Added 2meg ram and now pc keeps rebooting randomly

By baberacer_gti ·
i added a load of new ram to my sony vaio pc, and now it randomly reeboots and dumps the memory so to speak, any ideas?

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Wrong / Incompatible RAM

by TheChas In reply to Added 2meg ram and now pc ...

I suspect that you either got the wrong, or incompatible RAM.

Make sure you have the correct type and clock speed.

Check with Sony for tested compatible RAM recommendations.

Check RAM sites such as Kingston and PNY for what RAM they recommend for your specific system.

It is also possible that one or both RAM modules are defective and just need to be replaced.


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I agree

by saberrattler In reply to Wrong / Incompatible RAM

Pournelle's Law: Always check the hardware first. I agree with Chas. Especially if this started only after the new RAM was installed. One thing, first, however; I once encounted an issue where the new RAM was causing strange problems and it turned out it just wasn't seated properly. So you may want to try just removing it and re-installing it first. Make sure you are well grounded when you handle these modules. If you are still having problems after that, continue with what Chas said above.

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2 meg?!

by puntim In reply to I agree

I expect you mean 2Gb not 2Mb. One other thing to check is the max RAM your PC can take. Maybe it cannot address 2Gb, some can
only cope with 512Mb or 1Gb despite their sockets being physically capable of more.

Having too much might cause odd things to happen


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You can also

by nentech In reply to 2 meg?!

Try it with the new ram by itself
Some times ram can be incompatible with other manufacturers products

If that works you may find it easier to use ram from the same manufacturers as what you had(The old ram)
Or buy the size you want to have in the pc and sell the old ram

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