Able to ping name and IP Address, but not access server using UNC

By SirMalcom ·
I've been working on a network using a single Windows 2003 standard server to do AD. After an excessive amount of time spent working on a problematic laptop, I notice that the other computers are unable to access the server. I ping both the IP address and the name of the server on multiple computers and both work perfectly, but when I go to explorer and try to do \\Server or \\Server\share all the computers on the network aren't able to connect. All of them were able to connect earlier.
I checked the Event Viewer for things and noticed a problem with DNS. I tried fixing and restarted the service, but that didn't fix the problem. I tried restarting the server, but that didn't work and no problems showed up in the Event Viewer. The only thing I can think of that I did was add a Forward Lookup zone for the DNS. I haven't had the chance to try removing the zone yet to see if that might have something to do with it, but even then that seems unlikely.

I'm still puzzled why I can't access the server using the UNC. I tried both the server name and the FQDN, but neither worked.
Any ideas what the problem might be would be greatly appreciated.

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by FunwithApps In reply to Able to ping name and IP ...

Your netbios setting is probably disabled.

Network properties-
Advanced button
WINS tab
Check and see that "Enable netbios over TCP/IP" is checked.

Hope this helps!

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security access?

by twopointshotdr In reply to netbios

I had a problem like this once. All computers could ping, both the servernames or the ip address. But a paticular computer could not connect using \\servername\sharename. After poudning our heads against the wall, we noticed some wierd, very wierd discrepencies concerning "groups" and "user" permissions in the security tabs of various folders. You might want to start looking at security permissions at the "server root" level. umm..another thing I can think of, is make sure in group policy, (now I dont have access to a server so the wording might be a little off here but...) its a settings somewhat worded like "allow remote connections" it basically controls whether or not computer can connect using "run" command or windows explorer. That has to be enabled. I hope this helps a bit?! Good Luck

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check services

by hassanisback In reply to netbios

check if computer browser service is running..

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you could try . .

by bright-side99 In reply to Able to ping name and IP ...

Connect to the ip address of the machine instead of the name: \\\sharename

If that does not work, then there's something wrong with the share or sharing on that machine.

If that works stay with the name resolution troubleshooting. Wins, if you have it, could have a wrong entry or multiple entries. if you find an issue like that try ipconfig/flushdns so you can see your new results right away on your client you are troubleshooting from.

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allow me to leap to MY conclusion....

by sgt_shultz In reply to Able to ping name and IP ...

problematic laptop, eh? How is your antivirus protection anyhow. What is your exact error message and steps to reproduce.?
meanwhile, maybe this will be of interest:
Overview of problems that may occur when administrative shares are missing

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Problem fixed

by SirMalcom In reply to Able to ping name and IP ...

Thanks for the replies. I poked around some more and noticed that the group policy object had been changed and that it no longer specified that the file sharing exception for Windows Firewall should be on. Unfortunately I'm using Windows Firewall until I can get something else for the server.

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Help urgently

by rkayasth In reply to Problem fixed

Where do you find that group policy, and how do you set it back?
I have a problem, wherein I able to ping the websites, but cannot browse it using any browser.

Pl help..


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