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A list of problems since ie7 installed via Windows Update

By swisstonihasher ·
Hi there,

I've got a few rather large complaints about ie7...the issues I'm getting have been confirmed as ie7 by de-install from clients.

1, Outlook HTML emails have small size font when printing (viewing them is fine and copy/paste to word, then print is fine) - I think its related to "fit to size" print changes of ie7. Other rich and plain text emails print fine. Also header details of email are something missing.

2, Screen display quality has gone down since ie7 install - Outlook etc text isn't as clear. De-install ie7 and display changes back to normal.

3, Outlook Web Access new emails and reply emails are sent blank to other OWA users or Outlook XP/2003 users. Sending OWA emails to external viewer like hotmail is fine though, ie you can read the email text.
Found out that Exchange 2000 servers/2000 Server running ie6 OWA works perfectly fine - this is on our organisation, its only the 2003 Exchange on 2003 server running ie7 that has the problem.

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Problems with Outlook 2000 & IE7

by coolcalculations In reply to Interesting

I am using Outlook 2000 and my IT person can't get things working right!

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IE7 process does not terminate when browser window closed

by atlpopes In reply to A list of problems since ...

On one computer, the IE7 process would not terminate when the browser window was closed. Eventually this slowed everything down when enough resources were used up. I could not find any fix for this problem, although I found one other person reporting the same problem. The only solution was to uninstall IE7. I have also run into compatability issues with corporate web sites which has forced me to remove IE7 from all of my computers.

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Replies to html email in Outlook 98

by joseph.gehret In reply to A list of problems since ...

Since installing IE7, our users have been having problems with html email. If they try to forward or reply to one of these, Outlook crashes. Everything works fine with plain text emails.

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Same with Sigs

by naviles In reply to Replies to html email in ...

I have the same thing happen if I try to use an html signature with any kind of graphic in it. Outlook hangs then crashes.

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Same with Outlook 2000

by coolcalculations In reply to Replies to html email in ...

I have had the same problem with Outlook 2000.

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Blocked it

by GSG In reply to A list of problems since ...

We had to block the update. Many of our applications aren't compatible, so we'll have to wait until they are updated. Considering one of them just allowed me onto IE 6 2 months ago, from the lowest version of IE 5, I'm not holding my breath.

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Interface is 5 steps backwards and it crashes.

by intj-astral In reply to Blocked it

How you customize that menu bar, anyway?
It's hideous. Reminds me of the first
version of Explorer, when Microsoft
released its "me, too" browser to compete
with Netscape. My brother and I laughed
at it- but it's not funny anymore with
IE7. Today, I watched it crash just as
much as IE6. And this is "new and
improved? Horse-squat. I will stick to
Firefox as much as I can.

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by t.a.wiser In reply to Interface is 5 steps back ...

Stability-wise it's been absolutely fine for me. There's better support for configuring IE7 through Group Policy too, which I've been after for quite some time.

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Patch the server

by t.a.wiser In reply to A list of problems since ...

I believe there's a patch to support the way that IE7 handles the ActiveX involved in OWA. It's mainly for Vista clients but should probably be installed on the server to allow IE7 on XP to work too.

The only thing we've had since I deployed IE7 through WSUS to our XP/SP2 clients was that some emails (HTML ones, most likely) wouldn't print from Outlook. The yellow AU shield was present on the system tray and was asking for a restart, and after the restart the problem was gone. Other than this, everything's fine. Touch wood.

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IE7 - bad things happen

by mindlesspumpkin In reply to A list of problems since ...

with the installation of ie7 is the option of malicious software tool , let this run at your risk.Once it installs it shuts down any or all programs that are not microsoft.Refuses especially anti-virus programs that were recognized with ie6 and will not let them start.Also shuts down any other webbrowser such as firefox etc.
Uninstalled 7 , went back to 6 for a freindlier experience.

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