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"A" Driveoperating in a "C" Drive World?

By RiverFreight ·
I use a lot of 'Public Access' computers that are not set-up installed or activated in any way what so ever; this means that I'm stuck in a world without value - while I can assemble an enviroment useing word I need one for Microsoft Access on a 1.44 meg. diskette that is a self loading shell that is also self activating and fits on that diskette and I can transfer to Access so I can actually get something done in a reasonable manner, for all my prodigious computer education I'm a Computer operator who's 'sposed towork with a computer and not a blank that don't work but works me!!!

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by valis In reply to "A" Driveoperating in a " ...

i may have the answer to your question.

i'm HOPING that most if not all of these computer that you are working on have internet access? if so, then you are off to the races.

let me share a practical example, and something that i've done on more than one occasion:
a few months ago i was visiting atlanta, late at night i couldn't sleep and wanted to do some email checking. the business center was open, but of course, i didn't want to put any of my information on this wide open and totally insecure computer. so i did this:
i went to
downloaded the small 350k realvnc viewer application (that could be quite comfortably contained on a floppy disk)
it's not an install program, just a simple viewer, so running it wasn't a problem.
using the viewer, i connected to one of my machines at home, which is always running vnc server just for this kind of thing, and BOOM. i'm hundreds of miles from home, but it's like i'm sitting in front of my home computer, with all of my applications, documents, email, programs, everything just how it is at home. i'm LOOKING at my screen at home!

no need to install anything on the computer i'm physically sitting in front of to work on delphi programming, check my email, use macromedia dreamweaver to update my website, encode video, check newsgroups, compile and code programs, whatever!

does that help at all?


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