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A+ help your career?

By MJackman ·
I'm thinking of getting an A+ certification. How did you find the classes? Did you feel you learned alot about hardware? Did you find the cert helped your career at all?

I appreciate your feedback.

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Never Hurts

by jaley In reply to A+ help your career?

Well, it certainly never hurts your career to get another certification. You can never stop learning in the Technology field. The day you stop learning is the day you take a dirt nap forever. I got certified about 6 months ago, and I definitely learned some new stuff. My advice would be to go for it!

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It Helped

by SheilaU In reply to A+ help your career?

I just received my A+ certification in July - it definitely helped. I know a lot of people frown on the A+ as the "low end" cert, but it helped me quite a bit, and now I'm going after some of the larger certs.

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A+ Certified

by T Wilson In reply to A+ help your career?

I took my A+ classes at a local University - it was part of their "extension" department (the area of the University that has classes for the general public - you don't have to be an enrolled student at the school) It was a bit costly, but I finished the class in 5 weeks.

To answer your question about hardware....Yes there is definitely alot about hardware. In fact it's more hardware than software. The textbooks we used were from Ziff/Davis. There were 2 volumes for hardware and 1 for software. When it comes to the hardware section there is alot to learn. It covers everything from IRQ's (you have to know which IRQ's are for what), I/O addresses (yes, you need to know what addresses go with what peripherals), DMA, hard drives and on and on.....

As for the software section, I found alot of it to be outdated.

Keep in mind, an A+ cert doesn't guaranty a job. You need some experience to help fuel the job search.

Good Luck!

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A+ got me a job

by toltec58 In reply to A+ help your career?

I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to break into IT. I'm working on a major installation project now for the state of PA.
They would not have even considered me without A+ cause I have no job experience.

I went to a local tech school. Kinda expensive but I learned alot. Self study is an option too. A+ for Dummies is good as well as Michael Myers A+ book. The Testout! software is good also. has more info also...


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A+ helps?

by tecalote In reply to A+ help your career?

Well, as was already stated, it certainly can't hurt. However I've been checking around and have yet to see a job where A+ is listed as a qualification. So in my opinion the A+ in itself is not very useful.

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A+ is mandatory for some other Certs.

by bryan.todd2 In reply to A+ helps?

If you ever decide to pursue an IBM certification for their systems, you better have the A+. It is a requirement in order to become certified for their program.

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A+ was a qualification for my job

by Marence In reply to A+ helps?

I recently changed career directions, and A+ was one of the requirements for the job. It doesn't replace experience, but it does winnow out those techs who spend more time breaking things than fixing them...
Also, A+ certification is required for most "(fill-in-the-PC-maker) Certified Technician" jobs; not only IBM, but HP, Packard Bell, and others are requiring it.

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Job or paycheck?

by jvesper11 In reply to A+ helps?

Oh you can get a local CompUSA has an opening that demands A+ Cert, but they pay what? $7, $8 per hour?. Aside from that, I have never seen it listed as an up-front requirement.

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You might want to hurry

by chris.bianchi In reply to A+ help your career?

There are a few things you may which to search out prior to going for this certification.

1) The A+ test is no longer available for life! Unlike previous years, A+ test passers in 2000 must retake the test every 3 years to make sure they are currently standing on current technology.

2) The A+ test centers will NOT accept new candidates for certification after December 31, 2000. You might wish to take the test prior to that so that you can keep your renewal ability. New candidates (thisincludes you) will be unable to test for A+ after this date...ever! The test is being replaced by a more general PC adaptive certification.

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by toltec58 In reply to You might want to hurry


Where did you get this information? Go to
and get it right

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