A friend had a "Personal Security is in Danger" come up on her screen.

By mskarenwam ·
"Active infection found." Trojan Desktop was advertised with a PO# of 303464-ip. It mentioned being a spyware agent. Then "Trojan Downloader.Agent.OSQ."
She cannot access her email, her desktop is gone, Norton Utilities didn't recognize this. She cannot go to a restore point. She can't update Windows security. She cannot access the internet. She has Vista. She was on Facbook at the time. Do you have any advice for her? Her computer is being held hostage until she buys this product! Thanks!

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so simple

by shasca In reply to A friend had a "Personal ...

Unplug the system, buy a new better system, and then sell this old un on Ebay.

You uns are wearing me out.

I'm the relax in a recliner and have the dog get me another beer kinda guy these days.

Now was that so hard

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I hear you

by santeewelding In reply to so simple
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Seconded ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to so simple

The voice of reason is coming through loud and clear @ 02:45 local time!

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I'm tuckered out.

by Ron K. In reply to so simple

They'll probably never see any of this. I wonder why I bother.

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They may never see this

by santeewelding In reply to I'm tuckered out.

But I sure as **** see it.

This ain't no VPN. This is right out front of God and everyone.

Cheering you on.

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by Ron K. In reply to They may never see this

Kidding. <br>
For my next trick... I'm going to teach myself how to use remote desktop through my router to accomplish the same thing that I can easily do with the KVM switch that's sitting here unused. <br>
Tomorrow, or however long it takes. <br>
I have a book waiting for me right now. If I get my shirt together and finish the other one I can pass both of them on to you, same condition, if you like good SciFi. Google 'Iain Banks'. Laugh right out loud SciFi. Deep too. <br>
I want a drone.

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Luv you guys

by shasca In reply to VPN?

Nerds yeah I got your "Nerds" right here. TR is too much fun.

I always gets a :) :) when I log on here.

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Check out this link

by cpubymike In reply to A friend had a "Personal ...;leftCol

You will definately want to reboot in safe mode w/o networking.

than run msconfig
turn off any suspect services
any any junk ones that just aren't used anyway

than run your scans.

but this is dug in pretty good it sounds like.

you may have to pull the drive and perform an offline scan of the drive.
You can also do this with Barts boot disk or a linux live cd with clam AVG or other AV software on it you will need to realy know what you are doing with this.

Odds are if you need to go to these extremes you might be better off blowing the system off and reloading it

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