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A new record !

By gbrownlee ·
I worked on the most infected system I have ever seen yesterday. The user called and stated that the pc had the following problem: Only while connected to the internet, between 5 and 15 minutes later, a window would pop up similar to sasser, but not quite and would say the system will reboot in 30 seconds. Which it did.

This system is 2 years old and running xp home. During this time, it has never had virus protection, no windows updates were installed and the HDD had never been defragged.

I ran ad-aware SE. spybot S&D, spyware blaster and AVG 7.0 free version. There was lots of spyware, but the astouding thing was, on its first pass, AVG picked out a who's who list of viruses, trojans and worms. There was 1246 infected files!


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Cleaning systems....

by phstacker In reply to Know that was fun

Have you or anybody else considered just loading a new o/s to a new folder like /winntt (instead of winnt), etc., in order to just get the machine running cleanly enough to remove data for later cleaning? Then nuke and repave. Cleaning this type of machine for two days is a waste of time - my customes demand 98% up times or better - two days is just out of the question (Or do any of you guys have a private business and give out "loaner" computers to the clients?

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Two days?

by gbrownlee In reply to Cleaning systems....

If the user opts for a cleaning as opposed to nukin' the HDD, I spent 1-2 hours doing so. Either it is cleaned up by then, or the pc comes to the shop.

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It's called being naive

by robspcfixerupper In reply to A new record !

I make my money off spyware and viruses. Without spyware and viruses, I wouldn't have any field jobs at all. I used to work in the NYC Bd. of Ed. I routinely saw ridiculous amounts of spyware on systems where 12-14 year old have access (800+ pieces of spyware was farely typical). On my field calls, I'll see 400 - 700 pieces of spyware and about 40 - 100 files infected by a virus or worm. If you're not maticulous about the maintenance plan on your car, don't buy a computer. You need to pay attention to security nowadays, unlike 5 years ago.

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The most infected systems tend to have...

by robspcfixerupper In reply to A new record !

PORN. It's such a ridiculous pattern. If you're goin to look at porn you need several things on your system: 1. a good pop-up blocker (Google toolbar + IE popup blocker). You can't expect newbies to use Firefox. 2. A decent Antivirus. Many of the newbies are AOL subscribers. Go to keyword: Antivirus to get free McAffe. You may also get AVG 7.0 free. 3. Get Spybot and Adaware on that system. Try to automate everything for the clients. You can't expect people who can't even follow a car maintenace schedule to follow proper pc cleaning rituals. 4. All broadband users need ZoneAlarm. 5. And for the last time don't use your credit card at all here. In a country where a dog can get a credit card, it's no wonder we have thousands and thousands of pieces of spyware and viruses found on pcs.

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by apotheon In reply to The most infected systems ...

"You can't expect newbies to use Firefox"
Why the heck not? I get newbies using Firefox all the time, and they don't have any problems with it. The absolute least-capable computer user I've ever dealt with had a slight problem with it, because he didn't at first understand that he didn't need to do anything special. I said "Look, just use this icon the same as you used the other one with the blue E." After that, all was well.

That's the worst-case scenario I've run across with a "newbie" not being able to adjust easily to Firefox. I can't imagine someone actually failing to be able to use Firefox, if they're made aware of what it is.

Firefox isn't a tool for experts; it's a tool for people who browse the World Wide Web. That's it. Nothing more complicated than that. Newbies welcome.

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FireFox is EASY

by daappley In reply to What!?

I have it installed on all the systems in the network here, and most of the users said it was way easier to use than IE and just LOVE the tabbed browsing! For all intents and purposes they are all newbies...they are drafters...

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Not viruses but spyware...

by docbob In reply to A new record !

I had a out of work neighbor who asked me to come over and look at his machine as it was not booting up poperly. I brought it over my house to look at things and it ran ok, so I ran Spybot on it. I found about 900 spyware files/reg entries/cookies. One of them I pointed out to the neighbor and he went balistic. Seems they had a 900 number on their phone bill that they argued with the phone company about a few weeks before. Come to find out there was a 900 dialer in the spyware list. The date on it matched when they had been away on a Saturday night and Junior had been at home with some friends.
Needless to say, junior will not talk to me when he sees me when I am out on the street...

The Doc

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Adware, malware & spyware oh my...

by SysGoddess In reply to Not viruses but spyware.. ...

The average amount of spyware (and related ills) I find on a client computer is up to around 400 now with my record being nearly 3,000 on a single computer. There was a ton of mp3s, kazaa and other p2p file sharing clients on the computer and when I pointed out that there were known vectors for infection they vehemently denied that kazaa and downloading pirated files could have any relation to the amount of adware, malware & spyware on their computer.

The husband of a client (undoubtedly a victim of inbreeding..) keeps reloading kazaa after I've been there to remove the virri, adware & spyware that miraculously keeps getting on their computer. He once phoned the day after I was there to say that their computer was running slowly again after he reinstalled kazaa. Told him to uninstall it and the moron asked why.

This was the 2nd time I've been there and found much the same on the first visit. I'm sure there will be a 3rd time since they don't seem to learn.

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Now that's frustrating

by AcesKaraoke In reply to Adware, malware & spyware ...

I can understand engaging in risky behavior if you don't know any better, but how many warnings does one person need.

I hope you get paid for all these return visits, perhaps you should set their user accounts to have no administrative priviledges for their own good...LOL

Give your client my condolences on poor husband choice, but cheer up most of us males that are as dim as you described end up in fatal farming, industrial, and/or hunting accidents at an early age. I'd advise maintaining a healthy insurance policy. Of course she may miss him, finding a guy who's too stupid to lie to you effectively or cheat on you without getting caught I'm sure can sometimes be beneficial, of course it gets tiresome explaining the newspaper comics each week too though.

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A New Record

by pcdoctor In reply to A new record !

I just cleaned a pc with 2,888 viruses on it.
99% of them were the Netsky.P virus that came in via email. Luckily this was a pc with internet only access (not on Network).

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