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A+ or no A+, that is the question.

By Rob1150 ·
I am presently working as a CSR for a software company, and working on my Degree in Computer Science. I dont have any certifications yet and because I dont have the dicipline for self study, I am going to be trained at a IT school in here in town.I had planned to pursue A+, and Network+, but I have about 7 years of helpdesk and onsite support experience, therefore, I am thinking that it may be better to go for Network+, and Security+ rather than spend that much money on my A+. I think that my work experience would validate that I have hardware and software support knowledge so why bother with the A+? My long term career goals are to work in network administration. Any thoughts?

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Go with experience and get the network cert.

by gwanner In reply to A+ or no A+, that is the ...

With 7 years of experience, I don't see what you would gain with the A+ cert. My thought is most employeer's want either a A+ cert or experience. A certification doesn't always quailify someone for the job. I beleive experience is more helpful and useful. Finish school and get the network certification. Good luck

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Go for it

by Michaelbrague In reply to A+ or no A+, that is the ...

Hello Rob,

My name is Michael. You being in the IT field should know that these cert's look very good to people. They look even better when you prove to them that you do know yer stuff. Personally owning my own little PC repair company, I would look at a person w/ all the cert's before a person w/ half of them. No offence but the cert's would show me a better work ethic, more self-disapline, and make me lean more towards bringing that person into my company. You said you've been in the field a while, if you'r good and know you'r stuff you should have no problem. I hope my coments help you move towards you'r career decision. Good luck.

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got first job with A+

by itctonguy In reply to Go for it

My first IT job was entry level, but I was hired at 19 based solely on my A+ certification. I was then able to work my way through college and other certs, and when I graduate this summer will be promoted to IT Mgmt. Certs are useful! Good luck.

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Response to A+ or NO A+

by dseeger In reply to A+ or no A+, that is the ...

I would suggest start from the bottom and work your way to the top, instead of trying to be at the top and not knowing what the problem could be at the bottom. When MCSE hit South Africa, the potential amount of money that could be earned if you had that certification seemed great, so people started learning MCSE not bothering with A+ or N+, but at the end of the day people with A+ and N+ proved to be just as valuable as people that only hold MCSE, in any circumstance as long as you know your system I/O addresses and IRQ's especially for the com ports, and you know how to diagnose and trouble shoot problems, then you should be able to pass your N+, A+ only touches on the Basics of networking. At the moment I'm currently studying Security+ and N+ proves to help a lot with it. The choice is yours, you do not need A+ as a requirement to do N+ or Security+. Just remember that sometimes showing thatyou have certification proves to be more valid than saying that you can do the job.

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In addition

by Oz_Media In reply to A+ or no A+, that is the ...

I made some comments before about how I never had ANY certs when I was hired as a F/T net admin.

One other thing I've noticed is that you say you have no discipline for self study.

You say you are to be TRAINED at an IT school in town, which is all fine and great, but you will soon find out, whereas a dog is trained, IT staff train themselves. Most GOOD schools, will teach you how to learn, give you the tools and let you learn at your own pace with a mix of classroom and hands on instruction. The bottom line though, if you want to keep on top of the market and progress, you will most definitely need to learn how to teach yourself. Too many techs are complaining that they are out of work or certs are out of date, as if paper creates jobs and not opportunities.

You will need to learn how to spend a great deal of your time in self study if it is ever going to work for you.

You should be shown fundamentals and details, in order to get through though and ESPECIALLY before writing certs, you will need a MASSIVE amount of self-discipline and home study that you will eed to drag yourself through.

So i wish you all the luck with your future, but if you're not someone who is willing and disciplined enough to teach yourself and keep yourself on top, even moreso in IT than most other trades, look or something else now and save yourself the disappointment later.

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