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By jennifer.weinman ·
I'm about to graduate with honors with my BS in CIS. I'd like to start off on the right foot with potential employers, are there any aspects in my education I should focus on or avenues of research that I should look into during my final semester? I want to continue to learn and be challenged, and am not sure which direction to focus in order to be an standout in the job market coming right out of college.

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If you're lucky....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Thanks!

you land an entry level position under one of those "brilliant" minds that doesn't mind sharing their knowledge

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game plan

by jennifer.weinman In reply to If you're lucky....

I'm hoping for one of those entry level positions. I'm debating when to start sending out my resume since my graduation date is in December. I know a lot of companies refrain from hiring that late in the year.

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Are you doing any "work experience"?

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to game plan

Some programs require that....if yours does, I'd be sending out resumes pretty soon.

Many companies like to make new hires early in the year.....graduating in December could be a good thing.

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Never assume....

by JamesRL In reply to game plan

Its true that when hiring additional headcount, many companies delay till after holidays, or time their hiring sprees around their financial year end.

But in other cases, such as hiring a replacement for an existing role, they sometimes can't wait.

At one job hunting seminar, I heard a few comments about how good job hunting is in December since many job hunters stop looking at that time.


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by jennifer.weinman In reply to Never assume....

I'm actually wrapping up a summer position doing unit testing for an OOP project, and last summer I had in internship with the college reworking one of their online masters programs into a html based site. I'm thinking about starting to send my resume around in late October, since I'd love to have a job to walk into after graduation.

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Ask a potential employer...

by dawgit In reply to Thanks!

If experience gained in the Military would be beneficial for a potential employee.

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Hang it up, dawgit

by santeewelding In reply to Ask a potential employer. ...

I think you saw what I saw: fixation on "job" and "employer", versus the entire wide world of possibilities where the individual takes charge herself, and goes for it.

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by dawgit In reply to Hang it up, dawgit

And I'm not a recruiter, that's for sure.
I find it hard, first that it's getting damn hard to find quality young people in our Armed Forces, and second I've seen so many talented people in and from the Military go on to do fantastic things. Some of them had even worked for me (once upon a time) I'm proud of them too :)
And I know the value in the pure technical experience that a fresh baked college can only get from the Military. That alone can make a difference in who gets the job, and add thousands to a yearly salary.
Oh-Well, I tried.

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by jennifer.weinman In reply to Hang it up, dawgit

While I thank you both for your insight, I have had sports injuries in the past that prevent me from enlisting. I had tried to go that route and was politely told, thank you for your interest but the military wouldn't be able to use you.

If I wasn't taking charge for myself I wouldn't be here on this site trying to get advice from people who are already in this field, I would do what I see all the "traditional" college students are doing and that would be nothing.

I don't have expectations going into a workplace and eventually plan to make a difference, but in the meantime you have to start somewhere, so after being rejected for medical reasons by the military, this is the next step. With real world experiences in the corporate field in NYC, I have skills that not many other college graduates have.

I was simply looking for advice from people who are in the field as to where they think the trends are and how to make myself more appealing for the market, since I'm not "medically qualified" for other options.

I appreciate your assumptions about my "fixations" santeewelding. The certainly gave me a good chuckle this morning.

Dawgit-I have many immediate family in all branches of the military, I was expected to follow in their footsteps. However, that's just not a possibility. It is a noble and very important job that you guys do and I wish you safety and success in your career.

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A Thank you to you for that reply...

by dawgit In reply to While

I really hadn't expected that. So, again, Thank you.
Actually I was thinking more of in the Commissioned Officer ranks. Then you would need to see a different type of recruiter than the normal storefront type that gets the enlisted kids. You are qualified for an Officer slot anyway, and that would be in the best interests of both as well. I don't know what the physical requirements are for the Officers are today, and they vary greatly from service to service, as well as job to job in the different services.
But even at that, they (we) still need you, there are also many jobs open and available as a civilian employee in the DOD. I posted a few DOD agencies that would love to have you on board. (somewhere above, I think, - if not just ask me, if your interested)
In any case Good Luck to you.
(and I know you're not a slacker, or you wouldn't be here asking intelligent questions. )

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