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By magatton ·
I am the computer administrator for a small company. I manage 12 PC and a server. I have someone throwing a royal fit that they do not have admin privleges for "their" PC. They ask me why they can't and are not satisfied with any of my answers. "you don't trust me" They say. Ahhhhh. Anyone have a list of why they can't?

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person shouldn't need it

by master3bs In reply to Admin Privilege

The most likely reasons the person wants the admin rights is to do something non work related anyway. Anything you would need admin rights to do, such as install software, should be done by IT anyway.

That's not to say that I have never given admin rights to people but in most cases it is unneccesary.

Let them know it is standard practice.
Ask them why they need it
Ensure them that the taks they need to perform are your job (assmuming this is the case.)

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There are always exceptions

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to person shouldn't need it

developers for instance, but's that what they should be exceptions. Never met an IS department big enough to cope with more than four developers without a serious drop in their's and IS' productivity.
I get admin rights as self defence from IS otherwise they would be spending more time on my PC than I do.
Course if I screw it up, it's not a secret and I'm the poor **** who has to rebuild his environment from the basic image, and then explain why the deadline wasn't met.

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Grant the users the minimum level of access required

by TonytheTiger In reply to Admin Privilege

for them to do their jobs (limited to what is within your authority to grant, of course). Ask the user what aspect of his job function requires him to have administrative (or power user) access to the computer. If his reply sounds reasonable, consider granting it. If not, ask him to submit the request in email to his supervisor with his reasons, and cc you and your supervisor. You will then have the opportunity to explain why it's not a good idea to all of them at once. Then do what your supervisor says.

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Ask them to put in a written application explaining the reasons they want admin access, then compare it to the list of reasons people need admin access. If they really need it they should be able to make a convincing argument, if they can't make a convincing argument for it then they shouldn't have admin access.

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