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A Disaster waiting to happen

By jterry ·
I have been reading a lot lately from people saying not to use IE or Windows. They suggest switching to Firefox or Linux etc. They say that way they don't have to worry about security. I believe that the only reason IE and Windows has a problem is because they are Microsoft. I have no problems with either one at home or at work because I stay up to date on my updates and patches and I run weekly maintenance programs. I believe those who switch have a false sense of security because their systems have not been targeted as much YET! Windows and IE have a company backing them up which does create patches for their systems when new attacks occur. Who is backing the open source systems?

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by Roger99a In reply to I THINK

Hypothesis: Hackers hate rich, successful, monopolistic Microsoft. They love Linux. Why would they attack what they love? Why give evil Microsoft anything to crow about?
I don't believe that 'nix systems are immune at all, but they don't occupy the niche that the virus writers are after.

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That isn't the profile of todays hacker

by jdclyde In reply to Hate

Todays hacker is part of organized crime, looking for ways to do Identity theft.

They are writing more trojans and keystroke loggers as well as the many phishing scams going on to get your account information.

You still have the old hackers, doing it because they can. But they are getting to be the minority out there.

A *nix box can be hacked, but not like a windows box. A windows box they have all the automated scripting toys that scan ranges and take over computers automaticly.

A *nix box they have to work at, one at a time. Looking for systems that are running old versions or unpatched versions and exploiting that.

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I haven't heard anyone

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to A Disaster waiting to hap ...

say that. Firefox is part of an ongoing strategy, once the bad boys learn how to break it, some one will come up with a tool to clear up. Enough instances and out comes EarthChicken immune to firefox's vulnerabilities.

Anyone who knows anything about security knows it's a never ending battle.

Linux is inherrently more secure than windows. Should it's vulnerabilities be exploited, that will be fixed too or may be even a new OS that is even more secure.

Why because, it's open source, so no one is doing a cost benefit analyis on whether it's a commercially viable project.

P.S. Windows Update is off my Xmas card list, it completely burgered my system last week.

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