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A travesty of Justice, the revealing of Valerie Plame, as a covert spie

By DanLM ·
First, let me make clear my position on this. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage should have been prosecuted and locked up. I wouldn't have cared if it was President Bush that released her name to the press, that person should have been prosecuted. The fact that the democratic party for all it's bluster and investigation only accomplished one thing. A glorified witch hunt and prosecution of Libby. For all their outrage about an agents life being put in danger, once they got their teeth into Libby. They never looked back. And even after Richard Armitage admitted that he was the one that released that information, they wouldn't press charges.

What does this tell our men and women that are covert agents? It doesn't matter if their cover is blown for political purposes. What does this tell us about the democratic party. They do not care one bit about the men and women that put their lives forward for this country. It's all about political gain for them. I seriously doubt the democrat's sincerity in their CONCERN for our soldiers in Iraq because of this instance. They have already shown that they are only after this president, and it doesn't matter that lives can be lost to achieve this goal. It's all about them reacquiring the office of president, and nothing else. It also makes you wonder if the democratic party even worries about the security of this nation if it interferes with their political gain.

A quote from Lindsay Moran's interview from newsweek: Former spy Lindsay Moran says the CIA remains a 'challenging' environment for women like Valerie Plame.

What is the impact in the long run of the Plame case?
The fact that it happened is a loss to the agency?longtime covert operatives like Plame don't grow on trees?but, more importantly, it sets a dangerous precedent, suggesting that it's OK to "out" a CIA officer. So far, no one has been held accountable for that particular transgression.

This also shows how little integrity the press has. It's all about sales and their liberal agenda.

This is crap, pure utter crap. The prosecutor should be fired for not prosecuting the admitted offender of this CRIMINAL offence. The democratic party should be looked at with open eyes now that it is shown their bluster and outrage is purely false. And again, Richard Armitage should be locked up and have the key thrown away.

If this joke of an investigation would have charged and prosecuted Libby for perjury along with prosecuting Richard Armitage, I would have had no issue with this at all. At least it would have been shown that the democrats were serious about their convictions. This shows they are not. And this shows why they better prove themselves real damn soon, because I will shove this in any ones face that tells me that the democrats wouldn't have 3000 body bags if they would have been in office. Bull sh*t, there would be 3000 body bags because the only things they have any conviction for is taking over political power. And it doesn't matter who's life was put in jeopardy or lost to get it. Screw the democrats, where is the outrage that the person that released this information is still free.

I know, it's like their other convictions. It doesn't matter as long as the current president is run out of office. That and they still haven't shown the damn balls to stand up and fight against a president that they dislike. They are doing everything to look good without accomplishing a damn thing.

What a bunch of low life wuss's. We would be bowing to Mecca right now if the democrats were in office. And this case just proves my statement.

What else does this show me. I was wrong in hoping that the right person would be prosecuted in the this crime. I was hoping for all the bluster that the democrats were showing, that they would be true to their word and lock up the prick that released this woman's name. I was wrong, and I won't forget this error in my judgment.


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What about the Republicans?

by AV . In reply to A travesty of Justice, th ...

They are the ones that destroyed Valerie Plame's life in retaliation for her husband's public assertion that Saddam did not buy yellowcake uranium from Niger.

I have to agree that the investigation into the CIA leak case was a bust. There was no justice for Valerie Plame or any other covert agents that risk their lives for this country. Sure, Scooter Libby was found guilty of lying about it, but he wasn't the leaker. Richard Armitage should be prosecuted as the leaker. GWB said he would do that and then dropped it.

The only thing the trial brought out is that the White House operates like a shadowy, secret cabal. Scooter Libby took the fall, but really, what did he have to gain by lying and who was he protecting? None other than **** Cheney.

**** Cheney initiated the CIA leak because he didn't like that Joe Wilson publicly refuted that Saddam was trying to acquire materials for WMDs, the very basis for the Iraq war.

I can't blame the Democrats for the sins of the Bush Administration. Team Bush has shown an arrogance of power that is absolutely scary. Its no wonder why they are reviled around the world.

Democrats have proved they just don't want to deal with it. They're just waiting for the next election. The good thing is that Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson haven't dropped it. Thats the only way there will ever be the hope of justice.


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The democrats ran on the clean up corruption platfor... We will change this

by DanLM In reply to What about the Republican ...

They havent done ****. Simple as that.

And as far as the republicans, they deserve the same disgust.

If the vice president caused this, then he should be impeached and imprisoned. But the democrats, again have shown they don't even have the balls to take on an administration that they say is so wrong.

The least this investigation should have done was offer amunity to the person that leaked this information to find out who put him up to it. The damn democrats 1). Wern't smart enough. 2). Didn't care 3). Didn't have the balls.

