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By ObiWayneKenobi ·
I know this has come up a million times, so please excuse the repetition.. however, would it be a good idea to get an online degree from a regionally accredited college? The reason I ask is that I have a major problem when planning to go back to for my Bachelors: Basically if I go to school near where I work now *not happy with current job at all*, and I get a job somewhere else, I have to probably drop the term because the drive is too long (I have had to do this once already) but it's not practical to go to school somewhere where I *might* end up getting a job.. does that make sense?

An online program would still allow me to get my bachelor's and not have it depend on where I'm currently working at the time. How is the online degree experience, for those who have done/are doing one? I'm looking at Keiser College's B.S. Management Information Systems program, which looks pretty good on paper. Plus they are a regionally accredited school in Florida, which I think would let me transfer to a university for my Masters (and possibly Doctorate..) later on.

Thanks for the help!

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