Acer Aspire 5100 - Locked Keyboard/TouchPad

By homertrix.ray ·
Hi, hope someone here can help me. I've got an Acer Aspire 5100 and 2 nights ago i was using it and all was well. Fell asleep while watching a movie on it and it blocked 2 hours after i fell asleep more or less. Thought nothing of it, turned it off and rebooted it. Got a CMOS error that I've had a few times before so unplugged it, took battery out and plugged it back in again. When it started up, both keyboard and touchpad are dead. When i get to the windows log-in screen, sometimes the FN + F6 combination works but that's all. I've took it to a friend who is a PC Repair guy and he says all cables are firmly connected, no problem there. Anyone have this problem ever? I don't know if I need a new keyboard or what to do. I rang Acer and they want the recipt but as it was a present from my exgirlfriend, i don't have it. My mate says maybe i leaned on the keyboard while sleeping and had some keys held down for a prolongued time and the CMOS or BIOS has locked the keyboard and touchpad and that maybe resetting the CMOS/BIOS by jumper or removing the battery will unlock them... Any suggestions anyone?? Really hope i can repair it cheaply as it is the only pc i have!!

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Same problem .. Won't boot up + Locked Keyboard &Touchpad.

by mharborne In reply to Same Problem EVERYWHERE!

I'm in GB. Just collected my 15 month old Aspire 5101 from shop (unrepaired) who told me that the had heard of a number of these with the same problem. ie: wont boot up into BIOS, stops at 'Start up normaly' + options .. but Keyboard/Touch pad is locked so can't move it to 'Safe Mode' starting. Back up discs wont work either. Its loaded with Vista HomePrem. Phoneing Acer UK on Monday

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Repair shop didn't have a usb keyboard huh ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Same problem .. Won't boo ...

A supposed computer repair shop that doesn't have a usb external keyboard isn't much of a repair shop.

Probably just as well they didn't do anything to it.

If I remember rightly, Acer Support are just down the road from you in Plympton, Devon. Unfortunately, petrol prices being what they now are, the round trip of 182 miles x 2 means that the cost of a courier would likely be cheaper than personal delivery and collection. :)

You would be wise to inquire when you phone them, since the laptop is more than one year old (out of warranty) if THEY have any Acer-endorsed repair sites in your immediate geographical area.

Any time I've had telephone contact with Acer Support in Devon, they have been more than helpful.


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Thanks for comment.

by mharborne In reply to Repair shop didn't have a ...

Hi .. Shop tried USB mouse & keyboad but USB sockets not working either. F7 (or any keyboard button not working. Backup disk goes to 'Language Selection' and will not go any further as 'Next' cant be highlighted. Can get it to boot up in Windows Vista but unable to select USER and continue. As you suggest I will contact Acer tomorrow to see if the have anyone nearer to me.
As a Govenor of a local school and about to purchase 25 machines I'm a little worried as Acer were on our 'short list' on grounds of price. Im thinking that maybe HP or Dell would be a better bet!. MJH

Hello, Thank you for contacting Acer.

Regarding your enquiry,

This would be classed as a chargeable repair, the process would be the following.

There will be a ?53.13 charge taken from you before your machine is brought in for repair. You will then be given courier details so that you may arrange collection of your machine for shipment to our repair centre. Once received in the repair centre it will undergo assessment by one of our technicians. They will draw up a written proposal for you containing full details pertaining to your repair. This will be sent to you by post giving you ten days to respond.

Once you have received the proposal you have the option to reject it, which means the ?53.13 will cover the engineer and couriers fees, and the machine will be returned to you un-repaired.

After ten days, if your proposal is not signed and returned to us by fax or post the repair is defaulted as rejected, your machine is not repaired, and shipped back to you.

We can not give estimates of repair costs, under any circumstances, without the machine being diagnosed by an Acer technician

If you would like to book your machine in for an assessment please let us know and we will make the necessary arrangements.


