AC97 Front panel audio header

By gladesign ·
I have a an ASUS P4i65G which has front panel audio header AC97 labelled as
pin 1 Mic (white)
pin 2 Ground (Black)
pin 3 Mic power(white)
pin 4 no pin
pin 5 AUD OUT - R (colour?)
pin 6 BACKOUT - R (colour?)
pin 7 Ground (Black)
pin 8 no pin
pin 9 AUD OUT - L (colour?)
pin 10 BACKOUT - L (colour?)

My tower has ribbon connector;
GND (black)
MIC (Orange & green)
R -IN,L-IN (white)
R-OUT, L- out (red)
Can someone fill in the blanks please (colour?)

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So what you are saying here is that there is NO text in your manual?.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to No colour text

So there is no text for you to see. Ok, is there any text on the wires in question?.

"I put an external HD in the front USB socket this was followed by an enormous crack of blue from the power supply and then a little smoke". This is a first. :)

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If you download the manual, you should be able to follow the instructions.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to So what you are saying he ...

GND = ground.
BACKOUT-R = right channel.
BACKOUT-L = left channel.
AUD-OUT-L = left channel.

If you just follow the wiring and pin layout you should be ok.
Just look for "Front Panel AC?97 Audio Header", NOT the USB plug set.

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Also this M'Board has a Different Number of Pins involved

by OH Smeg In reply to If you download the manua ...

For the Front Panel Audio Connections and the USB Ports.

There should be 1 USB Header with 9 Pins in it and there are 8 Wires used to connect the Front Panel USB Ports you have to make sure that you have all the USB1 on the same side of the USB Header Strip and all of the USB2 on the other side. Or at least all the Plugs numbered XXXXX1 on one side and all the plugs numbered XXXXX2 on the other side of the header strip.

With the Audio there are 8 Pins of which 7 are used so there should be 7 Wires from the Front Panel Audio that you need to connect as you have only listed 5 it's not possible to help you till you list exactly what you have in the case or at least the Brand and Model of the Case.

If in doubt Do Not fit the front Panel Wires the computer will work perfectly well without these being fitted though you will have to replace the 2 or 3 Jumpers onto the Front Panel Audio Header.

All up a Powered USB Hum and 2 3.5 mm Jack Splitters will cost you less that $70.00 where as these M'Boards have a RRP of $139.00 you should be able to buy 2 complete sets of adapters for less that 1 M'Board and you really don't need any of them.


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Yes It Is A First For Me Too

by gladesign In reply to So what you are saying he ...

The system had been working fine for a year or more, I have been inserting and extracting USB plugs in the front panel for months with no adverse reactions up until that incident. Anyway, of course there is text in the manual there is no reference to any colour coding a point I have been trying to make for the last couple of days. So thanks everyone for your input, goodbye!

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The reason that there is no Color Coding

by OH Smeg In reply to Yes It Is A First For Me ...

Is because different manufactures may use different color wires.

If this unit has been working for over a year and then decided to self destruct when you plugged something into the USB Port then I would be looking at the device that you plugged in or the USB Lead as being faulty.

Anyway no matter how you look at things there are still 7 wires for the front panel Audio Plugs and you have only listed 5 so until you list them all we can not help you.

For instance the Antec case used the following

Black = Negative, Ground, Neutral

Orange = Mic Power

Green = Mic In

Red = Line Out FL Front Left

Blue = Line Out FL Front Left

White = Line Out FR Front Right

Yellow = Line out FR Front Right

So in this case the wires would be plugged into the following

Pin 1 Green

Pin 2 = Black

Pin 3 = Orange

Pin 5 = Yellow

Pin 6 = White

Pin 9 = Red

Pin 10 = Blue

But as different Makers of Cases may use different Color Wires or may have 1 wire with 2 or more plugs on it the above means nothing. Just a note here when the Case Makers use 1 Wire with several Plugs on it this is a Neutral Lead and can be plugged onto every Neutral, Negative, Common or Ground pin


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