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A+ hardware question help?

By alanboys ·
1. How are SCSI ID numbers prioritized? (CHOOSE TWO)

A. 0 = lowest
B. 0 = highest
C. 1 = lowest
D. 15 = lowest
E. 15 = highest

2. In which circumstance is it necessary to replace the CMOS chip?

A. If it is a non-flash type.
B. When the CMOS is full.
C. When you upgrade the CPU.
D. After you have flashed it several times.

3. What is the most significant difference between the USP and IEEE1394 standards?

A. IEEE1394 is faster.
B. USP does not support USB.
C. USP is plug and play.
D. IEEE1394 is hot swappable.

4. What is the proper storage environment for OPC (Organic PhotoConductive Drums)?

A. Humidity free
B. Cool and dark
C. Cool and bright
D. Warm and dark

5.What should be used to extinguish a computer fire?

A. Water.
B. Class A extinguisher.
C. Class C extinguisher.
D. Silver foam water extinguisher

6.Which device should not be plugged into a standard UPS?

A. Monitor
B. Laser printer
C. Inkjet printer
D. External modem

Please help me answer this questions..


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by kevg In reply to A+ hardware question help ...

re question 5:
I'm not sure what you call your class's of extinguishers. But anycase here goes.
Water and wet foam should never be used unless your building is in danger. The results would be shocking. Besides it will ruin you computer, but if itson fire and you in danger of losing the building, then a single computer worth a few thosand is a fair trade off agaist a buiding worth a few million. Besides, where's your backups?
Dry foam (powder) would ruin the computer but at least you won't be shocked.
Gas is the only safe option here, in this country it is class 3. However you must remember that gas (co2, halon, ect.) do not have any cooling qualitys.
re question 6:
according to my NEW RIDERS A+ manual. Do not plug in high power periphal devices such as laser printers should not be pluged into a UPS.


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Question 2

by frfillmore In reply to A+ hardware question help ...

The 2 main reasons for replacing the cmos is A, C. If you want to upgrage your computer you my not be able to if the cmos can't be flashed with new code instructions.

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by T^2 In reply to Question 2

1) 0=highest priority to 15 lowest.
2) Definitely A.
3) Not familiar with USP.
4) B; drums are photo sensitive so no light.
5) C; Class C covers electrical fires.
6) B; Laser printer should not be plugged into a UPS because it is a high currentdrain device. Will munch the UPS eventually too.

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