Active Virtual Desktop (exe)

By wolfhere ·
I would like to know; how can someone post a file for download (Fly3 software) that has trojans in the installation? I downloaded from this web site, installed and fortunately - my antivirus program caught it.

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Well they may not have made an Infected File available

by OH Smeg In reply to Active Virtual Desktop (e ...

For download it may have been altered after it was made available. For this reason Check Sums are made available so that if the checksum doesn't correspond with the download you shouldn't use it the file has been altered. This isn't a good thing.

But it's also possible that if the file was created on a Infected system it got infected then and is spreading that infecting around or just as possible the person who made this file deliberately infected it.

Why people writes Viruses is up to them I have no idea why they do this but I assume it's for some form of Personal Gain. But I have no idea as to why anyone would want to do these things but they do all to often.

The other thing that is also entirely possible is that you are getting False Positives from your AV Scanner this is where the AV Scanner incorrectly registers something in the files as a Infection when it's not.

As I have no idea what Fly 3 Software is I don't have any idea what has happened here but if they are a recognized business who supplies software you should contact them with the version of the Scanner and the reported problems to see if they know about it. They may very well tell you it is a problem between their software and your AV product.


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Do you mean THIS ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Active Virtual Desktop (e ...

If so, I've just downloaded it and scanned it prior to install. Nothing registered.

I've now (perhaps stupidly) installed it. Still nothing registered.

I've also run an online scan and still nothing.

What anti-virus program are you using, and what did it identify this program as being guilty of? ?

If I were to make any comment about this program at all, it would be that it's rather difficult to turn off. Who in their right mind would create a program that can't be stopped without using task manager?

Perhaps it is assumed that once you've got it, you won't want to turn it off, and it does do its job rather succinctly.

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You would be

by Jacky Howe In reply to Do you mean THIS ? ...

better off using VM Ware for testing. In VPC2007 you install and if anything goes wrong you just don't save the state as you exit out. Restart it and it is as though nothing has happend.

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But I need an excuse to move the new computer to my desk

by OH Smeg In reply to You would be

It's only been sitting around eating power and doing nothing else for a few weeks now.

All I have to do is trash the OS in the current one I'm using then it will be easier to bring the new one into use.

God it's terrible to be so lazy that I just can not be bothered to do the little things like actually use the new play toys that I buy for myself.

I even built this one from scratch and looked all eager till it came time to actually use it. Now I'm finding excuses not to move things around.


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I'm not surprised - from the look of your photos ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to But I need an excuse to m ...

You've not got enough room to swing a Manx cat.

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Yea things are getting a little cramped in here

by OH Smeg In reply to I'm not surprised - from ...

I just have to move things around and bring up a bench from downstairs to make some more room in this place. Getting 3 printers off the floor and working again wouldn't go astray either I suppose but I think that the Duplexer for th Canon Laser Printer has gone the way of the Samsung Waste Toner Cartridge. It's packed away safely never to be seen again.

Currently I know that I have 2 Waste Toner Cartridges at least downstairs but can I find them? I've actually had to buy another 3 since the move and I'm now on the last one so I had better make sure that SWMBO starts looking.

I was putting off even considering the workstation switch till I got a couple of USB Adapters which arrived earlier this week so I've got to look interested at some point preferably before SWMBO realizes just how much I've spent on the new Computer that I'm not actually using.

At first I put off the move saying I had to make sure that everything was burnt in correctly but after 3 weeks that ones drawing a bit thin. So when I couldn't get any USB to Game Port Adapters locally I put that one off for a while till the Adapters arrived. Maybe if I had of used a new case with USB Ports on the front of it I might be slightly more interested but after cutting the front to fit 2 USB Ports I'm just not motivated to see how well it works. I must be getting really old as I am not enjoying new Play Toys any more.

But on the up side I've just replaced a few computers in a Office with Thin Clients and picked up the Trade In's only 8 new Monitors still in their boxes never been taken out so I'm not sure what I'll do with them. I'll patch up one of the desktops and give it to my mother as she is so interested in using computers that the last one short circuited with spiders in the Power Supply. Been like that for 3 years before I went to use it to do something over there and then I was told it's not working.

Maybe I can install 98 onto one of these if they are old enough and I just don't think I can live with the complaints that It's Different to the old one. She's the hardest customer that there is possible to have and I'm not even getting paid.


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This has GOT to be an Aussie thing ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Yea things are getting a ...

In recent emails, Rob has been going on about (...well - mentioned!) a Game Port Adapter.

Y'see, here in the developed world, it's been years (certainly last century) since I've had any contact with anything remotely connected to a Game Port Adapter. I wonder if it's the same in Cuba?

'Coz in Cuba you can still drive some of those old American muscle cars, just like the ones I used to tear up the tarmac with, down in Oz. Mainly caused by my weaving from side to side trying to stop!! :^0

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Yep those American Muscle cars will do that every time

by OH Smeg In reply to This has GOT to be an Aus ...

Lousy brakes and underpowered engines that where never actually improved.

As for Game Ports I have a Old M$ Force Feedback Joystick & Staring Wheel which while I don't use them much are still way too expensive to bother replacing. I've been using a SB Augicy Sound card to overcome the complete lack of Game Ports these days but the New Gigabyte M'Board doesn't work with it or at least the New SB Card doesn't work with that M'Board.

Cheap Shoddy M'Boards these days none are as good as my old Gigabyte GA6-BSDU Personally I don't think any of the new ones are as fast either. That with a couple of P2 500 and a GIG Of RAM smoked the new P4 M'Boards running several GIGs of RAM with XP loaded.

I'll have to see just how well I think that this Dual Core works in comparison to that Old M'Board. I'm actually using the case that the GA6 BSDU Board came out of as there are not many options for Filtered Cases now and none are as good as that old case they leak air all over the place and the filters are lousy. Part of the reason why I've been using those Zalman Fanless Cases such a lot recently.


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In that case I'll tell you what I told Rob ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to This has GOT to be an Aus ...

After destroying untold lengths of multicore and quite a few usb plugs by inefficient unskilled soldering, I bought one of these a good 10 years ago - and it STILL works fine even now.

Game Ports? - Nah, join the 21st century before they stop making these beauties.

And YES - I know - you lose the feedback with this.

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I'm getting

by Jacky Howe In reply to But I need an excuse to m ...

lazier by the day. I was blaming old age creeping up but I know that it is just an excuse. Its a bit like the bloke that said to me yesterday "What are you doing today" I said "nothing". He came around again this morning and asked what I was doing. I said "nothing". He said "You were doing that yesterday". I replied "Yes but I haven't finnished".

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