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Admin with a criminal background

By sidvail ·
I am the Network Admin for a local Electronic Supply company in Alaska. I have both the A+ and Network+ certifications along with a CNSE from Fluke Networks, trained in their network analyzers. My network is only 24 stations with an NT4.0 Server. I took this job over about 4 years ago, along with other duties in the company. I really like computers and networking. I do not however, have much experience with other NOS' other than NT4.0. And having moved into this job gradually, I learned it through problem solving as they occured. The certs followed.

I would like to make this my vocation, and pick up some more certs - namely MCSE. My problem though is that I have a criminal background. That has not been an issue where I work now - as I moved into the job slowly, proving my competence and reliability a piece at a time.

My question is this: With my criminal background (homicide - spent 19 years in prison)will I be hired? If I obtained more certs, and pursued Networking as an occupation, would I be taken seriously? I don't see myself moving into a head position at IBM or Exxon - but I do wonder how badly my past will hurt my chances of working in the IT field.

Any and all comments and advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Doubtfull outlook

by vsavitz In reply to Admin with a criminal bac ...

I am a father of a 24 yr old son, he commited a crime when he turned 18 and spent his time on probation. Just a little background.

He was working a a desktop admin for a medical insurance company for the past 5 years. He was recently offered a new job in another city and was in the mists of moving when the company just fired him without warning or anything. Apparently when they did the initial background check on him it came up clean and when they offered him this new position they redid the background check. However on this one it showed that he had a criminal background. For this reason they fired him and it is doubtfull whether he will ever be able to work in another medical insurance company again.

He has applied to have the criminal background expunged from his record, but the damage is done. His crime was minor and compared to yours (Homicide). He will still have a rough road to go in order to get a job in the IT field again. There are to many young college people with IT degrees out there (He doesn't have any) and the market is just to saturated to support people with any kind of criminal background.

Your best bet is to get into NOS/IOS security. Once you have the certs in these fields you may stand a chance. But I am not even certain of that.

I myself am a 50 yr old veteran with 28 years in the military do Network design and implementation. I can't even find a job in the IT area, even at the entry level. You should really retink your job path.

Good luck.

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One good advice for any direction you will find

by info In reply to Admin with a criminal bac ...

Do not give up , in any Rison don't give up.

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I'm not sure

by xjfx In reply to Admin with a criminal bac ...

I honestly don't know. On one hand if you paid your debt to society I don't feel anyone has the right to deny you a fresh start in life. But homicide shows a blatant disregard for human life and i'd have trouble hiring someone who has so little regard for taking someone's life, I'm not sure how much reagrd he'd have for me and my company that employs him. I guess i'd need to know more circumstances about the crime before i make up my mind.

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I gotta agree...

by IS Girl In reply to I'm not sure

Honestly (and I don't wish to offend but...), I am under the impression that someone who is willing to commit murder is also willing to lie. I also think that those who end up in prison probably committed more than one crime in their life in order to end up there - this was simply the one that stuck.

And, don't all prisoners claim to be innocent? (Don't they all find God, too?) I would be afraid that an ex-con was "spinning" the story to make me feel sympathy for him, knowing that I have no way to double check the circumstances of his crime.

And....what about the other employees? Is it fair to expose them to the risk of working with a murderer? If they are told, they will hold it against the new employee and if they are not told, they may be unknowingly at risk.

I agree that people can rehabilitate and I always assumed there were employement and training programs to help them in that endeavor, but I hope that I don't someday discover that I've been working shoulder to shoulder with an ax murder who convinced the boss that he should be given a second chance.

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I don't think so!!!

by Robotech In reply to I gotta agree...

I'm not sure if you read my previous post, but before reading it consider this.
My friend who is a carpenter is hispanic. He does beautiful work, he's honest and clean cut and he gets referrals from a reputable company. A client from New York was referred to him to do some remodelling on her apartment here in Florida. He gave her a quote, but she decided to go with someone else instead. A couple days later she called him back to ask him to do the job. What happened? In the parking lot of the reputable store, she ran into a guy, blonde hair blue eyes, and a neat looking vehicle with magnetic stickers etc. The guy convinced her to give him the job and she did (obviously she was more comforatable with this guy than with my friend who speaks good english but with an accent). My friend is licensed, insured, certified, and all of this in carpentry.
Anyway, the guy who the lady met in the parking lot cleaned out her apartment and ran up her credit card $7,500.00 before dissapearing. So now my friend had to go back and do the job that he was denied before just because he's hispanic.
I was off that day, so I helped him finish the job. By the way, my friend spent time in prison in his native country. And the guy who ripped off the lady is also an immigrant (Eastern Europe).
My friend did not murder anyone in his native land, nor did he steal anything. He just had certain beliefs that the government in his native land was not in agreement with, and so he got a criminal record when he was 18.
As a consultant, I run into a lot of people with a clean criminal background, but they still rip me off sometimes, and some I figure out from very early that I don't want to do business with them. Yes, there are some very bad people out there, and I should take people's criminal records into consideration. Nevertheless, when all is said and done, circumstances, and the reputation that someone has built up over the past 5 to ten years is more important to me than a 'clean' criminal record.
There are people who have had there criminal records 'cleaned' either because they were very young at the time they commited the crime or because of a technicality introduced by a smart lawyer. These are the most dangerous people, because they become hardened in their ways and they learn how to avoid the law. Criminals who have not been reformed usually lack the discipline to study, work hard, and build the reputation that Sidvail now has. So what he has accomplished so far is a good sign.
In fact, he may even find a job with a medium sized company whose owner used to be in prison, someone who understands his plight and would be willing to give him a chance.

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Cliched reply. Where are your FACTS?

by deepsand In reply to I gotta agree...

You've been watching too many TV shows and/or movies, or listening to those who do.

Everything that you've said merely recounts old cliches. Nowhere do I find any FACTS being offered.

As you have clearly never experienced any of that about which you speak, you would be well advised to seek out those who have.

Then, come back here and offer us a cogent argument. Until, then, watch, listen, and learn.

May the future be kind.

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don't worry sidvail

by hi_min2 In reply to Admin with a criminal bac ...

dear sidvail,
At present if u r honest and hardworking man then u 'll have nothing to worry.if u've left your past then now u make make your future with ur hard work.Nobody is a criminal from birth but it is the society or the people that changes the life of a man to a criminal.u may see that mostly the politicians have a criminal background even in our country INDIA most of the politicians 've criminal bak ground but the rule. it is the habbit of people that they cann't live the person normally, who has great achievements.they jealous that person who is better from them. so dear don't worry.
keep ur work honestly.

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I to have a similar issue

by Bratt In reply to Admin with a criminal bac ...

I to have a criminal background and I work in IT but what I have done in the past is not who I am now. I was young and stupid and since have made a difference in alot of teenagers lives by telling my story in schools to help prevent someone from making the same mistake. I was told to find another career but you know what I refuse because one thing I have learned from being in prison is life is what you make it and what ever you choose to do be the very best at what you are doing, hold your head up high and just know that the person you are now is who they know not the person you were and don't let them down. Hope this helped.

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He can NOT be for real -

by drew.mcbee In reply to Admin with a criminal bac ...

Does anyone think that this could be a "joke"? Sounds like someone with a little time on thier hands. I mean really - 19 years, homocide? Theres a lot of details here that don't fit....Certainly seems to have worked, though.....

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Begging for insight

by deepsand In reply to He can NOT be for real -

Please, oh great and omniscient one, please enlighten us with the details of all the inconsistencies which are so transparent to you, but blind the rest of us.

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