Acer Keyboard Volume Control

By dkiehl777 ·
Anybody know how to adjust the "sensitivity" of the volume control on the keyboard for an Acer Aspire M1201 PC?

At first, I thought the knob wasn't working at all, but then discovered it IS working ... but you have to basically turn it many, MANY revolutions to hear any appreciable increase or decrease in sound. That's just not a good solution.

I have searched the internet (starting with the Acer web site) for an updated driver or app for the keyboard, but haven't found any, like what Logitech, Microsoft and Dell all provide for their keyboards.

Any solutions you have found?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Acer Keyboard Volume Cont ...

Most of those volume adjust controls are variable resistors known as rheostats.

Get a new keyboard as it is sounds like that rheostat is going out.

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A software driver won't upgrade an electro-mechanical switch

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Acer Keyboard Volume Cont ...

That volume wheel thingy is basically mechanical and rotates.

You wouldn't expect a software driver to repair or upgrade a failing hard drive either, so you'd just replace it.

Same goes for the keyboard.

Or simply ignore that particular 'keyboard enhancement' and use the on-screen volume icon in your systray, like the majority of the PC users in the world do.


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Similar problem here

by Storeman_z In reply to Acer Keyboard Volume Cont ...

But my volume control & mute button stopped working.

The keyboard enhanced features work fine when it is connected to a Win 7 setup but for some reason don't work on my Vista box.

@BFilmFan - this is not a rheostat. It is a similar device to the ipod click wheel. A rheostat has a stop at each end of the travel, this wheel just keeps rotating as long as you turn it - an unlimited nuber of 360 degree rotations in either direction.

@ OldER Mycroft: Of course a driver would affect the operation. It is the driver that enables the features by letting the OS know what to do with the signals being sent from the device.

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