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By Michael34 ·

This is the situation, The person whom's computer I am attempting to repair had windows 98 SE installed, and kept getting several errors and blue screens, so I upgraded to Windows 2000. Once the setup was done, I decited to install SP3, which I had things to do, so I started the setup process, and when I came back it was blue screened.

When I proceeded to turn on the PC once more, all that happens is the Yello HDD Light and Power light come on solid, then after 30 seconds the HDD LED goes dark. The Monitor gets NO signal and remains in standby mode. I thought it was the monitor at first, but the monitor is a known working one. Anyways I removed the Hard Drive thinking it may be causing problems, but it was not.

I noticed the system was very very hot, so I called the person and found out that this PC, had been running for about a year with NO fan, only a heatsync on the Processor, which would explain the error messages in windows 98.

To confirm this (Before it went dead) I was unable to install anything, the setup would lock up, so I put a fan by it, and it would do setup and thats how I got windows 2000 setup on it).

Now what could have gone out, to make it where I get nothing when the power is turned on? The monitor is getting a signal, but remains in standby, but if I take the Monitor cord off it says "No Signal Detected", and the monitor works fine with other systems.

I also replaced the Video Card, and still nothing. Any clues????

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