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Admin with a criminal background

By sidvail ·
I am the Network Admin for a local Electronic Supply company in Alaska. I have both the A+ and Network+ certifications along with a CNSE from Fluke Networks, trained in their network analyzers. My network is only 24 stations with an NT4.0 Server. I took this job over about 4 years ago, along with other duties in the company. I really like computers and networking. I do not however, have much experience with other NOS' other than NT4.0. And having moved into this job gradually, I learned it through problem solving as they occured. The certs followed.

I would like to make this my vocation, and pick up some more certs - namely MCSE. My problem though is that I have a criminal background. That has not been an issue where I work now - as I moved into the job slowly, proving my competence and reliability a piece at a time.

My question is this: With my criminal background (homicide - spent 19 years in prison)will I be hired? If I obtained more certs, and pursued Networking as an occupation, would I be taken seriously? I don't see myself moving into a head position at IBM or Exxon - but I do wonder how badly my past will hurt my chances of working in the IT field.

Any and all comments and advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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by vltiii In reply to Let us not forget, though ...

...and in my opinion that fact that you don't try to hide your past goes a long way. I'm sure we've all made bad decisions in our past, some get caught and some don't. I don't know if it's fair to stigmatize those that have convicted, but it is of their own doing. The key is not repeating the same behavior that got them their to begin with. Someone else mentioned that there are many opportunities out there. Some may not be very glamorous, but none of us start off at the top even when we haven't been convicted of anything.

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Let us not forget, though.....

by keithphelps In reply to Absolutely

Let us not forget, though, that when each and every application asks if you have been convicted of a felony, you can't "not advertise the fact that [you] are a convicted felon," as avickery stated. Regardless, I wish you well as you attempt to rise to the occasion and make it happen for you. I know it's easier said than done, but just keep trying, and eventually you will make it happen.

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Actually, it depends on the state

by deepsand In reply to Let us not forget, though ...

Whether or not the question can be asked, and under what circumstances, and during what time period, is a matter of state law, and varies greatly.

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by vltiii In reply to Absolutely

As I was reading his post I initially thought the same thing. However, he has already stated that he was incarcerated for 19 years. You can't hide that many years of being out of the work force on your resume.

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You want it! Go and get it.

by Ayub In reply to Oh, how wrong you are!

Ex-con ,I did 8yrs; now tech admin for midsize Accounting firm. Nothing is impossible! Put the right reasons first and the jobs you want and the job that wants you will land at your feet. Almost 8 years in IT, it never has been easy. I have had to deal with a lot less trash, than I had to deal with inside the pen. Life out here is a cake walk, I use my experience to inspire me more about what I am about. What God has given me no one can take away. All of God's prophets experience the fringe of society. They were never deny his blessings. Although not everyone is the same, I pray for you and hope you enough your achievements in this industry.

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Thank your for thoughts

by dcurry In reply to You want it! Go and get i ...

Thank you. I agree with you, if you want it, go after it. If you want it bad enough, you will get it.

The point where I take a differnet path is a matter of who earned it. did I earn it, or did God give it to me?

I would prefer to earn it, then there is no one to blame but me for any failures and no one but me to reward for any successes.

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Do not have a lack of faith

by yanipen In reply to Oh, how wrong you are!

"I find your lack of faith disturbing"
- Darth Vader

That is for you, D. Curry!

All of the above mentioned by Daniel Curry is a whole bunch of truth. Theres is no B.S. in it. What he did not mentioned to you is that, He (D. Curry) become successful IT because of hardwork and dedication. Of course, nobody told you that it will be easy, but, as all things goes, it can be done!

I do not blame him though for his sentiments. For I did things really bad in my youth. But if you beleive in what his sentiments are, you will be just a worthless turd in somebody's boot, if you know what I mean.

Just keep at it, and keep everything said about in this article, keep it in consideration. Do not falter, do your life much better that it was before. You do your own decision and do not forget to ask God for blessings and guidance.

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Get over it

by thomasaddley In reply to Oh, how wrong you are!

I did 5 years when I was much younger. It's 32 years since I got out. Life might have been easier if I had no record, but if I worried about it I would have gotten no where. Forget looking for excuses, no God or any one other then yourself, will make any difference, you are the only one that is capable of getting what you want, and will only get it by going for it.

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Big Chicken Dinner

by MrWebb In reply to Get over it

As a military offender, I have found that my choices are limited because of cleareances that i have needed to get some of the more choice contracts out there. however, i see that when forms from NGO's ask about a criminal history, it only wants the last 7 years or so. i can easily say no and have not been challenged on this from anyone. however I also choose not to take the veterans preference just in case. my first job IT job in california, I ran into a parolee who was working as loss prevention for one of the large drugstore chains. I know that the military system is different from the normal criminal issues that many face, however it is federal and that may make it more difficult to look up a history. I have paid for a record check and came up with nothing on myself, but when i got a concealed weapons permit, it did reveal that there was an arrest, but no conviction from the FBI.

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Combat Veteran wipes the slate Clean, in my opinion

by rayeni In reply to Oh, how wrong you are!
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