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A year later

By Oz_Media ·
Well, hopefully with a year behind it, we can attempt to discuss the progress of the Iraqi invasion without too much hostility, we should be looking beyond the reasons for now and lookig toward the end of this conflict.

CBC aired the documentary again "Deadline Baghdad" they say it was banned by censors in the US and several other countries and the CRTC in Canada has tried stopping its airing but unsuccessfully as it breaches fredom of expression rights.

In a nutshell, 50 reporters that hav ebeen in Iraq from many different countriesd showed unedited footage and photos of what was really going on. Not a very pretty picture and i won't go into any details, lets just say it is NO WHERE NEAR as pretty and successful as we are generally shown it to be, even the soldiers are disgusted with the guerilla warfare style it is being fought in.

Besides that though, what has bene accomplished?

I notice the latest tout from the Bush Administration is that Lybia has stopped building neuclear arms, first I've heard of that goal as an objective, even though this has been a long term goal of all the worlds nations.

They also say that they hae uncovered parts for building nuclear arms and they are being shipped out of the country now, we should see more in the future.

Some say Iraq has enough money in it's own oil resources to pay for thier own reconstruction now, but from what I understand, they have only turned out 6 billion in oil this year and repairs are slated at over 100 billion to restore Baghdad (not the 180 billion as originally proposed).

So what are the stories from other parts of the globe?

Please try to keep this to just reporting the latest news as shown in your media and not personal opinions, as they usually get nasty. Nobody can flame YOU for delivering the news.

If we do this like big kids, we may be able to actually share news reports without it becoming self opinionated war.

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No doubt

by Oz_Media In reply to Side effects?

Exactly what I was looking for Oldefar!

I've seen those reports locally too, the main focus being Libya's decisions.

Another report on local news, saw that as positive yet interviewed various speakers who deemed it nice but not the focus or reason for the Iraq invasion. They also say that the same would have happened by joint coalition in the next few years anyway. These were subjects said to be discussed during the original objective meetings between all the allies and were deemed inevitable.

Todays news was focused on Hans Blix as he said he felt somewhat vindicated by the absence of WMD.
I think he is on a book signing campaign but he did have some relevant and very valid points.
He mainly said that the UN is/was successful in it's inspections and that the defectors who claimed WMD existed were simply looking to have Iraq Liberated by the USA. The issue that instigated the invasion was how the UN was not finding WMD in noted sites therefore they must not be successfully inspecting said sites, yet the invasion has only pr oven that the UN was not missing anything that they were sent to inspect.

So it looks like similar news but with a slightly different perhaps 'realist's?' message.

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What you are

by voldar In reply to A year later

asking for with this thread is simple and in the same time complicated to answer:
"How you form yourself an opinion" I think is your real question.
The problem is not how - it's easy to answer to HOW. Usually, you read, you filter what you read through your thoughts/convictions and you have an opinion. The problem is, is it your opinion the right one? And yes, here, at this point there are sooooo many to say about. I lived in a country where you read two newspapers treating the same object but from different point of views/interests so that you may end up a bit debusolated. And this is the real problem, how to CHOSE the real facts from a lot of b..t.
The answer is obvious, only if you ARE there, in the middle of the problems, you can say that you have an idea, but not more.
What is the media world in fact? A way to form and pass over an opinion of a "group of people with the same interests" to others. There are so little "independent" newspapers, and I even don't expect them to be so. The only thing to do is to gather as much information about a subject as you can get, make an "addition", and the result you get will be MAYBE closer to the reality. NEVER the reality! That's my point, and this is what I do believe. The way you think is driven a lot by the type of society you live in, transform/form your perception about things, happenings, life. And you are limited to this. Is it good, is it bad, I don't know, but for me is a fact. And really, I try my best to get out of this circle, to brake it and to see beyond.
I know a joke about a peasant who goes to the ZOO, saw a giraffe and says: "This is not real!" Why? Because he was not ready to accept that giraffes do exist, and if they do, then all his thoughts would be vanished in a glance. And nobody wants to find himself "nude" without a "point to relay on".

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not at all

by Oz_Media In reply to What you are

No Vlad, that's not my objective at all. I am looking at marketing angles used by the media based on demographic or geographic interests.

I don't really care where people form opeinions, the opinions they have are all welcomed norma;;y, butI am interested in what is portrayed in various countries or parts of countries.

It is more of a mass marketing interest for some work I'm looking at.

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by voldar In reply to not at all

Oz, if you did not already had my answer between my first answer, I say that, every country/group etc., will show the facts from the point of view that is "apropiate" to its needs/interests.

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Sorry ...

by voldar In reply to Then

I forget to say also, that from the "marketing" point of view, you'll sell things that you know that will be "vandable". I don't know about the latest news in the Iraq war, but I want to say you something. After the '89, when the "communist block" felt, like a sand castle sweeped by a wave of the ocean, I was a very interested by the media, eager to read as much as I could the latest news. But you know what? After an year and a half, I stopped. Why? Because the real facts were never presented in the "news", they were only images/thoughts/ideas (deformed a little or more) of the "news providers" about what was happening.

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My career

by Oz_Media In reply to Sorry ...

I manage and promote bands globally. I work with as many media outlets as possible and also stud yhuman psychology and demographic marketing.

The issue being addressed isn't the factor, war or whatever,I just want info on local current ebents. At this time, the Iraq war is entering year two, I want to see how the nedia reports progress.

Not to sound rude but th nature of this discussion is news interest from different countries, not why i'm an interested in this. In short, it's work and marketing tests/

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Funnily enough Vladolar

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Then

Thats exactly how a Buddhist Monk told me that different countries/communities would chose to see what would latter became known as "Religious" Events. The same event would be portrayed in different countries/communities differently as it was filtered to suit that countries need.


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And ..

by voldar In reply to Funnily enough Vladolar

Colin, I am not even a Buddhist Monk!! :)
But I do like their way of thinking and seeing about/of the world.


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From two US online media sources...

by mrbill- In reply to A year later

?BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- A fourth American missionary died overnight from wounds from a drive-by shooting in the northern city of Mosul, the U.S. military said Tuesday.? The report goes on to mention other ?foreign? workers killed, including 2 German, or one German and one Dutch depending on who the reporter talked to.

?BAGHDAD, Iraq ? Two Germans working on a water-supply project south of Baghdad were shot to death Tuesday, and their deaths brought to six the number of foreigners killed in drive-by shootings in the past 24 hours.? ? ?It came after four U.S. missionaries were slain in a drive-by shooting in the northern city of Mosul, where they were working on a water-purification project. One of them died on the way to the hospital, and a fifth survived.?

CNN and FoxNews are almost polar opposites in their views on the current US administration. It is interesting to note the weight given to the deaths of the US citizens by each report. CNN quick to report the missionaries were American while Fox mentions them as an afterthought.

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Yes I see both here too.

by Oz_Media In reply to From two US online media ...

Personally I don't like either source as they are both extremely one sided, as you noted yourself.

But they do offer extreme left and right views.

Are these the best sources available to you? Do you also compare these reports to local Netwrok news? More importantly, do you get ANY out of country news, ie. Baghdad television, BBC news, Canadian news etc. or are you forced to rely on only local or US reports?

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