration, sugar to raise your low blood sugar level and help the liver and a caffeine hit.

Coffee or Tea - No bubbles to help ease the nausea but is liquid and caffeine. Take it with honey - even if you don't usually take sugar - as this is fructose and is absorbed quicker than normal sugar.

Breakfast. Something in your stomach is good, and salty is even better AND you get a Vitamin top up. Fruit is good (for the fructose). Best of all, bananas. Sugar in the form of fructose, very high potassium (you peed a lot of that away last night), natural antacid to settle the nausea and high magnesium which can help relax your blood vessels and ease the headache.

Apparently the best quick cure food is a peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich on white bread - washed down by Coke. If you can eat that then do you really have a hangover?

Painkillers sort the headache. Do NOT take aspirin before going to bed. Paracetamol (I think you know it as acetaminophen or tylenol in the US) is good.

Vitamin C is something to put back in as soon as possible. Chug a litre of orange or tomato juice, take a 1000mg Vitamin C tablet, just get it down.

A very hot bath - even better, a sauna - will sweat out the toxins that are causing all the problems. You may feel woozy at first but stick with it and you'll feel better afterwards.

Merry Christmas one and all!


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I've been writing it since Saturday

by neilb@uk In reply to Neil, I have to ask......

when I used most of the remedies on myself - except the banana sandwich where I replaced the banana and the honey with bacon. Really, really recommend the Berocca!

Your mail prompted me to post it more quickly, though!


Post edited to insert 'the banana' for GG.

Can I claim the prize for best DE of the week?

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You still boozing babz?

by gadgetgirl In reply to I've been writing it sinc ...

read your first sentence from - except.....


Honeyed what with bacon? (Dare I ask?!)


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Please read edited reply

by neilb@uk In reply to You still boozing babz?

Better, now?


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by gadgetgirl In reply to Please read edited reply

I feel much better now that I've had my banana inserted!!!

But, Neil, just one question..............................................................................................

where do I put the batteries to make it work?



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GG, when I read your title

by jdclyde In reply to OH YES!

why is it I see another three "YES"'s repeated very loudly?

What you do to me..... ;\

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by maecuff In reply to A Christmas present for y ...

Tylenol or variations of it can be damaging to your liver, especially for those of us who indulge.

What I've found, is if I drink water (mass quantities) while drinking alcohol and drink orange juice in the morning, there are little to no after effects. The problem with that plan, is sometimes, I forget about the water part. Then I'm hosed for the day.

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Mae, by all means leave out the Tylenol

by neilb@uk In reply to Neil

As far as I'm aware, research only suggests that Tylenol is a problem if taken in overdose or over a long period for people who already have liver damage. A couple of tablets won't hurt. Ibuprofen? You OK with that?

But please try and add in the Vitamin B to your own remedy. Your liver will love you for it...

Neil :)

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re ibuprophin

by Jaqui In reply to Mae, by all means leave o ...

it's hard on the stomach lining, it's aspirin ( asa ) that is hard on the liver. :)

for asa, white willowbark tea is a good NATURAL source. ( I would add orange zest, and fresh squeezed orange juice though, the willowbark is bitter. )

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Jacqui. They've all got side effects!

by neilb@uk In reply to re ibuprophin

Most liver damage by drugs occurs when the liver is already damaged or an overdose has been taken.

Aspirin has an effect on clotting, can cause ulcers if taken in large doses and can cause Reyes Disease in kids. The stuff in your tea is still the same chemical. When I was a student I extracted and purified asa from willowbark. I've tried willowbark tea - it tastes like sh:t!

A couple of tablets of anythingwon't hurt. We're all consenting adults, here, so I'll not force it on anyone.

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by maecuff In reply to Jacqui. They've all got s ...

That's what YOU think. I'm actually a 12 year old boy...

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