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A Day in the Life of an Resident IT Idiot

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Aquaview monitors

by CG IT In reply to A Day in the Life of an R ...

Had a monitor cable that for some reason developled a break in one of the leads near the male connector. So being the industrious kind, I tried to find the mfg web site on the internet. HA! This is a View and View Technologies Aquaview monitor. Ya know what, Type in View and View on a search, does't matter whether its yahoo or google or whatever all you get is this damn rock group VNV [because View and View is supposed to be]. I stopped at 10 pages of 25 entries per page seeing nothing but the rock band VNV.

So now, I've got a perfectly good CRT that only needs a new male 15 pin connector and I can't get a color code pin out for the damn thing cuz some rock band has bought up all the positioning slot space in a search engine.

The internet has gone down the fricking tubes.

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