Acer Technical Support Team

Opening Times
Mon ? Fri
09:00 to 17:30

Tel: 0870 853 1000
Fax: 0870 853 1004

Please reply with full history when responding to this e-mail. wrote: -----

Date: 01/09/2008 08:48AM
Subject: Aspire Notebook Web-Support-Request # 245-074329

PARTNUMBER: (given by customer) / LX.AX90X.017 (taken from SN)
PRODUCT: 1-Notebook
DAY: 10
YEAR: 2007
OPERATINGSYSTEM: Windows Vista Home Premium
PROBLEM: Faulty Laptop has just been returned (unrepaird) from Comp.Repair Shop with a note to say that they, and other repair centers, have had a number of these with the same fault, and that it is a design fault and to contact you. Machine will not boot up and keyboard+touchpad locks at \'Start as normal\' screen. Cannot move to \'Safe Mode\'. Back up Vista disc will not load. Returned to you for repair last year (Sept Case No. STDREG 1303949). I am dreading that the same machine that I gave my wife for last Christmas develops the same fault. .. please positivly advise my course of action .. Thanks Martin Harborne INFO LINK WITH SIMILAR DETAILS GIVEN BY THE REPAIR SHOP.
LASTNAME: Harborne
PHONE: 01643 705800
ADDRESS: 52 The Avenue
REGION: United Kingdom / Ireland

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check this link

by spiralnexus In reply to Same Problem EVERYWHERE!
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Same acer spire laptop problem

by davistje In reply to Same Problem EVERYWHERE!

I have the same issue with mine. The problem occured almost 2 months out of warranty. What really pisses me of is I bought mine near the end of October 2007 and researching the problem tells me they knew of the obvious defect as far back as 2004. I did further research and have come to the conclusion that the problem is the VIA power management chip over heats and fails. I'm sure everyone who used their touchpad also had the left button sink down? I will never purchase ACER CRAP AGAIN! eMachine=CRAP and since Acer makes eMachines one can conclude ACER MAKES CRAP PRODUCTS.

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I'm working on an Aspire 5100 with the same problem

by rbink In reply to Same problem as well

I was in the process of setting this up, taking care of all of the drivers that did not load, including the bios. I hadn't gotten all of the drivers fixe when Windows Update decided that I needed SP3. After that, I cannot use the keyboard or mouse and USB keyboards and mice do not work either. The only workaround that I have found is to us a PCMCIA to USB card for the keyboard and mouse. After a re-boot, I have to unplug and re-plug the keyboard to make it work. The mouse works without unplugging. I've tried re-flashing the BIOS, but get the same results. This is NOT an OS issue as I canot hit the F2 button to get into BIOS. ARGH!!!

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Acer Aspire 5100 Locked Keyboard/Mouse/USB

by juanmdoy In reply to Same problem with Acer As ...

I tried almost everything, I thought it was the motherboard (keyboard/mouse controller). When the Acer screen appeared, I held down [FN] key while pressing the [F6] to a blank screen, I left it on a blank screen, and I let it boot up. The Windows screen appeared with mouse/keyboard/usb function.

Ps. If you can use the [FN] key with other keys, then it is not your keyboard/mouse controller ie. motherboard.

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A semi-solution using pcmcia/usb

by indiebear In reply to Acer Aspire 5100 - Locked ...

Hi, I had the same problem with my Acer Aspire 5100. I've tried to read a lot around internet for a solution and finaly I think it's a problem with Acer mainboards. There are people with a similar problem but your can fix it removing the battery but unfortunately this is not our problem.

Solution :Today I bought a pcmcia/usb and usb mouse+keyboard pack and this is the way that now I'm writing to you. That's the only way to go into windows. The usb ports in the laptop don't work, you need to use a pcmcia. They give power because I can use usb speakers, but a mouse or an external usb hard disc don't work .

As far as the best solution would be to phone to Acer support service but I bought this laptop more than two years ago. I know that It's not my fault, It's a manufacture problem but... What can I do? I'll try to get in contact with Acer. I think I'm not the first one in this situation.

Extra info: I updated BIOS with two different versions today but It doesn't work.

If an expert knows something that I can do and I haven't done before please, post here. Thanks to all and sorry for my english, I'm from Spain.

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pcmcia/usb solution works

by gcreame In reply to A semi-solution using pcm ...

I had a similar problem with the Ace Aspire 5100. So, I got a P2A 1080 PPA 1080 4 Port USB 2.0 PCMCIA Card bought in JR and Windows Vista recognized it. So, I was able to connect my wireless mouse and keyboard using the usb.

Good luck.

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Enable Keyboard Temporary

by josemq2000 In reply to pcmcia/usb solution work ...

Ok, this worked for me, I started to Flash Bios 3.13 on my Acer 5100 and noticed that when the flash process ended the keyboard started to respond, so I canceled the auto shut down counter, but when I restart the computer the keyboard locks again, so, I do the flashing every time windows starts to enable keyboard; give a try and let me know if you can permanently enable keyboard. P Touch Pad still don't work.

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