Administrator Password at boot up

By jimboguthery ·
I have a compaq laptop. Had to reformat harddrive. Installed xp pro completely. When laptop starts for first time it immediately asks for administrator password. I believe it is in the bios and it is somehow protected to where I can not locate it in the bios. Is there a way to remove or correct this issue. I would like to be able to use the laptop again.

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Blank or Null Password

by jimboguthery In reply to Have you tried leaving th ...

I believe it is XP asking for password, because it is a screen just like as if you had multiple user.
Yes, I tried leaving the screen blank, as well as typing Compaq.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Administrator Password at ...

did you format the hard drive?
If the previous owner did not supply the original software where did XP Pro come from?

Did you use the Recovery Option at POST to restore the OS?

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Format and ownership

by jimboguthery In reply to How

Yes, I formatted the hard drive. The XP Pro is mine, and I am helping my boss's wife. It is her laptop, and they have misplaced the disks as well as the manual. If has been a real pain for me.

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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Format and ownership

You shouldn't be installing your software onto someone elses PC. It is considerd Piracy. You said that you only formatted the drive. If you haven't destroyed the partitions you may be able to restore it by hitting a key just after post. It should be F10. If it works let it rebuild the system and give it back. If it dosen't give it back and tell her that you are unable to continue without the original CD's. Sometimes doing someone a favor isn't worth it.

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Not necessarily piracy; wipe it and start over.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Try this

If the system has an XP license on the case, and he's using his disks but that license number, then it's perfectly legal.

Why not boot it from the XP CD, wipe the drive, and reinstall XP again? It's going to be quicker than playing e-mail tag. This time, watch the installation closely. At some point, usually toward the end of the installation process, it's going to ask you to enter an owner name, a system name, and an Administrator password. It may be best to contact the owners and ask them what they want that password to be, since they're the ones who will be using it.

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unattened.txt file

by ugadata In reply to Not necessarily piracy; ...

Presuming the Administrator password wasn't set during the install, it is possible that it was set through a modified unattended.txt file.

I haven't seen mention of how the actual install was done. (I presume boot from CD, and weather the CD is a "Retail" or "OEM" or even an "Nlited" copy)

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good point

by DownRightTired In reply to unattened.txt file

hard to tell from the vague description of what was done, but this could deff be the problem

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Not necessarily piracy; ...

see to many licence keys on laptops these days, they are mainly volume agreements and more often than not the OS is on a hidden partition. They don't normally require activation either.
Edit: The OS is set for an auto install and all the user has to do is set the Location.
I might have to retract that last statement Palmetto, just had a look at my records 6 out of 8 notepads didn't have a Licence Sticker. It is a requirement for OEM System Builders to make sure it is on there. I took it that he was going to use his key.

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Retail laptops have license keys

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Don't

You're thinking corporate, but nowhere does the guy say he's working under volume agreement. It's probably a retail machine.

I do think it's odd we haven't heard back from him lately. Either he's got it fixed or he wasn't for real. I'm unsubscribing from this topic.

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For real problem

by jimboguthery In reply to Retail laptops have licen ...

Still not fixed and yes I am for real. Do not think this is to much fun. Would rather have installed completely and be done with it. But, have decided to use friends windows xp home edition and use the key code on the back of the laptop. Maybe that will fix the problem....

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