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A new record !

By gbrownlee ·
I worked on the most infected system I have ever seen yesterday. The user called and stated that the pc had the following problem: Only while connected to the internet, between 5 and 15 minutes later, a window would pop up similar to sasser, but not quite and would say the system will reboot in 30 seconds. Which it did.

This system is 2 years old and running xp home. During this time, it has never had virus protection, no windows updates were installed and the HDD had never been defragged.

I ran ad-aware SE. spybot S&D, spyware blaster and AVG 7.0 free version. There was lots of spyware, but the astouding thing was, on its first pass, AVG picked out a who's who list of viruses, trojans and worms. There was 1246 infected files!


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re: head through the monitor

by apotheon In reply to you can't

Yeah, that'd work for a few minutes. Then the police would arrive, and we all know how messy that can get.

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Are you pickin' on the 386?

by AcesKaraoke In reply to Nothing New

My first PC was a 386 running the oh so fachionable Win 3.11 (which I still have in it's 6 glorious floppies). O.K., I guess it was hopelessly slow (I had to wait for the hourglass to come up) and back then I was too paraniod to hook up to the internet.

Funny thing is when I was too paranoid to hook up to the internet, I had very little to worry about. Now that I'm hopelessly hooked on connecting via the internet, all of my fears are becoming reality.

I should probably see if that 386 still works, probably none of the current malware will run on Win 3.11. See MS finally attains security, you just have to wait for their software to be a decade out of date.

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by apotheon In reply to Are you pickin' on the 38 ...

I actually still had a perfectly working 286 running DOS (no Windows at all) until '99, when I sold it for $20 to someone that actually needed the thing for his business. No, that wasn't my only computer at the time: it was just the oldest computer I had at the time.

I don't even remember what my first computer was. It was very early '80s at the time. I remember a Timex: that might have been the first. It might also not have been.

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Deprived Childhood

by AcesKaraoke In reply to antiquity

Never had a computer of my own until I had enough money of my own to buy one. So that 386 was my first that I actually owned.

I do remember my misspent youth in the computer labs and on library computers at school. I remember working on one of those old console models with a cassette drive for information storage. The first computer I really programmed on was an Apple II, later the IIplus and IIe. I never really warmed up to the Macintosh though. MY best friend in high school got a Macintosh when they first came out, but it was so different from their earlier machines that it just never really was my cup of tea.

I so wish I had stayed more active with computers after I graduated. I'm sure I'd be much further along by now. Never too late if your willing to really throw yourself into it though.

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y'know . . .

by apotheon In reply to Deprived Childhood

That 386 is surely sufficient to run Linux.

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What Distro?

by AcesKaraoke In reply to y'know . . .

I'd be willing to resurrect it just to see it run.

What distro would be a good match for my 386's modest resources...I believe it has a whopping 4 Megs of lightning fast SIMM RAM and a gargantuan 100 Meg also tearing's funny and sad all at once.

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by apotheon In reply to What Distro?

I'd say you should probably look into Slackware for that, or go with a BSD. If you can, you might want to think about upgrading to 8MB of RAM. Heh.

You might have to use a nonstandard installation method to get Linux on the thing with current specs. I'm not sure what RAM requirements are appropriate to the Slackware and BSD installers.

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Thats an impressive infection, and more like that to come.

by THEPCTECH In reply to A new record !

Was it a dell?
Most top vendors sell computers wide open as administrator since they come with XP Home instead of XP Pro. Now that SP 2 is out, at least it wont be as vulnerable right out of the box. I blame the vendors for sending the trojan magnets to their customer end users, and taking security too lightly. I have my pockets full with end users' money, so its not so bad for me, but todays computer end users have alot to learn these days on the internet. I believe half of them Will Not have the time to keep up with security, so its gonna be a looong battle with internet trojans and worms. So hows everyone doing today.......

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