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Adobe download destroyed my system. Please help!!

By lanecrane ·
I downloaded a trial version of Adobe and checked off every McCaffe Anti-Virus offer. When it was complete, infections started popping up everywhere and locked me out of my computer. My 'task manager' says it's been disabled by the Administrator who is me.
Adobe will not help. They say it was a coincidence.


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Safe Mode

by Wildfire365 In reply to Re-enable the task manage ...

I've dealt with this a lot and you can clean the system, use malwarebytes to keep clean load it and use it. MacAfee - Symantec well that?s the first things I delete when i get a computer in. You will have to get a clean computer and hook your harddrive to it as a second drive and run a malwarebytes on it that will clean the drive. Then put your drive back in your computer and reload it of course before you unhook from the clean computer back up what you want to keep. Then with malware your system is trashed so reload and add malwarebytes with a antivirus like avg then add a firewall Then the only time you will get infected is if you let it by going to a site and agree to download something that?s on a infected site. Or like Limewire that's from someone else infected computer. Good luck.

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Malware infection

by Thmiuatga In reply to Adobe download destroyed ...

Sounds like you've got a malware infection.
If possible, reboot the system in safe mode/w Networking and then try to install Malwarebytes which you can download free from If you can do this, start a scan and this should solve the problem. Then reboot in normal mode. I had to do the same thing when my system was infected by spyware 4 months ago and for my niece when her PC was hit with spyware 2 months ago. STAY AWAY from McAfee! it is pure garbage. Norton is fine but will slow your system down cause of it's bloat and sys resources hog. $50 get's you AVG's internet security package which I use and I haven't been infected yet.

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Try Foxit PDF

by Thmiuatga In reply to Malware infection

I almost forgot to tell you; Try Foxit PDF.
This program is free and I use it on my laptop as well as my desktop system. Even if you don't use the Firefox web browser, I think you can still use it.

...and take care in what you read, make sure you understand it before you click yes and download. This is how my niece got into her malicious software infection.

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Adobe Download Coincidence Happened To Me In 2008

by glenda_janssen In reply to Adobe download destroyed ...

I downloaded Adobe Latest Version From The Sony Site In 2008 so I could view their site. First symptom of problem: My printer stopped working right immediately at their site. Then the blue screen & my three years of research data went down the drain & the computer died. Sony wouldn't send the rebuild CD's for the computer because it was XP service pack 1 computer. My firewalls wouldn't download directly from Sony's site. I was afraid to download anything without the firewall protection after the original problem happened downloading the Adobe from the Sony site. This year 2010 I went to the Sony site & had to download the latest Adobe to view their site. Same thing happened again. This time I knew to never go to their site & never buy any more of their computers until they compensate me for my loss. Microsoft Service Pack III was part of the problem. My Computer was an expensive Sony Media Computer. Microsoft & Sony no longer test fixes on XP Service Pack I. What was amazing to me was my latest problem was with a Sony Vista Computer. Thus no more Sony Computers until they compensate for the damage they caused.

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