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Ad Aware and GOOGLE ???

By Aaron A Baker ·
I am not a fan of Google. Having said that, it seems to me that every second program seems to be trying " for some reason" to get on the Google Bandwagon.
I feel that if a person actually want's Google, Fine. Then they are free to go to the Google webite and download whatever is needed.
I just found out that there has been a merging between Ad Aware or will be with Google.
when I download a program such as Ad Aware, I only want Ad-Aware, not Google or Yahoo toolbars, Firefox or whatever else they can throw at you. I Only want the single program.
Yet now this is becoming harder and harder as "Almost" every program that download comes with a plethora of choices? forced upon us. I am not thrilled about this way of sneaking up on people.
I have taken the entire advert and am going to print it below this so that you may read and reach your own conclusions.
As a person who is decidedly NOT a fan of Google, needless to say, I am very unhappy with this as I liked Ad Aware.
Here is the Advert
See what you think.

Helsinki, January 10, 2006

Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition Included as Part of Google Pack
Award-winning Ad-Aware is bundled with Google's free software package

Lavasoft AB, the world leader in antispyware solutions has teamed with Google Inc. to include Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition in the Google Pack. Lavasoft is one of seven companies working with Google for the pack of free software utilities.

"Lavasoft is excited to team with Google to include its award-winning and industry-leading antispyware solution in the Google Pack," said Merja Turpeinen, Marketing & PR Coordinator at Lavasoft AB. "We are pleased to help Google deliver privacy protection to their users."

Google Pack, launched on January 6, 2006 offers free, useful software to improve the user experience online and on the desktop. Google Pack is a combination of best-in-class software selected by Google to users to effectively manage information, communicate better, and surf the web faster and safer. By Google's selection of Ad-Aware SE as a preferred antispyware solution, Lavasoft's role in the community of online users is invigorated.

Lavasoft's distinct role in the community of online users

Google's selection of Ad-Aware SE as a preferred antispyware solution reinforces Lavasoft's distinct role in the community of online users. Through Ad-Aware inclusion in the Google Pack, Lavasoft affirms its commitment to serve a wider audience of Internet users by securing their privacy.

Alongside the Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition, the Google Pack includes:

Adobe Reader 7
Firefox with Google Toolbar
GalleryPlayer Wallpapers
Google Desktop
Google Earth
Google Pack Screensaver
Google Talk
Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer
Norton Anti-Virus 2005 Special Edition
Real Player

Please visit for additional information on the Google Pack.

For further information, please contact:

Merja Turpeinen
Marketing & PR Coordinator
Lavasoft | Sweden | Finland | USA
Tel. +358 9 6932220 | Fax +358 9 6932227

About Ad-Aware
Ad-Aware, the pioneer in the antispyware industry, is designed to keep PCs and networks free of compromising and intrusive threats to privacy. The award-winning Ad-Aware solutions are used by over 200 million home and corporate users worldwide.

About Lavasoft
Lavasoft AB,, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, is the pioneer and one of the worldwide leaders in developing anti-spyware solutions, providing software and services designed to help secure computer systems at every level from individuals to large corporations.

This then is the add.
Any thoughts on this?

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My employers

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Ad Aware and GOOGLE ???

are looking at an integration with google as well. Google is such a good advertising vehicle, very few are going to pass it up. Don't use adaware myself I prefer Spybot but I'd be extremely unhappy if I couldn't pick it up without google stuff and equally unhappy if for some reason I can't as yet imagine I wanted some of googles offerings and was 'forced' to pick up adaware as well.
Looks like they are picking up on MS's plan for market dominance, which is not and never has been consumer oriented. Perhaps they'll learn a few lessons on how such antics have backfired on MS.