The republicans, are just as bad. They are playing pure freakin politics, nothing more. Which is just as bad. They should lynch the pricks that did this and prove to everyone that they are willing to clean house to stay in power. They are a bunch of damn cowards also.

My disgust with the democrats is that they claimed, ran on, and won this election by saying they would clean up washington. The only thing these pricks have shown is they are just as clueless as what the claim the republicans are. It shows that they have no guts for a fight, and even when the polls back them they still dont have the balls for a fight. They are cowards, it's as simple as that.

If they feel so god dmn strongly about their position, then get some freaken balls and prove it. They haven't.

Both party's have shown no regard for this agent or the possibility of her life. I don't care what you think about President Bush. He has a set of balls, and he is willing to back his beliefs. Nobody else has shown that willingness. And they are just as bad if not WORSE then this president for that reason. Why, you can't count on them to do is fight to win. The only thing you can count on them doing is looking good in the press, and nothing else.


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You are wrong on two counts. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to What about the Republican ... your very first sentence.

You said, ...the Republicans destroyed Valerie Plame's life in retaliation for her husband's public assertion that Saddam did not buy yellowcake uranium from Niger.

1. They did not destroy her life.

2. She was not a "covert" agent.

3. There was no retaliation motive.

4. Richard Armitage , an opponent and critic of the Bush administration, was the "leaker". (The State Department, not the White House)

Your mistake - You believe what you read in the press.

Okay, that was FOUR counts of mistakes!

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This, I did not know

by DanLM In reply to You are wrong on two coun ...

4. Richard Armitage , an opponent and critic of the Bush administration, was the "leaker". (The State Department, not the White House)

I just thought he was a dumb a$$ state department official.


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It all depends

by AV . In reply to You are wrong on two coun ...

1. What is your definition of destroy? After the leak, she no longer has her job with the CIA. Depending on what she was involved in, her life and the lives of her family could be at risk. She was a dedicated public servant that didn't deserve this.

2. She was a NOC but not a deep-cover agent. She was a spy and specialist in non-conventional weapons. Check out her career at wikipedia.

3. **** Cheney sought to discredit Joe Wilson's claims that Saddam did not buy yellowcake uranium from Niger so he instigated the leak. Why? Because Joe Wilson cast a shadow of doubt that Saddam was pursuing WMDs. Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald was unable or unwilling to pursue this further, but the Wilsons have filed a separate suit that could uncover the origin of why Valerie Plame's name was leaked through discovery.

4. Richard Armitage, the admitted leaker, is still part of the Bush Administration and should be prosecuted.

Don't you think its curious that her name was leaked to the media after her husband's trip to Niger? Sounds like retaliation to me. Why wasn't Richard Armitage prosecuted as the leaker? Why would Scooter Libby perjure himself when he has nothing to gain?

The Bush Administration's actions are highly questionable at best.

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I ask this

by DanLM In reply to It all depends

4. Richard Armitage, the admitted leaker, is still part of the Bush Administration and should be prosecuted.
My opinion, it's a witch hunt. They didn't care by the time Richard Armitage admitted it. Which is the travesty here. This should have closed the book here, one way or another.

Don't you think its curious that her name was leaked to the media after her husband's trip to Niger? Sounds like retaliation to me. Why wasn't Richard Armitage prosecuted as the leaker? Why would Scooter Libby perjure himself when he has nothing to gain?
The article I posted from Newsweek flat out says that Richard Armitage didn't agree with the Bush policy in Iraq. I find it hard to believe he would be a part of the release of her name for the reason of discrediting her husband. Two points for this. 1). He is a part of the state department and went directly to his supervisor on this, then to the fbi. 2). The leadership of the state department at the time didn't agree with the Iraq war. This was under Powel's leadership.

Bloody who to blame here, I have no freaken idea now. The repubicans should be screaming to the high heavens that the wrong person was prosecuted. The democrats should have backed up their high profile investigation and prosecuted the admitted leaker.


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It all doesn't make any sense to me either

by AV . In reply to I ask this

Richard Armitage leaks Valerie Plame's name by mistake and says he's sorry. Whoops. Scooter Libby perjures himself for reasons unknown and is facing jail time. It doesn't make any sense to me either.

In the meantime, Valerie Plame is the loser. Libby knows better than to perjure himself, so I don't really care if he faces jail time, but you're right that there should be a prosecution of the admitted leaker. The case isn't closed yet.

Was Valerie Plame covert or not? It depends on what article you read. It seems to me that her work was important enough to be considered that. There really was no need to reveal her name to sell newspapers.

I hope she gets justice on her own.


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Valerie Plame is the loser? You've got to be kidding?

by maxwell edison In reply to It all doesn't make any s ...

To the contrary, Valerie Plame is getting EXACTLY what she wanted. Moreover, she stands to reap millions in a couple of book deals, not to mention advancing her own (and her husbands) political agenda.

