Acer Aspire 5100 - Locked Keyboard/TouchPad

By homertrix.ray ·
Hi, hope someone here can help me. I've got an Acer Aspire 5100 and 2 nights ago i was using it and all was well. Fell asleep while watching a movie on it and it blocked 2 hours after i fell asleep more or less. Thought nothing of it, turned it off and rebooted it. Got a CMOS error that I've had a few times before so unplugged it, took battery out and plugged it back in again. When it started up, both keyboard and touchpad are dead. When i get to the windows log-in screen, sometimes the FN + F6 combination works but that's all. I've took it to a friend who is a PC Repair guy and he says all cables are firmly connected, no problem there. Anyone have this problem ever? I don't know if I need a new keyboard or what to do. I rang Acer and they want the recipt but as it was a present from my exgirlfriend, i don't have it. My mate says maybe i leaned on the keyboard while sleeping and had some keys held down for a prolongued time and the CMOS or BIOS has locked the keyboard and touchpad and that maybe resetting the CMOS/BIOS by jumper or removing the battery will unlock them... Any suggestions anyone?? Really hope i can repair it cheaply as it is the only pc i have!!

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Similar Problem - Solved

by Beastcat In reply to Acer Aspire 5100 - Locked ...

Ive recently been working on a Aspire 3500, often the keyboard and touchpad would lock up and not respond once in windows, I found that the 'deferred procedure calls' were very high with Process Explorer - and hunted round the net for info on that.

Sounds strange but it turns out it was a Battery Issue - I removed the Battery while plugged into AC and instantly got the keyboard and touchpad back.

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Acer is junk

by icfish19 In reply to Similar Problem - Solved

As a school district tech I've run across lots of problems with products made by them from monitors to notebooks. We have a laptop with the infamous keyboard/touchpad issue and of course its out of warranty and acer won't do anything about unless we are willing to plop down $450. I know when I talk to my vendors I always tell them "no acer".

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My ACER is 4 years old and working perfectly fine !

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Acer is junk

I've got an Acer Aspire 1363 WLMi Notebook that is a month away from being 4 years old.

I bought it purposely because it had a dedicated graphics card and, apart from changing the hard drive myself (not an unreasonable failure for a heavily-used NB), I've had no bother from it at all.

You really shouldn't go around shouting your mouth off about an entire brand being bad, just because you've had an unfortunate history of user experience.

If it hadn't been for Acer's adoption of Turion CPUs as standard, I'd have probably bought another NB from them. As it is, I'm perfectly happy with my 4-year-old Aspire which just seems to keep on going. :)

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Acer 5100 - no keyboard & mouse

by 5100 In reply to My ACER is 4 years old an ...

I tried most of the fixes on here but can only attain temporary keyboard funcionality.

One was acheived with battery power only, using the CTRL+ESC method where you hold the 2 buttons & power on the machine, then hard-power off. Restart, hit F2, and get in to the BIOS. This worked after 50 tries, but funcionality goes away once in Windows.

Another time I was able to get the Windows key to work IN Windows, but shortly after it froze.

I am able to bring the laptop out of stand-by mode by striking any key on the laptop's keyboard.

After doing the PCMCIA-USB fix (with external USB keyboard & mouse combination), I updated the system's BIOS in Windows & when it promted me the system would restart in 30 seconds, I hit the Windows key & to my amazement it worked. I thought this was a good fix, but after system restart, lost keyboard & mouse again.

The PCMCIA-USB workaround is the only practical fix for this model so far. My only question for people who have gotten this far is - how do I install Windows again if I am unable to access the BIOS to tell my machine to boot from CD?

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Any luck?

by tchago In reply to Acer 5100 - no keyboard & ...

"how do I install Windows again if I am unable to access the BIOS to tell my machine to boot from CD?"


I have Windows CD and Ubuntu LiveUSB. No good. Have you had any luck with this acer mess?

Best regards.

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Makes sense

by spiralnexus In reply to Similar Problem - Solved

I have seen this type of issue though it is usually video related. System decides to cut power or doesn't have enough amperage coming through the battery and adapter to run everthing. I found the issue to be very prevalent on UPS powered desktops. Though the same premise applies here. Since most machines power on and check and charge CPU then ram then video then proceed to power on other devices it is possible the is not enough current. I had my TP turned off but I could get it to power on for 4 seconds by disabling and re-enabling it inside windows. It drove me nuts for about 2 hours. But the power issue is definitely something to explore. Pull the battery then plug it in without it. My wife's Latitude can't have the battery in it due to its age if we put in the battery the system won't POST due to the voltage drain trying to get the battery to charge. Realistically if the battery is over 2 years old you need a new one if it is Li-Ion. I found a place called that packs the battery when you order it. I have had no issues from any of their batteries yet the last one for this computer Acer 5100 is in it now and is still kicking after a year and a half I can still watch a full DVD before my power browns out. When I first got it it lasted 3 and a half hours.

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Reponse To Answer

by stompter In reply to Similar Problem - Solved

This solution worked for me too. Remove the battery completely, it is a battery issue.

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I'm suffering from the same problem but there's hope for some...

by moonmonkey2009 In reply to Acer Aspire 5100 - Locked ...

Hi all,
This keyboard/usb/touchpad problem hit me last week after nearly four years of owning an aspire 5103. At first a couple of hard shutdowns worked but then nothing!
I had already decided on buying another laptop anyway so I'm not really that arsed about the problem. My choices were between another acer or a custom built sony vaio!!! The problem and what I've found out since has made my decision for me, perhaps sony have better customer support!
Anyhoo, those living in the UK with this problem might be interested to know of their rights as consumers beyond the 1 year warranty. Take a look at the 'Sales of Goods' act... (
The most important parts to digest are that after warranty your complaint should be dealt with by the company/shop that sold you the faulty goods, NOT the manufacturer! Also, you have six years cover under this act (five in Scotland.... sorry guys)!
All you have to do is prove that in the eyes of the law there is reasonable grounds to expect that a laptop (or whatever) should last more than what it has before breaking down. The shop won't have a leg to stand on and will have to replace/repair for free unless they want trading standards on their arses and/or face possible legal action!!!
Just like many of you, I'm well within my rights to contact laptopsdirect (an Acer owned company) and demand a replacement, but alas I'm the type of person that once a brand lets me down, they can eat sloppy dog poo! I'll never buy Acer again and will spread the warning whenever I get the chance!
In short, after warranty, tackle the shop who sold said item to you, quote the sales of goods act, listen to the excuses and then watch them squirm as they realise that they have to pay up! Eventually wholesale orders for Acer will diminish and they might get their act together and stop using cheap mobos that break down when you fart!
Right... I'm off to spend ?1100 on sony style!!
Good luck y'all

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Found fix for my laptop aspire 3503

by Just-Helpin In reply to I'm suffering from the sa ...

Faulty battery.
Remove battery, everything works 100%
Replace battery and KB / Touch pad stop but screen continues to update.
Battery Charge circuite pulls power from South Bridge

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Laptop life expectancy

by spiralnexus In reply to I'm suffering from the sa ...

The expected life of any laptop is 2-3 years. I know in the US, if you ask any technician, they will tell you the life is about 2-3 years and that is it. For the average user 2 years would be the norm before a major catastrophe such as CPU overheating or videocard burnout. For a computer repair person, who follows a rigorous cleaning and maintenance schedule, 4 years to 5 years would be about the norm; although once you open the case the warranty is void, unless you are certified by Acer.
I wish anyone luck in trying to get a replacement for a 3 year old laptop under this UK law. I would suggest having all of your repair shop receipts for proof of maintenance.

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