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Admin with a criminal background

By sidvail ·
I am the Network Admin for a local Electronic Supply company in Alaska. I have both the A+ and Network+ certifications along with a CNSE from Fluke Networks, trained in their network analyzers. My network is only 24 stations with an NT4.0 Server. I took this job over about 4 years ago, along with other duties in the company. I really like computers and networking. I do not however, have much experience with other NOS' other than NT4.0. And having moved into this job gradually, I learned it through problem solving as they occured. The certs followed.

I would like to make this my vocation, and pick up some more certs - namely MCSE. My problem though is that I have a criminal background. That has not been an issue where I work now - as I moved into the job slowly, proving my competence and reliability a piece at a time.

My question is this: With my criminal background (homicide - spent 19 years in prison)will I be hired? If I obtained more certs, and pursued Networking as an occupation, would I be taken seriously? I don't see myself moving into a head position at IBM or Exxon - but I do wonder how badly my past will hurt my chances of working in the IT field.

Any and all comments and advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Are you serious?

by ITDude2004 In reply to Too Bad, and your free??? ...

There is nothing "redneck" about saying people who commit murder are bad people and should be executed. If this guy had murdered someone in your family, would you really want him enjoying life and a good career?

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kill em all

by Business Guy In reply to Are you serious?

way to go. let nobody ever live anything down. hold it against them even though you know nothing about the situation. he spent 19 years (every day a torture) and instead of coming out and killing everyone he met (richly deserved), he decided to be a productive member of society. you should count your lucky stars punk.

I despise people like you. Your prejudice and ignorance are responsible for more misery and injustice than 200 years of whatever the jails could produce.

It is the likes of you that are the cause of the problems in the world, much less the country. Perhaps you should consider suicide. Do us all a favor.

Hate you,

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What a loser...

by ITDude2004 In reply to kill em all

you must be. Do you know this person? You certainly make the assumption that his every day was a torture. What are the circumstances of the crime? He refuses to divulge here.

And murder is more than "oops, I made a mistake". What about his victim? They were somebody's son or daughter, and probably someones mother or father. But they don't matter in your book, huh?

**** me....

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The man said homicide

by relaxdiego In reply to What a loser...

He said homicide which does not necessarily mean murder. Get back on topic.

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Reply to mmaglana

by ITDude2004 In reply to What a loser...

Homicide IS murder. It's called a synonym, dumbass.

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absolutely right ITDude2004

by warrior In reply to What a loser...

I could not have said it any better with such a short paragraph.

Message to kill-em all,
You are one scary tomato, reading your reply is exactly you. Please off yourself and save us the trouble. Thank God people like you are monitored by society. Asshole look up the word murder in the dictionary maybe it will enlighten you.

Why don't you invite O.J. Simpson over for a nights stay, but sleep with one eye open...and he was not even convicted. Length of confinement is not a measurement of redemption; it?s only how good of a lawyer you had.

Kill-em all would hire all the be-headers in Iraq that are brutally chopping heads off, and welcomes them as his running mates. No better than that forgive them assholes dude. Dude you are a work of art, what a pot to **** in.

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ITDude de-frocked

by deepsand In reply to What a loser...

You publicly display both your ignorance & stupidity.

1) Homicide & Murder are legal definitions, not physical ones. Hence, they are most definitely NOT the same. You do not get to re-define said terms to suit yourself.

2) Your language is distinctly unprofessional, and brings disgrace to this forum.

3) You are clearly an unforgiving & unempathetic person.

4) Your chosen alias shrieks of egocentrism.

The difference between intelligence & stupidity is that stupidity knows no limitations.

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Reply to deepsand

by ITDude2004 In reply to What a loser...

Homicide and murder mean the same thing. Seriously, in your feeble mind, what is the difference?

And I'm all for forgiving, but let's not paint this guy as some sort of hero. He is a convicted murderer. That is just a fact.

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From the Loser

by Business Guy In reply to What a loser...

Dear IT,

You must be one of those who delight in anyone's misery as long as you can feel superior.

How do I know each day was torture? Well, you obviously will never be a rocket scientist.

I don't know the circumstances of this homicide, but I have a reasonable expectation that since he is not still in jail, there must have been other factors in mitigation.

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by Business Guy In reply to What a loser...

sorry for the polysyllabic word.

still hate you.

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