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Access denied on .bat file

By adamtechpro ·
Hello all. I am currently having a problem with a .bat file I have set up to update the in house application for my company. The .bat file resides on a windows 2003 server and all machines are running identical versions a nd updates for windows 2000 sp4. The users access the .bat file via our wbesite where i have placed an update link. When the .bat file is executed, 90 percent of my users overwrite the old files with the updated ones fine. For some reason about 5-8 of my users get access denied for some but not all files in the update. I have examined all computers for differences and found none. I have checked microsoft and found some troubleshooting solutions but none made a difference. I have included a copy of the .bat file for examining.


@echo off
echo This will Update TRIDENT to the most recent version.
echo Please Close TRIDENT before continuing ...
Echo Ctrl-C to Abort, or

IF NOT EXIST "C:\Program Files\SSAWM1000\*.PBD" GOTO ERR

goto files

echo Update Failed - Please Contact Jason ...
goto fini

echo Your System is Updating - please wait ...

echo Copying New ELMVU.PBD And ELMNV.PBD Files to TRIDENT ...
copy \\elm-nas\Public1\Software\SSAWM1000\*.* "C:\Program Files\SSAWM1000"

goto done

echo Your System is unable to be updated ...
goto fini

echo Exceed For Server2 has been Updated Sucessfully ...
echo You can now use Exceed ...
goto fini


Essentially it searches for the directory, which i know for a fact is the same for all my users and overwrites the files in the directory with the new ones. I have allowed everyone access full control to the shared folder on my windows 2003 file server, but with no luck. Thanks again for any replys

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Access denied running a java program with a batch file

by JeekC7 In reply to Access denied on .bat fil ...

I'm trying to run a simple java program I wrote with the main class file name BlackJack. my DOS code is as follows:

@echo off
javaw -classpath <C:\Users\Owner\Documents\NetBeansProjects\BlackJack\build\classes\blackjack> BlackJack

When I run this .bat file all I recieve is an "Access is denied." message. Can anybody help?

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