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I Agree

by Aaron A Baker In reply to My employers

I agree with you;
I have no problem if people want to go out and get Google or Yahoo themselves. That' their choice. My problem lies in the underhandedness that is being played out here. I went to the Macromedia site to install Flash 7. There is no mention of Yahoo or anybody else, then you go through the process and get to the download page and there it is, a "Pre-checked ON" agreement that you will take the YAHOO toolbar along with the Macromedia. Up to that point, there was no mention of Yahoo. This is the kind almost "forced feeding" that I find objectionable. You are not told until it's almost to late and if your not careful and read, therefore Uncheck the Yahoo installation, Now whether or not you like it, you've got Yahoo. I Find this despicable.
Google may be the best search engine in terms of being well known, however I would postulate the following. I find in interesting that people, who have no knowledge of the Google history, go right ahead and install this privacy thief and then go to all the trouble of learning how to work it etc. They read up and get well acquainted with Google and Yahoo, to the point where they don't even know their own IE Explorer systems. I consider my MS Search to be equal if not superior to that of Google and Yahoo, yet when I show it to my Clients, they are shocked. They didn't know that you could actually do a search from your own internet browser and you even get to choose which firm does it for you. They HATE the toolbars yet don't know how to get rid of them and worst of all, they don't know how they got there. Once I explain, they get angry they feel cheated and lied to, all because they didn't read.You should see thereaction when they are told what is done with the information.
So you see, we're not alone, for all of the touting and hoopla, Google and Yahoo will come to be known for what they really are and when that day comes things will change.
Based on the amount of "reading" my clients have done on this "Before Installation", I'm not holding my breath.
I deeply resent Macromedia and Ad Aware using this cheap tactics to further their own advancement and was is apparently becoming greed.
As for Ad Aware, I would suggest that you give it a try, in my opinion it's the best, get it before they incorporate with Google and you'll have a very good program indeed.
I use Ad Aware, SpyBot 1.4 and Norton Anti Virus, coupled with the SP_2 in windows and have no problems.

Warmest Regards

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Pre-checked optional components

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I Agree

Always a good way of making sure I don't bother with it, un check as a matter of course. After all if it was any good you'd want to check it yourself.

Norton ugh Grisoft's AVG for me doesn't try to take my PCs hostage once a clock cycle.

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I've reached a Point

by Aaron A Baker In reply to Pre-checked optional comp ...

It's got me to a point whereas I don't accept "Antyhing" Pre-checked On. I've never had to be this carefull before.
It seems that this kind of intrusion is spreading. I hope the companies get the messagre soon. THis is most annoying.
Thanks for the comeback.

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slightly off topic...

by Jaqui In reply to Ad Aware and GOOGLE ???

with some people asking really stupid questions on lfs-support email list one wiseacre posted this to one of the questions:
Clemens Haupt wrote:
> Hallo everybody!
> Who can give me a hint about documentation
> about the Subject:


stupid questions as if the person made any attempt at finding out the answer they wouldn't have posted the question.

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Oh Great Elocution

by Aaron A Baker In reply to slightly off topic...

Lovely fellow wasn't he.
Make's you feel like you'd love to answer him in person doesn't it?
God how I abhor bad manners and vulgarity, this guy seems to be a specialist in ignorance, or he's pre-pubescent and trying to impress and he's failed at both levels.
Don't let them get to you Jacui.
They are just "Little" minds with really big mouths.

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by Jaqui In reply to Oh Great Elocution

I actually had to read the original question that the above was in reply to 4 times to understand the question, then it was something very simple to answer:

man [packagename]

I don't think the answer posted is a good way to answer, but to blame someone for being tired of questions where the answer is that basic for linux, on a distro for experienced / advanced linux users isn't right either. lfs is not for newbies, as you are working system level and using chroot for 90% of the process to install. [ a 2 day process for most people ]

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Jaqui.... I don't understand

by Aaron A Baker In reply to Aaron,

I'm sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about. I wasn't asking a question. I was informing everyone about these recent developments in the way business is now being practiced, i.e. underhanded and sneaky.
You go to Macromedia, you get to download Yahoo toolbar also, if your not careful and don't want it.
Now Ad Aware is doing the same thing in the same way with Google.
Nowhere in the Pre- Download is it mentioned that you will also get Google, you only find this out once you've started the installation and then you have to Un Check in order to only get Ad Aware. This is what I was pointing out.
I think it's a cheap underhanded way of doing business and it seems to be spreading. That's the purpose of my topic and then I inserted the "Entire" Ad Aware page so the you may all read it for yourselves and come to your own conclusions. I just thought it might be something that we would all be interested in, so naturally I have no idea what it is you are referring to in blaming someone? " I have blamed no one" except Macromedia and Ad Aware and as for being tired of answering questions? I really have no idea to what you refer. On top of that, this has nothing to do with Microsoft or Linux usage.
The business practice is what I find objectionable, wouldn't you?
And so you see, I have no idea what you are referring.
Oh By the way, I certainly have nothing against Linux users, I want that on record.
Sorry I just don't get what you are saying and why. :)
Warmest Regards

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That's why "slightly ot"

by Jaqui In reply to Jaqui.... I don't underst ...

in my first post title. it was about how google it has become a common answer to a lot of questions.

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That's what I thouhgt

by Aaron A Baker In reply to That's why "slightly ot"

That's precisely what I thought. I knew it couldn't have some form you. I have never seen you used that kin d of langue etc.
Hence my response. It was and observation on "His" behavior as I was certainly with you.
The bottom line is that Jerks will be jerks, but that bears no resemblance to you.
I could have sworn I was agreeing with you.

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