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Admin with a criminal background

By sidvail ·
I am the Network Admin for a local Electronic Supply company in Alaska. I have both the A+ and Network+ certifications along with a CNSE from Fluke Networks, trained in their network analyzers. My network is only 24 stations with an NT4.0 Server. I took this job over about 4 years ago, along with other duties in the company. I really like computers and networking. I do not however, have much experience with other NOS' other than NT4.0. And having moved into this job gradually, I learned it through problem solving as they occured. The certs followed.

I would like to make this my vocation, and pick up some more certs - namely MCSE. My problem though is that I have a criminal background. That has not been an issue where I work now - as I moved into the job slowly, proving my competence and reliability a piece at a time.

My question is this: With my criminal background (homicide - spent 19 years in prison)will I be hired? If I obtained more certs, and pursued Networking as an occupation, would I be taken seriously? I don't see myself moving into a head position at IBM or Exxon - but I do wonder how badly my past will hurt my chances of working in the IT field.

Any and all comments and advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Which word(s) did you not understand

by deepsand In reply to What a loser...

If you are going to speak in public, learn the facts and what is acceptable conduct, as well as how to construct a logical argument, based on facts in evidence, & then reach a conclusion supported by said facts.

Gut based, emotional outbursts will not be well received.

The difference between intelligence & stupidity is that stupidity knows no limitations.

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Tommy, Deepsand

by ITDude2004 In reply to What a loser...

Tommy: I was right, You are a loser. Florida drug convict, equates murder with stepping on a bug, and advocates lying to your employer. Luckily, you work at Best Buy. If that doesn't work out, maybe McDonalds will hire you. Maybe. Burn in ****....

Deepsand: Again, I pose the question, what in your feeble mind, differentiates homicide from murder? It is one in the same. That is just a simple fact.

I now bid goodbye, for you 2 remind me of a saying...Never try to teach pigs to sing, because it wastes my time, and annoys the pigs...

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Adieu, ITDude2004; we hardly knew you

by deepsand In reply to What a loser...

Clearly, you choose to either not learn the facts or to ignore those that do not support your pre-drawn conclusion.

I can only hope that you do not vote as well.

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Same "**** me" attitude that I get

by Too Old For IT In reply to What a loser...

... when the worst I ever did was have a $10 bad check that I paid a couple weeks later.

If you aren't squeaky clean, you can't get a job at most high and mighty places, even if you offer the HR or IT manager a **** job a day for the position.

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by vltiii In reply to What a loser...

It's amazing how childish adults can be. Your views were valid (whether I agreed or not) until you ended with "**** me." I remember in high school we used to talk like that, but as adults...???

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Lesson in Law and Compassion

by Robotech In reply to Are you serious?

JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE - That which is committed with the intention to kill or to do a grievous bodily injury, under circumstances which the law holds sufficient to exculpate the person who commits it.
MURDER - In some of the states, by legislative enactments, murder has been divided into degrees. In Pennsylvania, the act of April 22, 1794, makes "all murder which shall be perpetrated by means of poison, or by lying in wait, or by any other kind of wilful, deliberate, and premeditated killing, or which shall be committed in the perpetration or attempt to perpetrate, any arson, rape, robbery, or burglary, shall be deemed murder of the first degree; and all other kinds of murder shall be deemed murder of the second degree; and the jury before whom any person indicted for murder shall be tried, shall, if they find the person guilty thereof, ascertain in their verdict, whether it be murder of the first or second degree; but if such person shall be convicted by confession, the court shall proceed by examination of witnesses, to determine the degree of the crime, and give sentence accordingly.

With that said, let's bear in mind that between these two extremes there are many areas that are neither black nor white (no pun intended). For this reason there exists sentencing guidelines in homicide, so that the jury or judge may determine a sentence sufficient for paying for the crime. As we learn more about the human mind, some types of homicide draw lesser sentences while others draw more.
A proud IT worker who throws a banana peel outside his car (so as not to ruin the beautifull fragrance of the leather) and causes an old lady's death, is to me more culpable than a humble grocery packer who in a rage stabs his wife because of infidelity. In the State where I live, many persons who pack groceries have diminished mental capacities, or learning disabilities. Nevertheless, if they commit a crime they should pay the price. The 'IT Dude' on the other hand has above-average mental capacity, and should thus realize what the consequences of his actions can be, thereby meriting a more severe sentence because of this fact.
The punishment should fit the crime, not our anger. The point in sending someone to prison is to bring about reform, not to ruin that person's life forever (unless his crime deserves it).
Leave the eternal judgement to God.

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by vltiii In reply to Lesson in Law and Compass ...

Robotech, you've given the technical legal definitions. I don't think that's what the debate is about.

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Out of Sequence Reply to a Real American

by Business Guy In reply to Are you serious?

Dear ITDupe,

You are truly a real piece of work. Apparently you think that by castigating people (you DO know a few polysyllabic words don't you) from the safety of anonymity, you are a better person.

You are not. You are exactly the type of idiot who perpetuate stereotypes, extend animosities, and otherwise cause trouble throughout the world. History is full of people like you and will doubtless continue to have losers like you in the future.

Make no mistake about it. You are part of the problem. Your warped sense of your place in the hierarchy of merit spreads hate and speaks volumes as to your own self-dislike. You haven't the slightest idea of the truth behind what you criticise and yet you presume to judge others. Your type doesn't even count and I only write this to you so that others can enjoy your discomfort.

You see, Dude, we already know you.

May you be endowed with all you deserve,



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Right on!

by deepsand In reply to Out of Sequence Reply to ...

As we used to say in the '60s, "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."

We've all met this type, and all too often. And, with few execeptions, they fancied themselves to be the paragons of virtue, not to mention 'macho.'

Anyone who refers to himself as 'Dude' is definitely clueless. Did it ever occur to him to seek out a dictionary before so labeling himself?

Tommy, I see that you've masked your profile; if you're so inclined, contact me at

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@ Kriaken

by robo21 In reply to Too Bad, and your free??? ...

Funny, I thought the idiot was a LEFT-wing redneck nut-case. Other than that I agree with your post.

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