And the ONLY thing Scooter Libby was found guilty of was not remembering the details of a conversation with Tim Russert. Perhaps it was Russert who was mistaken.

I'd bet any amount of money that Scooter Libby will be acquitted on appeal. Not only was the trial, itself, terribly flawed, and not only should the charges never have been brought in the first place, but the whole investigation shouldn't have been conducted since the "crime" being investigated already had an admitter perpetrator.

You are very naive' in this case, AV. You really don't know what you're talking about.

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Most definitely Valerie Plame is the victim here

by AV . In reply to Valerie Plame is the lose ...

Her career is ruined. She never intended to pursue a book deal or anything else. She was a dedicated government employee, looking at her very impressive resume. I'm sure she'll be better off now than she ever could have imagined. Good for her.

Scooter Libby lied because he had something to cover up. He knows better than to do that, he's a lawyer. He had to though. Thats because he's the fall guy for the Administration. Its unfortunate. I think Patrick Fitzgerald really wanted the big fish, **** Cheney.

I have to agree the trial was terribly flawed. Theres no justice for Valerie Plame. They didn't even prosecute the real leaker, **** Armitage.

Tim Russert is not someone that would be mistaken about a conversation like that. No way.

I'm far from naive, Max. This trial was a farce and the truth has yet to come out. I still think the real issue is, did **** Cheney seek to discredit Joe Wilson's findings on WMDs by outing his wife, Valerie Plame.


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If you're not naive, then what are you?

by maxwell edison In reply to Valerie Plame is the lose ...

You, yourself, admit that Richard Armatige was the leaker, not Libby, not Vice President Cheney. I doubt, however, you knew that before reading this discussion.

Okay if you're not naive', then you do know all these things (at least you do now), and therefore you must be on a personal mission to continue this unwarranted vendetta against the White House.

How would you like it if your husband was prosecuted for "misspeaking" about a conversation he had a couple of years ago while he was being "investigated" for a crime some other guy in another department in a different building committed? If he had no connection to this other guy? If he had no knowledge of the details of what this other guy did or why? And if this other guy was even an opponent of what your husband was doing? He was just so busy and wrapped-up in his job that he didn't recall all the details of some conversation? Okay, so he was mistaken about a conversation he had a couple of years ago with a reporter. Big friggin' deal! It had nothing to do with the other guy's alleged crime anyway! (alleged crime: to be a "crime" it must have been intentional, something that is very doubtful.)

Yep, that's a political vendetta, alright. Armatige did not even commit a crime, but Libby does the time. And YOU still want the "big fish", **** Cheney, to fall.

Plame was a "dedicated government employee"?, you say? Well, maybe Libby was just as "dedicated"! And what about Cheney? Do you not think he's been a dedicated public servant for years? For decades? This false image the Democrats and the media have painted of Cheney is disgusting. And you've apparently bought into it, lock, stock and barrell.

From an early newspaper account:

The defense says neither Libby nor the White House sought to retaliate against Wilson and that Libby misspoke to investigators looking into the disclosure because he was overwhelmed by a crush of national security and other matters. He has said he had no motive to lie about the details or timing of conversations with reporters.

".....overwhelmed by a crush of national security and other matters....." That is certainly believable. Do you disagree? You have no reason to doubt this, but you apparently do. Therefore, you're either naive' or have a vendetta you want to settle.

You admit, I think Patrick Fitzgerald really wanted the big fish, **** Cheney. Why did he "want" him? For what? He KNEW Cheney wasn't the leaker either! But he still went after him. Why?

All you are harping on is the Plame is a victim and that she was a dedicated government employee. What a silly and naive' thing to say! Are you suggesting that Libby and or Cheney are not?

I'll tell you why Richard Armitage isn't being pursued by prosecutors for leaking Plame's name. It's because this whole investigation was never about prosecuting "the leaker" because of a "crime", it's only been about "prosecuting" those in the White House for whatever they could dig up. If you don't see this, you ARE naive'. You're just dead wrong on this, but you apparently have too much "emotional opinion" invested in it to made such an admission.

Sorry, Valeria Plame IS NOT the victim, here. Scooter Libby is, and his family is -- AND the American public (people like you) who have been DUPED into believing something that's not even close to being true.

By the way, did you know that.....

.....a Senate Intelligence Committee report in 2004 discredited Joe Wilson and his "story" about his trip to Niger?

.....both Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson are Democrat Party loyalists, even dining with Hillary Clinton?

.....Valerie Plame contributed to the Al Gore campaign?

.....Plame and Wilson were advisors to the John Kerry campaign?

.....Valerie Plame ALSO "misspoke" in her sworn testimony?

Stop being so naive' AV; Valerie Plame IS NOT a "victim".

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