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By meridenscrafts ·
how long does a laptop battery last. dose any last for 4 hours that is fully charged.

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Depends on many factors

by The Scummy One In reply to a laptop

and how old the notebook and or battery are.
New systems boast more than that for some models.

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Interesting Poll on CNet

by Jacky Howe In reply to a laptop

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Some laptops have an extended battery ..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to a laptop

Unfortunately it's not just the charge-life that's extended, the battery tends to be an enormous lump that sticks out from where the normal battery would be flush with the laptop chassis.

I used to have a ROCK Xtreme (1,500 GBP worth of laptop) that had the capability of mounting a second battery in the compartment set aside for another hard drive. The main problem with that arrangement was the overall weight of the beast. With a single battery it weighed-in at 3.5KGs, the second battery had it approaching 5KGs !!

I always reckoned the second battery should've come complete with a set of wheels! :^0

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Without knowing the make of your laptop.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to a laptop

The battery (when fully charged) will last about 2 to 3 hours of continues operation.

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This depends on the Maker, the Battery Condition

by OH Smeg In reply to a laptop

As well as what is being used at the time. So for instance if you watch DVD's the NB will not last as long on Battery if you where not running the Optical Drive. Also depending on the Hardware involved you can get longer Battery Life with a Solid Sate Hard Disc Drive where as a Mechanical HDD will consume more power as it needs to spin the platter and move the Heads over the Platters. A SSD is just Memory and has no moving parts.

So far every Net Book that I have looked at will get at least 7 Hours on a Fully Charged new Battery. I have some customers with Benq R58 Note Books which get about 5 hours from a fully charged battery but they are not using the Optical Drive and are just using it for Office Computing and these NB are new. The more that you use them and the older that the battery is the shorter the Battery Life will be and the Lithium Ion Batteries also have a limited life so the more that you use them on Battery the shorter the Battery Life will be. Work on the theory that you'll get maybe 18 months from a Battery before it needs replacing and as the battery gets to the end of it's life the length of time that it will power the NB gets shorter.

If it lasts longer it's a Bonus but don't expect this to be normal. Also you need to remember that any new Batteries that you may buy for a specific Model NB may be new unopened but they could have sat on the shelf for a while and generally speaking when you need to replace a NB Battery it doesn't last as long as what Originally came with the NB provided that the Batteries are the same capacity.


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laptop battery

by meridenscrafts In reply to This depends on the Maker ...

This is a new hp/compaq laptop. I got new, new battery. last about 1 hour. doesn't on testing the battery it shows a cylinder with down 1/4 from top. Where it says good it doesn't not show, or anything. I have unplugged the adapter 3 tims took the battery out and put it back in. Would a better battery do better. Is it the laptop. The laptop says it is working properly. I also have it on longer battery life,not performance to save the battery.

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Well with any Battery it may not be perfect

by OH Smeg In reply to laptop battery

Or it may have developed a Memory if left Semi Charged for long periods of time. New doesn't mean fresh from the Factory yesterday if it is for an Old Model NB. The battery could have been sitting on a shelf for months or even years and is not new it just has not been used previously.

Then with HP they have 2 types of Battery for most NB's the Standard Battery and the Long Life Battery. The Long Life Battery has more capacity in Milliamperes than the Standard battery and will run the NB for longer than the standard battery.

Though if it is a New Battery running it through several Charge/Discharge Cycles where you fully charge it then allow it to run down to very low capacity then recharge and repeat the cycle 5 or 6 times or maybe even more will help improve the battery life.

Here it all depends on the Capacity of the Battery as the same cells can have a different capacity. Things like Rechargeable AA Batteries can come in 600 Milliamperes to 2,700 Milliamperes with the higher value running the device for longer than the lower value. These are all in the same package and entirely depends on the Cells used in building the Battery Pack.

Depending on the capacity of the battery that life may be correct it is even possible that it is a lower capacity battery than the one that it replaced the size of the actual Battery Pack means very little here it is the Specifications of the actually battery which is important here. These should be printed on the Pack itself and list the overall voltage the the capacity in Milliamperes/Amps depending on the actually capacity of the battery itself. Naturally the larger capacity batteries take longer to recharge on the standard Mains Adapter as it has a set value in Milliamperes that it supplies. So the higher the value/capacity of the battery the longer that the mains adapter will take to recharge it.

Then depending on how the NB manages the Power when on Battery this can extend the life even further. Most modern NB's dim the Screen when on Battery to prolong the run time and can disable the Optical Drive as well. Here you need to look at the Software supplied by it's maker and optimize the NB for the longest possible Battery life.


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