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Acer Computer Repair Copied my Data

By iamonlyafigment ·
I am not looking for 15 minutes of fame. I am just so outraged I wanted the whole tech and computer user community at large to know. I have an Acer brand computer. (Acer is part of Gateway and Emachines I believe) My motherboard recently went out and the computer wouldn't POST. I called the tech support guys and told them the pc wouldn't POST. To which they tried to get me to reinstall windows and after I finally got them to understand it was a hardware issue they told me I would have to send it in for service. I being the geek that I am (I have worked for Best Buy as a technician , before geek squad mind you, and I have a degree in computer technology and currently work as a programmer) I asked if they could just send me the motherboard and let me replace it. Of course the answer was no. When i asked could i take the hard drive out before sending the answer again was no. I had to send all of it. So I paid the $50 to ship it to the acer repair facility to TX. When it got back and I booted it up I noticed Vista didn't ask for my password. I have 3 children and as a rule of them I always run a keylogger on my system. I knew they had no reason to be in windows because it was a hardware repair. I checked the keylogger and sure enough there was data for when the computer was in Texas.

After looking at the 249 screenshots my keylogger produced I was horrified as I watched some unknown tech change my display resolution to better suit him. He then proceded to browse through my pc. He opened media player and did a search for all my picutres, music and video, and then had the audacity to COPY a folder OFF of my desktop onto his jump drive. I immediatly called acer it's been about a little over a week now and all they want to offer me is a WARRENTY EXTNSION (i guess they didn't get all the stuff they wanted off my hard drive to begn with) and 1 gig of ram (to go in a computer running 32bit windows vista with 3 gigs already and a 512mb video card an the most the system can address is 4 gigs) I sent them the screenshots you can plainly see him coping the files, browsing my files and even how big his jump drive is.

I just had to let everyone i could know

I don't know extactly what it is I want out of this but I know I don't want it to be swept under the rug. Everyone deserves to know the real reason they tell you to send your hard drive.

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And the icing on the cake

by iamonlyafigment In reply to Acer Computer Repair Copi ...

And the real icing on the cake was watch him clear out all the histories in the pc (ie, etc) so that when i got it back there would be no record of what someone would have been

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what key logger do you use?

by ---TK--- In reply to And the icing on the cake

I have to send off my girls HP to get the left hinge replaced... lol...

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Re:What key logger do you use?

by iamonlyafigment In reply to what key logger do you us ...

Spector Pro

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sweet thanks!!

by ---TK--- In reply to Re:What key logger do you ...

Sorry about your luck, that's really not cool! Those are the kinds of people that give us bad names! Even though we can, most of us don't.. Its called having respect for someone else's property/data....

After hearing of this story its really going to make me think twice about purchasing any of their products....

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Sell it to 60 min....

by ---TK--- In reply to Acer Computer Repair Copi ...

ROFL... sorry its not funny, but it really kind of is. I mean seriously, you have Acer by the balls and all they want to do is extend the WARRANTY ... shoot, sell your story to some new station, Fox News channel, CNN... they will give you enough money to buy you a couple more laptops...
Plus, how did they get past your password? it wasn't the HDD that was having issues..? As soon as it POSTed and went to the login screen, it should have been shutdown...

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Master passwords

by jdclyde In reply to Sell it to 60 min....

Do you think that the vendors don't have access past the security?

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master password?

by ---TK--- In reply to Master passwords

I was being sarcastic... :)

I have the same tools they have, as far as passwd reseting, it isn't hard. The shear way he went about it... The tech didn't think the user would notice that his password was missing... I mean come on, thats just lame.

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of course we wouldn't notice

by .Martin. In reply to master password?

because all end users are morons!

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No you are a...

by mattie289404 In reply to of course we wouldn't not ...

No you are a moron for saying old are you 12? 13 maybe..

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by Pringles86 In reply to No you are a...

He was being sarcastic... I hope

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